Serenity {Find Rest in the Lord}


That is what I’ve been trying to feel for about 2 to almost 3 months now since we decided we were moving to the Austin area.

Well we went to Georgetown last week and found a home!  Bought a home!  Going through all the closing process and now finishing up the packing in our Amarillo home.

It all feels like a whirlwind.  A very blessed whirlwind, with one hiccup:  our Amarillo home hasn’t sold!  It has been very frustrating for my hubby.  There has been homes in our area that have sold within weeks of being on the market.  He has had a hard time not letting go and trusting God’s hand in all of it.

But, yesterday as I was cleaning and getting ready for a showing that was cancelled I thought: what could be the root, the issue, what’s holding this house in limbo?  I have thought is was my hubby and all his type A personality and him having to work through trust issues and control issues with God.  Of course we all have these same issues just in varying ranges and degrees.

What I have realized through prayer and reflection is I could be the cause of our house having an energy or spirit of being held back.  Okay stay with me.  I know so many of us are able to rap our brains around the mind body soul spirit of a being.  But is there really a spirit or an energy of a thing?  I think it is the link to the being, us, that will create or attach energy thus good or bad spirit to an item or a thing or even a place.  So let me explain….

I have been and still am beyond excited about this move.  BUT being the introvert and highly sensitive person I am, this home has provided 10 plus years of security and SERENITY for me.  It has been where all my friends can come and gather and fellowship.  I am person who doesn’t like big crowds or gathers; but at my own home I LOVE IT!

Now my body and spirit are going to have to start over,  process new people and new places all at the same time.  Where as in my home I get to be me.  I will have that at my new home but it will take time just like making new friends will take time.  I also have to give up my security, my SERENITY, of people who know me and love me for all my amazing quirkiness.  I love being quirky, I love being me.  I need to remember that I can still be me even somewhere else.  Those in Georgetown will get to know me too and I will find my familiarity, my peace, my SERENITY there too!

So to my Amarillo home:  If I have held you back in anyway: I am so sorry.  If I have clung to you rather than God: I am sorry.  And if I have said or done anything to not allow good energy or spirit to flow from you when someone looks at you: I am sorry.  I’m going to miss you.  I will lean on my SERENITY OIL to support me in this process of saying goodbye and to thank you for holding so much love and laughter for over 10 years!

What do you need to find some calm, some SERENITY with?  Do you find yourself having emotional overload, agitation, restlessness, anxiety, or disconnected?   How can you find your peace, calm, tranquil and connected spirit in a situation?

Sit with this….pray about this…..journal about this….share and connect with me about it!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂

Being an Instrument of Mercy….


So that was my topic last Saturday for my presentation at the DCCW Conference.  It was such an amazing experience and so humbling.  I loved visiting with all the amazing women there and to be able to share my story.

An interesting thing happened though while I was there.  I did a facebook live for my friends presentation….hers was before mine.  I wanted to be able to have her presentation as well as to see if going live would work for me.  I had my positioning figured out, everything.  It went beautifully for her presentation.  I even recharged it in time for my time slot so I could go live for mine as well.  Why did I want to go live!?  Because I wanted to have a recording of it….but also because I have been sharing here so much about my story….my life…and I have truly figured out my WHY….my VISION BOARD OF LIFE….and my PLATFORM!!!

You see I have been in love with learning THEOLOGY OF THE BODY for about 15 years now.  It has truly changed my life.  It has healed me from so many past hurts, pains, abuses….etc.

Thus I wanted to share this presentation because it was mingled with my testimony…my story.  You all have read bits and pieces of it here….but it was woven with TOB in such a way that I was and am proud of it….not a boastful pride but a humbling pride.  The kind that has you in awe of how wonderful GOD works in our lives as HE molds and forms us and helps us grow.

But it wasn’t just pride….it was because I believe with my whole being that by me being an open book and sharing my story with others I can provide hope…encouragement…light!  There is some pretty dark stuff out there….and it is not always easy to weed through it….and when you read about someone else story it can resonate within you and create a life line….a ripple…..a desire to rise and grow!  And that is what I always hope and strive to be…..because I have many who are that for me!

So the interesting thing is I had my phone set up…everything prompted and ready….I pressed GO LIVE…..I saw the count down….I saw the connection…..and I went up as I was introduced.  My presentation/testimony went so beautiful…..I felt God holding me when I wanted to shake.   I smiled at all the faces out there…..and I felt my self growing stronger and braver through each passing moment.  Then it was done.  And I received a standing ovation!!!   I was floored.  I was humbled.  I was moved.

I sat down….reached to turn off my phone….and it said connection error….IT DIDN’T GO LIVE….IT DIDN’T RECORD!

I wasn’t upset.

I sat and prayed for a moment and two things occurred to me.  One, God didn’t feel it should be LIVE yet, that I wasn’t ready…..or….two, satan didn’t want light to be shining on the topic of THEOLOGY OF THE BODY!   I ‘m going with the latter.  And this is why.

It was because of satan that things got so screwed up and upside down in the garden of Eden.  His pride was the cause of his fall.  Thus he has been persistent  ever since to bring down anyone else he can with him.

The more everyone knows about THEOLOGY OF THE BODY…..and falls in love with it’s teachings and lives by it’s teachings….well the more we are all going to be shedding light to so much darkness that is out there…and becoming free from our burdens and sins…HE DOESN’T WANT THAT!!!

So I firmly believe he interfered.  I have no doubt about that.  But he did not win and he will not win…..because I had 3 people ask me for my card and info.  People who wanted me to speak to their parish or youth group.  There is a desire from others to learn more about THEOLOGY OF THE BODY.   That is beyond exciting to me!!

And you know what….maybe I am meant to just GO LIVE in my my house….my kitchen….looking straight into the camera as I smile and show how amazingly free I feel from my abuses….my sins….my pain!

Do I still have healing….YES….we all do!  It is a journey…..but it is the most amazing and beautiful journey that I wouldn’t change a single moment of it!

So if you aren’t on Facebook or if you haven’t LIKED my Facebook page….take a moment to do that….cause I WILL be going LIVE with this presentation/testimony sometime very soon!!

What do you know about THEOLOGY OF THE BODY!?  Take a moment to ponder on that today…..pray about it….journal about it….search/research about it….then sit with it!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers….family….friends….

~Kelly 🙂

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