Self Love with OnGuard

The worst energetic parasite can sometimes be our own self!

When we don’t say NO to someone when our inner voice is SCREAMING NO….we are depriving ourselves of LOVE!

When we don’t think for our self and believe the LIES of pressure from the outside world….we are depriving ourselves of LOVE!

When we are feeling attacked by others germs (physical and emotional)…we are depriving ourselves of LOVE!

SELF LOVE is about:

  • setting healthy boundaries
  • having integrity
  • feeling protected
  • being independent
  • finding strength

How can you find your voice of SELF LOVE with OnGuard?

Sit with this…pray about it…journal about it….share and connect with me below in the comments!

Blessings and hugs dear followers….friends….family….


What is PERFECT?

Last week my daughter and I were having a discussion about perfection.  She was frustrated with me about many different things which is to expected for a 13 year old.  but she threw out something about me having a PERFECT life.  She started to list all the things she thought that made me “perfect”.   It had me pondering.  She asked: do you love your life?  I DO UNEQUIVOCALLY.   So in her mind that made it perfect.


This did have me reflect on what was she trying to say behind her words.


Everything she listed off were things I am passionate about: this blog, my oils business, my transformation coaching and presentations, and my religious ed class.

Now my daughters primary love language is gifts….but her secondary is TIME!  She says she likes being independent….she says she likes doing things on her own….she says she likes doing most of her studies without me.   But what teen wants to admit they need or even want their parents to be involved or there.  To them that is a sign of weakness.

What conclusion have I come to?

Well with some BLACK PEPPER and IN-TUNE Essential Oil on my forehead to unmask and to focus my confusion….to create some clarity for me…..I realized…..

I had to own the realization that I have been spending more time with my blog, oils business, and transformation opportunities, than I should be.

I MUST be willing to only blog when I can…..I MUST fine tune what are the ESSENTIALS of  life right now….HOW MUCH TIME DO I REALLY NEED TO BE ON FACEBOOK AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS for my business, for my platform, for my message!?


So maybe that means I do only a MEME …..or a YouTube blurp….or a moment to just say hello here……OR MAYBE it means I don’t worry about any of it and just let life happen!  What if I say….”Hmm I will check facebook at 3pm for 30 minutes and that’s it!”

What I do know is at the end of the day NOTHING matters more to me than FAMILY!  And I WILL NOT sacrifice their needs, wants, happiness, for my pursuits!  Because when I live in GOD’S WILL then my needs, wants, and joy WILL COME….WILL BE FULFILLED!

What do you need to focus or refocus on!?  To get clear about again!?  Sit with this…..pray about it….write about it…..and connect with me about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂




Wellness Warrior

What does wellness mean to me!?

It means being authentic…it means being true to me…it means loving, embracing, smiling through each challenge of life!

Is it always easy to smile when my body hurts because I’m having prolonged soreness due to my thyroid….NO!  But I smile because I KNOW IT COULD BE WORSE!

Is it always easy to embrace going to bed earlier than everyone else because if I don’t my adrenals will not continue to heal…..NO!  But I KNOW embracing it is peaceful and best for me.

Is it always easy to love the skin I am in when it hurts, feels “heavy” because of fatigue, when hormones or wacky with my thyroid…..NO!  But I DO IT ANYWAYS…..BECAUSE I MUST because it is how I am TRULY FREE!

The next question I ask myself is if I want to love, embrace, and smile through ALL life has to throw at me…how do I do this!?


What do I mean by this!?

I can think of so many people and professionals who “tell” us what we should or shouldn’t do yet they don’t even adhere to the same standard they are teaching or preaching.  Doctors, nutrition coaches, life coaches, professional organizers, business managers, spiritual directors….and the list GOES ON!

I’m not saying we have to be PERFECT!  What I am saying is we need to be PURPOSEFUL!  When I am PURPOSEFUL in my life then I am being as AUTHENTIC AND TRUE to myself as possible!

Therefore if I am going to share with others about health and nutrition and share how xyz is unhealthy because of abc…..well then I shouldn’t be eating xyz on a daily basis or even on a weekly regular basis.  It should be something that maybe I had a weak moment….or an unintentional exposure….but I need to practice what I preach…therefore I need to evaluate and assess why I might have done something that wasn’t to my standard of wellness…..or am I being too hard on myself!?  This goes with everything we do in life!

I think that is why I LOVE….truly LOVE all the FACEBOOK GROUPS I manage… is my own accountability system….it is my way to ensure I am living the most AUTHENTIC AND TRUE life I was created to live!  Because for me every time I post something I am saying THIS IS IMPORTANT ENOUGH that I am willing to practice this as well!  I want to share with others my journey, my life, what I am learning, but most important to empower others to live A PURPOSEFUL LIFE, filled with AUTHENTICITY, TRUTH, AND JOY!

So when I post in….

Thriving Thyroid…..I am saying these are things I try to do to ensure my thyroid is thriving….or this is what has been helping me….maybe it may help you!

When I post in….

Whole Body Health….I am saying I believe in this enough to practice this healthy lifestyle and share it with you….because it has helped me feel amazing….and I want you to feel amazing!

When I post in…

The Self Love Shine…..I am saying I care about myself enough to put into practice some self love care…..and I want to share this with you!

When I post in…

Fishing for Faith….I am saying I strive each and every day to make sure I AM LIVING IN HIS WILL not mine…I am also admitting I CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE….we need a tribe to grow in our faith….to walk in our faith….to share our faith!

When I post in…

Dynamic Daughters….I am saying….raising my daughter to be everything I am passionate about from the above groups means I am willing to make sacrifices and be that example to her that will SHOUT volumes more than any “lecture”.

When I post in….

ANY OF MY OTHER GROUPS OR EVEN ON MY PAGES….I am saying I am willing to walk the walk not just talk the talk!

I think that says more than anything else.  I think we find more value in that than someone who may sound “perfect” but when we look closer… AUTHENTICITY is lacking.

Now remember from a previous post….we are not to judge…..but we ARE to discern and assess if those around us are going to be good influences for our WELLNESS WARRIOR journey….or are they going to encourage us to compromise our INTEGRITY, our AUTHENTICITY, our TRUTH!

Are you being AUTHENTIC!?  Are you walking with INTEGRITY!?  What is your TRUTH!?  Take a moment today to sit with that…..reflect….pray…write about it!

Blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends…

~Kelly 🙂

PS….the FB GROUPS tab at the top of the page has links to all the groups and pages I manage…check them out….join one, two, all!  I LOVE seeing all of you in the groups and interacting with you!

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