GF Baking

I had lots of fun with Christina Sessums of Purely Simple Organic Living, LLC with the 4 week Gluten-Free baking class!

You might be asking why would you want to eat or learn how to bake GLUTEN FREE?

A better question is: Do you have any type of inflammation?
Skin conditions?
Gut issues?
Aches & pains?
Difficulty in losing weight?

Gluten affects us in subtle and not so subtle ways.

When we remove gluten alone (not even talking about all the other inflammatory foods), we are able to see, feel, and experience actual measurable differences in our quality of health.

We are able to move out of surviving and into THRIVING!

You might ask or say:
But doesn’t Gluten-Free taste gross?
It doesn’t have the same texture and taste!
I don’t want to give up my cinnamon rolls or my cheesy bread.


With Cristina Sessums’ proprietary, personal recipes you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health. She spent years and years of hits and misses out of her own desire to not feel pain in her body.

She has created recipes that you will wonder, “Why would I ever want to eat something with gluten in it again!”

You can purchase the series here:…

You’ll have access to the recordings for life!

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