Has Rape Become Normalized?

I have been unplugging for the month of October.  I purposely turned off all my social media. Deleted the apps even and have not checked anything.

It has been refreshing.

I did this with the intent to regroup, restore, and refocus.  I knew I was in a transition, a season of change and I wanted to have no distractions so I could really hear what God had to say to me.

Now I have been on YouTube… but I don’t view that as social media because I use it for research, watching some amazing faith content, and personal growth content.  For me, I don’t engage in it.  I just watch what I want to watch. I don’t even scroll or read people’s comments.

Well, the other night I was catching up on some of my favorite YouTubers.  Learning about what is going on with the Church. Catching up on what is going on in the world and what is going on in the news.

I was horrified when I listened and watched about a rape that took place in Philidelphia on a train and how 10 people…..let me repeat this 10 people…..stood by on this train with many stops between the 40 minutes…..as they watched… and some even recorded this EVIL crime take place.

No one did anything for 40 minutes!!!  They didn’t yell at the guy.   They didn’t try to group together and stop him together.  They didn’t even call 911!!!


I wept!

I will not lie…..I wept.  I couldn’t believe that our society has gone so far as to just stand by and watch evil take place in front of them.

Being a woman with past traumas (more than I care to count)….NOT ONE OF THEM WAS PUBLIC!

The healing I’ve worked through is not owning my traumas, not sitting in victimhood, and truly learning to love the skin I am in.  I have had to repair my relationship with my body,  my relationship with food, relationships with everything in my life.  

BUT….I didn’t have the added trauma and horror of knowing that others were watching the evil take place and THEY DID NOTHING! I didn’t have to try to add that to my healing.

MY HOPE…..is knowing GOD can redeem all! 

 I remember when I heard Christopher West give some of his testimony not only on a video series but at a live event about how witnessing his roommate at college rape a girl in their dorm room late at night was his turning point of how he was not honoring God with the beauty of his sexuality.  How he himself was allowing himself to use and be used.  

Maybe just maybe all 10 of these bystanders will wake up and realize they MUST change how they view and participate in this amazing world.  As well as how they view themselves.

Because this is my humble and deep belief… when we believe our own selves are unworthy of TRUE LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP with our amazing God……then we don’t even love our own self.  And if we can’t love ourselves how can we recognize that someone around us is worthy of that same true love and dignity.

My absolute first prayer in this evil is that this woman who was stripped of her dignity, made to feel worthless and in a crowd, will choose healing on the journey she has ahead of her.  I will pray she is able to not let the scars become deeper and close herself off to God….to not close herself off to loving herself…..and not close herself off to relationships that are holy and true.

My next prayers are for the ones who were bystanders to repent of having participated in the evil by doing nothing and may it transform their lives in glorifying God.

And probably the hardest prayer…..but I believe the most powerful one because I have done this with each of the men in my life who violated my dignity…..I will pray that this man who chose to allow such evil to consume his mind, body, soul that he acted upon this evil…..I will pray that he has a conversion so powerful that he actually becomes a warrior for Christ just as Saul converted from his evils to become who we know as St. Paul!

May your day be filled with hope and healing on your whole health journey of loving the skin you are in!

Hugs and prayers always,


Dysmophia: The Circus Mirror

Today I had an amazing opportunity to share, coach, and start supporting some amazing survivors of sex trafficking with my “You are more than your body!” workshop series.

Yes, you read that correct! These women were used and abused in ways that many of us can’t possibly imagine.

One of the many challenges they face and are needing to heal from is how they see themselves. How they see their body.

These women…more than anyone is at risk of dysmorphia…their bodies were treated as objects of use and abuse that they are at greater of this mental disorder.

But they are not the only ones at risk!

anyone is…

Did you know 1 in 50 women AND men have Dysmorphia?!

Tomorrow join me in Facebook at noon central to learn more about how Dysmorphia effects a person and what it looks like. Plus my personal journey with it!

Hope to see you tomorrow on Facebook!

Have an amazing evening and many blessings dear one!

Hugs and prayers always,


The Gift of the Assumption

She said yes!

She said she was enough!

She lived a life that the was the best version of herself!

She was MARY! The amazing mother of Christ!

Today as Catholics we celebrate the feast of her Assumption into heaven.

Years ago it was also the day we selected to baptize our beautiful baby girl to dedicate her and wrap her into Mary’s mantle. Ironically it was also my husbands birth moms birthday.

My prayer is as life in the Catholic Church is in an upheaval of pain once again, that we turn to Mary for healing and hope.

A mother wraps her arms around us and holds us when we are sad, when we are angry, when we want to give up.

A mommy says, “It will be okay…..we will get through this…”

And a mommy even gets angry and weeps with us but reminds us of the compassion and mercy and forgiveness that needs to be given to all!

I head out the door to celebrate mass with my beautiful daughter knowing God has it! Our prayers are the most important. And our not giving up when evil tries so desperately to overcome this world.

May you each find the joy of the Assumption today instead of the pain of the fall….

May you each find the oil and tapping that will support your prayer and pain….

And may we all be united in hope and healing!

My hugs and prayers always!



How often do you say yes to you?!

How often do you say you are enough?!

How often do you truly live your authentic life?!

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Several months back I was able to finally attend a workshop…kind of like a day retreat…presentation by CHRISTOPHER WEST!!!

I truly felt like a school girl getting to meet her high school crush.  I have been an avid student of his information for over 15 years now!  He has shared the teachings of St. JPII in so many ways….to reach all all seasons of life….that he truly astounds me in his gifting.

After the day was over my hubby asked if I wanted to wait in the line to get a book signed.  Part of me wanted to but part of me felt great peace in knowing our paths would cross again.

It was because of his bringing to light the teachings of TOB (Theology of the Body) from St. JPII that I am able to bring you the next chapter of my healing journey!!

May this chapter bring you Hope and Healing on your Health Journey…..and to remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

My hugs and prayers always,




Shortly after speaking up for myself I had changed jobs.  It was spring of 2002.  I was commuting about 30 minutes each day to work.  I decided I would finally start listening to an audio book that had been sitting on my shelf for almost a year: “A Crash Course in the Theology of the Body: Naked Without Shame” by Christopher West.  This book utterly changed my life.

It planted a seed of within me of KNOWING I was more than my body.  I WAS beautifully, wonderfully made, AND that our sexuality should not be a source of shame and pain.

I remember as I drove back and forth to work, how I truly did not fully comprehend what he was saying.  But  there was something so internal within me that felt such peace, such freedom.  I felt a part of my pain and shame willing to break free.  I felt part of me beginning the healing process that I had no idea needed to take place.

I knew there was something amazing in these teachings.  Christopher West was taking the teachings of (now Saint) Pope John Paul II had been sharing with the world for many years during his Wednesday Audience addresses.

There were two seeds that this book planted during my drive back and forth to work for many weeks.

Seed one:  I can love my husband and enjoy our union without shame.  That we TRULY were made for more than our physical form….our physical gratification of give and take.

Seed two:  When we have children this must be the foundation of our children’s upbringing.

At the time I honestly did not pay attention to the details of who was the pope who had delivered this information that Christopher West was bringing light to all of us to know and learn from.

But I don’t find it coincidental that it was the same Pope we would be experiencing that year at the World Youth Day in Canada.

What I especially don’t find coincidental was how my husband and I had been learning more about our faith and fertility because of our own challenges with trying to conceive.  We were able to finally see the wisdom of the Church of being aware of our fertility thus including God in ALL aspects of our life, including the bedroom.

I became so passionate about understanding our fertility and how God had wisely empowered us to understand our cycles, to monitor our cycles, to respect our cycles and our union as husband and wife, I became a fertility practitioner for a short period of time.

This was all God’s amazing plan in opening my eyes to my hurt and pain of my past traumas and choices.  This was God’s way of beginning my healing in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined.

Do you find yourself questioning: what is our sexuality all about anyways?  Why is it so confusing?  Why do I feel so much shame?

Let’s take a look at the blend of: Douglas Fir, Marjoram, Forgive

Douglas Fir:  We just recently used this oil with addressing dysmorphia.  Now it is time to have this powerful oil help support us with the generational healing of how our Sexuality has become distorted.  Remember, Douglas Fir is about generational wisdom.  When we have knowledge we can learn from the past.  We can break free from the destructive traditions and behaviors of our families past.  We can bring new life and new growth and healing into our own life as well as to those in our future.

Marjoram:  Healing isn’t an easy task.  It means we have to let others in, trust others, connect!  Deep down we desire to connect with others…to let others in, but it means we have to let our barriers down.  Because deep down we desire intimate connections.  We don’t want to sabotage our relationships.  Marjoram softens our heart to allow trust to take place, to not be overly protective.

Forgive:  Here we are introducing our first blended oil, meaning it has several oils in this one.  This blend is about renewing.  We must desire to not only forgive those who have done us wrong but to forgive ourselves in all aspects of life choices.  When trauma especially has taken place it can be difficult to not view life with a cynical view.  When we are bold and brave to forgive we are able to break free from anger, bitter, judgement, resentment, and blaming.  We are able to truly open ourselves up to not fear love.  To not fear anything life has in store for us.

Diffuse these three oils together or create a roller bottle so you can place them on pulse points.  These are especially powerful oils to tap with.  They will encourage amazing emotional release through your prayer and tapping.


Oh Heavenly Father….I am ready to break down the barriers of pain, shame, judgement, bitterness, and all those emotions that hold me back from true freedom…true living….I know I must let go of the past….to not let the past behaviors of mine and of others to dictate my happiness and wiliness to connect with others….especially those whom I love and want to experience the fullness of their love….by your grace I know I can overcome these barriers and find the freedom to forgive…..and Lord if there is any part of me angry with you, please open my eyes to it….and help me to restore my faith and love with you…..because I KNOW I NEED YOU…..AMEN.


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Truth & Trust = Hope & Healing

I’ve been having some symptoms with my physical health coming up recently but hey has been well….frustrating the daylights out of me!

So yesterday I was praying and asking God: what do I need to be doing? What oils have I not thought of? What emotion having I not tapped on? What have I not addressed?!

He gave me part of the answer yesterday but then told me wait….

I was like ugh…how long do I have to wait!!!!!

Then this morning as I was doing my morning prayers, reading the daily readings and gospel…..I open my email and see which two oils are the BOGO….and I about weeped with joy and peace.

Because HE knew that these were the two I literally needed!

We all want to hurry along healing but as many years as there is of hurts pains and trauma we have that many years of emotions to clear out. This doesn’t mean we stay stuck in the muck.

It means we are patient and loving to ourselves. It means we give ourselves grace. It means we walk with the truth that our yoke May feel heavy but His burden is light!


I got a bit well…personal… on my personal Facebook page today…lol…

I did this because…..

If there is anyone who you think can use this message of hope and healing through sexual trauma please share this and pass it along!

Maybe you know someone who could really use the encouragement and reminder of how beautifully wonderfully made they are!

Let’s spread hope and healing….because that is the way we are going to take our true health back. That is how we are going to connect our physical and emotional health and watch the fireworks of our health skyrocket!

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And in this video I talk about the physical and emotional connection of Frankincense and Jasmine for our liver health!

Yes our liver health! We hold anger in our liver! When we have trauma….we have anger! We must cleanse that out!

Let’s heal! Let’s spread hope! Let’s shine! Let’s be the best version of ourselves so we can be the intentional disciples God created us to be!!!

What is holding you back from your healing?

Sit…pray…..write….tap….and oil up!

Then let’s talk! I want to serve and bless you on this journey!!

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Many hugs, blessings, and prayers….ALWAYS!!!

Kelly 🤗💧💜


I couldn’t wait til Wednesday to share my most recent chapter…..mostly because I know I didn’t “show up” last week :)….It feels like I have been doing a lot of that recently.  Trying to find balance in life isn’t always easy…lol.  I found myself wanting to do everything else other than sit and write.

It’s a new season of life: summer.  Which means it’s shifting into summer activities with my daughter’s education and goals.  One would think it would be easier, lighter, therefore more time for me to write.  But instead I find myself wanting to hang out and do things with her.  Help her ponder life decisions.  She amazes me with her profound insight of life.  And when I look at her I pray with an intensity that I think all parents can relate to:  Lord please help her to stay on the narrower path better than I ever did.  Help her to stay strong and hear only YOUR voice and not the chatter of the world.

Thus my only true excuse for some of the things I just didn’t get done last week that I had desired to accomplish was I chose to connect with my daughter instead of connecting with everyone else…lol.

This brings us to my next chapter….a chapter that unfolds my beginning of missing the mark as Christoper West explains so beautifully with his ministry and teachings on Theology of the Body!

May it bring peace and healing to any and all who need to forgive and love themselves for missing the mark in life choices!

My prayers and blessings always for each and all of you!

Kelly 🙂

chapter 6


One Too Many

 My first boyfriend led to too many boys.

I fought my parents when I was 15 to date.  I was “in love”.  I had grown up with this boy.  We knew each other from church and he gave me special attention.  I felt so grown up around him.  I was in junior high and he was in high school.  We were in choir together and got paired up to harmonize together quite often.  I loved being around him.  He made me feel special.

My parents finally acquiesced.  I am honestly not even sure why.  Our relationship was simple, sweet, and “just” a little kissing here and there.  But then we started to cross boundaries.  I remember him telling me that his older siblings had suggested that we weren’t normal, we were too prude, because we weren’t at least touching each other.  After all it was rationalized we were still “virgins” if we didn’t “do it”.

This was an aha moment for me as a developing woman.  What started to become distorted even more so in my mind was:  I am a sexual being and in order to get what I want in life I must use my body to get it.  I started to push the boundaries of what to wear and how to wear it.  Which further created another layer of shame and lack of self-love.

Well this experience led me start dating too many boys.  I spiraled down a road of willingness to put myself into situations and dates that were potentially dangerous and risky.  Since my shame was so thick and I felt so unlovable and not free I felt I couldn’t say no to the boys who wanted to touch me in lust.  After all I didn’t say no before so how could I say no now.  And I wasn’t having sex so what harm was it really.

Cumin/Peppermint/Patchouli essential oils will create a blend to unlock the pain of past choices, to have peace with your body.

CUMIN:  When we find ourselves confused with choices and decisions we can start to doubt ourselves.  We need to clear our head to realize we can make good decisions.

PEPPERMINT: This oil will help a person find the strength to heal from those choices we aren’t always proud of.  Sometimes we need to feel renewed, discover joy and strip away the disheartened feelings that can way us down from our choices.

PATCHOULI:  As we strengthen ourselves to face our emotions of our choices we are able to release the emotional judgment we may be put upon our body.  We are able to find peace and appreciate our body once again.

Diffuse these three oils together or create a roller bottle so you can place them on pulse points.  These are especially powerful oils to tap with.  They will encourage amazing emotional release through your prayer and tapping.


Lord I will remember your promise in Ephesians 4:24… put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness. Oh Lord, I will reflect on these words this day and remember that you don’t hold on to the things of past, so I should not as well.  I will remember your promise in Isaiah…Behold, I am doing a new thing; Lord I know that I have strength to not look behind me because you want us to only look forward….with your love I will judge myself no more…..I will discover the joy of all the amazing decisions I have to look forward to in my present and future. Decisions that aim for you, aim for being the best version of myself. Thank you for your love, thank you for your grace, your mercy, your everything.  Amen

Fear No More…

I’ve been reflecting on WHY have I been PROCRASTINATING about what I said I was going to do two weeks ago…..start having you all be my accountability partners with writing this book…..THAT IS GOING TO BE SUCH A BLESSING for me, for you, for soooo many!

And the realization is….resistance, fear, vulnerability…and so much more!

Sometimes we resist what God is asking of us because the enemy has whispered lies of fear in our heads…..lies like: if you allow yourself to be that transparent you will be vulnerable to hurt, shame, pain, and so much more!  But those are LIES.

Now  recognize it could be as simple as laziness on my part….but I do know last week was super busy for me with my daughters theater stuff….and spring break this week….so I am able to recognize it’s not laziness….and it’s not a matter of not having the time….it was resistance….it was fear….it was realizing, even though I have shared SOOO much about myself to you all and to others….actually putting it into an order and reflecting on it and realizing all the little things I hadn’t remembered until I started to really do this….well it was a lot for me to handle.

THEN….I realized…..I was trying to live in MY WILL…..MY POWER…..and it was GOD who said for me to do this…..SO I NEED TO PLACE THIS IN HIS POWER….HIS WILL….and it will unfold as HE wants it to happen….and the continued healing it will produce will be profound!

Thus with NO FURTHER RESISTANCE….FEAR….OR SHAME….I bring you the INTRODUCTION of my story….the story that will one day….soon….be in a book :)….

Essential Drops of love, hugs, and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂


There are 3 profound moments in my life that stick out in my head that have contributed to the healing from my past sexual abuses and choices.

The first one was me driving back and forth to work each day for months listening to Christopher Wests, “Naked without Shame” book.  I had it on CD and I couldn’t get enough of what he was saying.  Even though there was so much of it that was truly beyond my comprehension because this was his very first teachings on theology of the body.  His first attempt to bring St. JPII teachings on how beautifully made we are and how our sexuality should be nurtured, respected, and loved, well it was lofty.  It wasn’t something very digestible.  Yet there was something within me that heard the truth.  There was something inside of me that felt all the shame, pain, hurt, and abuse melting away.  There was a freedom with these words and I wanted to know more.

The second profound moment would come over 10 years later.  A dear friend, Jennifer, asked me if for my Birthday gift she could give me a Splankna session.  She had been sharing with me about this for almost a year but I still didn’t fully grasp what it was.  I understood it had to do with dealing with healing, uncovering memories, etc.  But even after reading the book about it, I still wasn’t real clear on it.  I even had another friend, who is grounded in my faith of Catholicism help me to discern if it was something I should even do.  (More about Splankna in the end notes)  She was skeptical at first, which is what I was counting on, but after reading the book, she even said: it’s Christ centered, there is nothing I see wrong with it.  So I dived in and said yes to a session.

That first session of many many more to come unearthed a wound that I still had from the one time I did use my voice out loud and said NO to a sexual abuse situation and actually said something to others about it.  I really thought I had moved past that one. 

The second profound moment should really be broken into a two-fold because it was the session combined with essential oils that made me a believer.  After the session there were several oils that Jennifer recommended to help the healing process of that wound.  When I used those oils that day and throughout the rest of the week I had the most profound healing experience with the support of the oils in a way I had never felt before.

This is the thing, at that point I had been using essential oils for well over 5 years.  I knew their amazing physical support.  I had experimented with several different brands but I had NEVER experienced what I had experienced emotionally with an oil as I did with these oils.  That’s when I knew this brand (which ironically God had been planting a seed in me through this friend for about a year) was different.  It was truly truly going to provide the support I needed on this journey of healing: mind body soul spirit!

The third profound moment didn’t take nearly as long to experience, I believe it actually only took place about a year later when I attended a Healing the Whole person retreat with a totally different friend.  The second friend mentioned above, had attended this same retreat the year before and it had made such a profound impact on her and her life.  I personally thought I was going to learn more about the retreat and to be a vessel for others.  Oh wow my ignorance and even my silly pride of thinking God wasn’t going to show me exactly why I was there. 

When I first showed up to the retreat as we were checking in and being greeted by the retreat team I am staring straight at a very familiar face.  This was odd to me because I was attending this retreat NOT in the town I lived in at the time.  I was attending it miles and miles and miles away for the whole purpose to have anonymity.  I blog, I present, I do lots of things in the public, I am not afraid to share my life and story but I felt like I was supposed to be somewhere where no one knew me to have this weekend.  Well obviously God had other plans.

Then when I saw some of the other participants who were attending I was convinced I knew why I was supposed to be there.  I am sure at this point God was truly laughing at me.  But also surrounding me with ALL the angels and saints to hold me for the doozy I would feel and experience that weekend.

As the weekend unfolded I started to see clearly why I was there.  I started to see the pain, the anger, the hurt, but most of all the FEAR that the enemy had held me under for more years than I could count.  I had no idea I was so consumed by fear and all the names and colors fear was hiding and masquerading under until this beautiful soul sister, who I knew from my hometown, helped me see it clearly that weekend.

At the end of that weekend when Dr. Bob asked if anyone would like to come up to share any testimony about their experience I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me, I felt Jesus holding my hand, and I heard God say “Bring it to the Light”. 

Those three profound moments, events, gave me the courage to see, hear, feel, and speak the truth: That I had experienced sexual abuse over a span of about 20 years in one form or another.  And that I WAS BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE.  That my sexuality was to become un-distorted by my traumas.  That I had a right to stare the enemy in the eye and say: no more, you will not feed me anymore lies.

This book is about that journey.  I pray you will join me on this joyous journey.  Because trust me that is what it is.  I am not saying it won’t hurt from time to time, but the freedom to see the mark is too great of a delight to pass up.  To find freedom in your sexuality and heal is so profound that it’s worth some of the growing pains.  Because through that pain you find power.

I tried to figure out how I was to write this for so long.  Then God showed me clearly how to do this.  Each chapter will be dedicated to a specific experience or event that shaped and molded my distorted image of my sexuality.  Experiences that distorted my love for myself.  That distorted how God designed us to be. These will be the main ones that have impacted my self-worth in my head and heart.  It’s not all of them, I am sure, but they are truly the ones that I know layered the development of my distorted love of self and my sexuality.   Within each chapter I will share hope and healing.  I will include Saints, scriptures, and essential oils that can support that particular abuse situation.

Before we begin let’s understand the definition of sexual abuse.  How many of us think of all the horrific things only?  But did you know sexual abuse is: lude looks, sexual harassment, rape, pornography, exposure to sexual content at too early of an age, unwanted touches, unwanted sexual talk, and so much more.  If any of this has happened to you, you have experienced sexual abuse! 

Rest assured this book is not going to be about graphic descriptions of what took place.  It is about providing the right kind of details to create understanding of why any of us need to heal and feel whole from this sort of situation, trauma, and abuse. 

We were made for so much more than glossy prints, for others sexual lustful desires, and selfish acts of take.  A take that can be done physically, emotionally, mentally, and or spiritually.

Finally my greatest desire with this book is bring out the light of truth of what true sexual freedom is.  And to stomp out the lies the enemy whispers in our ears to keep us in the dark.  The lies of shame, the lies that we are dirty, the lies that our bodies are broken.  Be that light with me by using your voice to shout at the mountain top: I WAS MADE FOR MORE.  To shout in a building: I AM BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE.  And to shout while sitting: MY SEXUALITY IS A GIFT FROM GOD.

File Jan 17, 3 06 30 PM

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#Me Too…

I am terrible with keeping up with what’s going on in the media, news, etc….  I have NO IDEA the who what where when why of the #me too.

What I do know is I saw it on a loved ones FB page and I chose to also share it.  After all, I know God has called me to make my life an open book for all.

Anyone who stumbles across my facebook page or here on this blog will learn 3 things about me:

  • I am passionate about empowering women.

  • I share about the connection of traumas and health.

  • I connect essential oils to ALL aspects of life: mind, body, soul, spirit.




I imagine the purpose of the #me too,  is to create awareness….I get it.

BUT….I think the #ME TOO….needs more!  It needs a voice, encouragement, details, action!

What do I mean?

I have learned over the years the more I talk openly about my sexual traumas, abuses, and choices (not every cruel detail, but not so vague as just a ME TOO)…..the more I speak about it… the more I heal.  Each time its a little different, depending on the circumstances, the person, will depend on the detail, the angle I recall.

Every time I am asked to speak at a women’s event to share my testimony.…it’s empowering…freeing.

Thus the enemy loses his clutches. His lies have less to no impact.  I am able to walk out from under the shadow of shame, feeling dirty, ugly, and so much more.

There are many things women CAN do to empower themselves to prevent and/or heal.

In addition to:

  • Prayer
  • Oils
  • Tapping
  • retreats
  • splankna
  • therapies

There are TWO things I think are absolutely a bedrock for women to feel empowered:

TOB:  The more a woman knows and understands the beauty of her human sexuality, the less likely she will fall for the lies to compromise her dignity.  When we are weakened in our mind about our body we are weakened in our spirit and body.  This makes us vulnerable to be used and abused.

BJJ: There is something very spiritual and empowering with this form of exercise, martial arts.  Short version you become VERY COMFORTABLE, EMPOWERED, IN THE UNCOMFORTABLE.

I have always loved intense workouts.  Having weight lifted since I was 18.  I love the  force of moving something; pushing my muscles and body in ways that I didn’t think possible.  I’ve loved the fluid stretching and core strength from Pilates.  I relish the stamina I receive from walking, biking, and when I use to run.  They have all gained me confidence in my mind body soul spirit journey of loving the body I’m in.  They have nurtured my healing and finding peace with my past….BUT….not ONE of them prepared me for protecting me.

I have taken defense classes and dabbled with other martial art modalities in the past….but NONE OF THEM….have what I believe BJJ has (in my opinion)….

When you train in BJJ: whether its with a video, a gym, with a gi, no gi, competition, no competition….each form of BJJ teaches you to find peace and confidence in being comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Let me explain….

you are laying on the mat, a person has you pinned….they are 2-3 times your size…sweat dripping on you…they are breathing heavy in your face….

you have a choice:

  • Panic, struggle, exhaust yourself…or…
  • pause…dig deep within to WAIT….find your opening….ESCAPE!


It’s the same as the bible story….YOU OUTSMART THEM!

BJJ is not about brute force….it’s art….strategy….chess….

OWNING YOUR SPACE….confidence in your skin!!!!

When you combine TOB AND BJJ…

  • You can’t help but experience the amazing power of being A WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN!
  • You can’t help but heal from trauma.
  • you can’t help but empower yourself/armor yourself against hurt, pain, trauma.

This duo has something for every woman.  I love that they have been there for me through my healing. 

I am no where near where I would like to be with BJJ….heck I’ve been an “in and out” student of it for a little over a year now but I see the power of it.  I have to be mindful about my inflammation and go slower with it than I would like but I KNOW it’s amazing power (mind, body, soul, spirit) that I don’t want to give up on my BJJ journey.

I love that this duo is powerful for my daughter. 

My prayer is that she WILL NEVER…

be a woman posting #ME TOO!!!

How about you?  What’s going to be your #hashtag going to read?  #HOPE? #EMPOWERED? #HEALED? #BELOVED? #CHERISHED #NOT A VICTIM? #WARRIOR

Sit…pray…oil up…tap…..and connect to your amazing healing and health of your mind, body, soul, spirit journey!

hugs and prayers always dear beloved ones….

Kelly 😉


Careless or Carefree..

I was visiting with my spiritual director awhile back……working on some more stuff with my healing journey.

I was expressing how I finally realized a few gaps that needed to be filled with my healing……how I was able to truly see the correlation between my sexual abuses and my dysmorphia and even my current health of hashimoto’s.   It was a really great moment and reflection.

It was interesting because if there is anything I have learned this last 2 years is that even when you think you have “worked” through something…..forgiven someone…..healed from something……if you don’t continue to do the work (like building muscles)…..your guard will go down and you will become weak again.

But it can also be a moment of amazing realization about something because you have been working so hard…..and then you wake up one morning with this clear clear insight….and your body has to breakdown just one more time in order to break through that ceiling to the next level.

That’s what this was like.

I was sharing how as I had been preparing for my presentations about raising a daughter with THEOLOGY OF THE BODY….encompassing modesty, abuses, rape, dysmorphia, love of self…..freedom…….

I realized the little girl in me needed to truly truly feel the full emotion of anger, hurt, pain, loss……

So as I was trying to explain some of what I had been recently struggling with to my spiritual director…….I also expressed how I know much of my struggle is related and wrapped together.  The reason why I am so passionate about modesty cannot be denied that it is related to having been raped and sexually abused through my childhood.  (Now those who have not watched or listened to my testimony on FB…..please know it WAS NOT MY FATHER!!)…….I have the most amazing loving, nurturing father…..my sexual abuses were  friends of my brother, boyfriends, personal friends, a teacher, and co-workers.

Anyways….all of that mixed in with the dysmorphia has always been a balancing act for me……I truly have forgiven and have come to love all my offenders……

But I found myself in two areas still struggling….with my mom and with other women.

The mom realization didn’t actually come until just recently and I will share more about that next week.

But other women!  I couldn’t figure out why I still fell short on judging other women on what they wore.  Trying desperately to love them where they are at.  To not make assumptions of what they wore and why they wore it…..after all our culture has been grooming us for decades now to become more and more comfortable with walking around naked.

And then my spiritual director said something so profound that it created the greatest amount of healing and peace….I JUST HAD TO SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL!!!

His words  touched me to the core….

He shared that maybe….what if….the mental and spiritual struggle I am having with women is careless vs. carefree!

When I see women walking around not as modest as I believe they should be, it could very well be my spirit yelling out, “How can you be so careless with this precious gift you have been given?  Have you had that gift ever violated and treated as an object? Would you really walk around in that if you had?”  HOW CAN YOU BE SO CARELESS…..

And then the other part of my spirit is crying out….”WHY CAN’T I BE SO CAREFREE!”  “Why do I care so much about being modest, why can’t I just put an outfit on for once and not over analyze what I am wearing and why am I wearing it!?  Why can’t I feel “normal”?  And why did I have to experience such abuses!?”

It had me totally break through so many inner barriers…..it was so freeing because what he said resonated through me in such a way that my body literally shook with a vibration, a pulse, that had me seeing colors with amazing bright light!

NO I AM NOT CRAZY…I am free!  I am free to live out fully how I was CAREFULLY CREATED….without feeling careless or a carefree that I  might feel is reckless.

It was interesting because it had me going through my clothes ONCE AGAIN….lol….(I am sure my husband is going to be convinced I don’t want to own any clothing!)……

But over the course of the last 5 weeks when I open a drawer to grab something I reflect, “Do I own this piece because I feel like the beautiful woman of God created me to be…..or am I trying to hide myself?”  I have been honest and real with myself….realizing that I was at another level of my healing that was allowing me to break away another layer of that shame…..to unveil the beautiful warrior woman  GOD created me to be!

My thoughts I want you to consider:  What do you find yourself hiding from?  Do you feel others around you are being careless or carefree about things that matter?  And what about yourself?   Sit with that….pray about it….write about it…..find freedom from it!!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂

Being an Instrument of Mercy….


So that was my topic last Saturday for my presentation at the DCCW Conference.  It was such an amazing experience and so humbling.  I loved visiting with all the amazing women there and to be able to share my story.

An interesting thing happened though while I was there.  I did a facebook live for my friends presentation….hers was before mine.  I wanted to be able to have her presentation as well as to see if going live would work for me.  I had my positioning figured out, everything.  It went beautifully for her presentation.  I even recharged it in time for my time slot so I could go live for mine as well.  Why did I want to go live!?  Because I wanted to have a recording of it….but also because I have been sharing here so much about my story….my life…and I have truly figured out my WHY….my VISION BOARD OF LIFE….and my PLATFORM!!!

You see I have been in love with learning THEOLOGY OF THE BODY for about 15 years now.  It has truly changed my life.  It has healed me from so many past hurts, pains, abuses….etc.

Thus I wanted to share this presentation because it was mingled with my testimony…my story.  You all have read bits and pieces of it here….but it was woven with TOB in such a way that I was and am proud of it….not a boastful pride but a humbling pride.  The kind that has you in awe of how wonderful GOD works in our lives as HE molds and forms us and helps us grow.

But it wasn’t just pride….it was because I believe with my whole being that by me being an open book and sharing my story with others I can provide hope…encouragement…light!  There is some pretty dark stuff out there….and it is not always easy to weed through it….and when you read about someone else story it can resonate within you and create a life line….a ripple…..a desire to rise and grow!  And that is what I always hope and strive to be…..because I have many who are that for me!

So the interesting thing is I had my phone set up…everything prompted and ready….I pressed GO LIVE…..I saw the count down….I saw the connection…..and I went up as I was introduced.  My presentation/testimony went so beautiful…..I felt God holding me when I wanted to shake.   I smiled at all the faces out there…..and I felt my self growing stronger and braver through each passing moment.  Then it was done.  And I received a standing ovation!!!   I was floored.  I was humbled.  I was moved.

I sat down….reached to turn off my phone….and it said connection error….IT DIDN’T GO LIVE….IT DIDN’T RECORD!

I wasn’t upset.

I sat and prayed for a moment and two things occurred to me.  One, God didn’t feel it should be LIVE yet, that I wasn’t ready…..or….two, satan didn’t want light to be shining on the topic of THEOLOGY OF THE BODY!   I ‘m going with the latter.  And this is why.

It was because of satan that things got so screwed up and upside down in the garden of Eden.  His pride was the cause of his fall.  Thus he has been persistent  ever since to bring down anyone else he can with him.

The more everyone knows about THEOLOGY OF THE BODY…..and falls in love with it’s teachings and lives by it’s teachings….well the more we are all going to be shedding light to so much darkness that is out there…and becoming free from our burdens and sins…HE DOESN’T WANT THAT!!!

So I firmly believe he interfered.  I have no doubt about that.  But he did not win and he will not win…..because I had 3 people ask me for my card and info.  People who wanted me to speak to their parish or youth group.  There is a desire from others to learn more about THEOLOGY OF THE BODY.   That is beyond exciting to me!!

And you know what….maybe I am meant to just GO LIVE in my my house….my kitchen….looking straight into the camera as I smile and show how amazingly free I feel from my abuses….my sins….my pain!

Do I still have healing….YES….we all do!  It is a journey…..but it is the most amazing and beautiful journey that I wouldn’t change a single moment of it!

So if you aren’t on Facebook or if you haven’t LIKED my Facebook page….take a moment to do that….cause I WILL be going LIVE with this presentation/testimony sometime very soon!!

What do you know about THEOLOGY OF THE BODY!?  Take a moment to ponder on that today…..pray about it….journal about it….search/research about it….then sit with it!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers….family….friends….

~Kelly 🙂

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