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Hello Beautifully Wonderfully Made Woman,

I hope your new year has been full of amazing blessings!
I want to visit with you for a moment about your SELF WORTH….NOT about essential oils!
How often do we work on health goals yet we get NO WHERE!?
What if it was related to your self-worth?
What if you could work on your self-worth….therefore smashing your health goals…and at a price that DIDN’T BUST THE BANK?!
Last year I was on a mission to learn and participate in sooo many personal growth programs so that I could do just this….develop something that gave you the one-on-one coaching personalized without the cost of a one-on-one coach!
I decided that for 2020 I wanted to reach and support more women than ever before…..AND I wanted it to be affordable!
I wanted YOU to feel like you COULD INVEST in your true health WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY!
Thus the group coaching program:  Essential Transformation was birthed!
In this group you will receive weekly videos, daily target thoughts, weekly mindset to focus on…..and daily pillars to discuss.  And so much more!
What do you think?  Are you open to gain confidence? Are you open to value yourself?  Are you open to change your mindset about your health?
Check out today’s video to understand a bit more of what I am talking about!
If you have ANY questions, open to learn more…..please don’t hesitate to reach out… me back at this address or txt/call me at 806-335-6581!
 Let’s connect! Let’s transform your mind body soul spirit health!  Aren’t you worth it!?  I think so  ;)!!
Hugs and blessings always,
Kelly Frick
Wellness-Transformation Coach

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