Speak with Passion

What do you need to communicate today!?

Not just to others but to yourself as well!?

I have had an amazingly abundant and full week….lol!  Meaning I had to focus on certain aspects of my life and be willing to put aside other parts.  But that is the beauty of being a wife, a mom, a homeschooler, business woman….and CHILD OF GOD!!!


Oh my goodness!

The big thing that was in the forefront was my daughters Classical Conversations, Challenge II group….was debate!  She had a team policy debate on Tuesday.  She was feeling super stressed about it in soooo many ways…..and for soooo many reasons!

But in a nut shell….she was feeling some tension, constricted, and possibly fear of rejection.  She needed to feel relaxed so she could express herself openly and honestly with passion!

***Check out this video I shared about it:

She was needing to face her fears….to break down her limitations….to not take things so serious…..AND to not feel burdened by life’s challenges!  So I had her oil up and tap with some specific oils to support her mindset and her gut….lol!  (The video above shares even more!)

But it had me thinking about how much do we internalize and not use our voice….feel afraid to share our passions because of what we think others may think….say….or do about it!

And how much of it is effecting our health!?

Our thoughts feed our feelings which feed our actions which gives us results that feed into our belief system that then turns us back to our thoughts…..this becomes a cycle!

So we if we think we are not enough…we then don’t feel enough….which then means we are going to act like we are not enough….and we are going to create “not enough” results…..which reinforces our belief that we are not enough….which then confirms our thoughts: we are not enough!!

Wow…do you see the terrible cycle!!

So what we feed our minds is sooooo important for our WHOLE HEALTH!!!

I am all too aware of how important this is!  Dysmorphia can easily spiral me into LOTS OF NEGATIVE SELF TALK!  BUT…..I continually feed my mind with AMAZING podcasts, books, prayers, support from others….and using my oils and tapping to ensure my self talk cycle is SUPER HEALTHY AND STRONG….therefore my belief system is a cycle of love….not fear!!

What is your self talk cycle?

How can you shift it to loving yourself and believing in yourself?

Sit with this…pray….journal….tap….and oil up!

Have a blessed weekend….and know you are always in my prayers!

Hugs and blessings,

Kelly 😉


Check out this months featured oils with this video…..


Here is more about dysmorphia….



hugs…prayers….and lots of love always!!!

Your Temple: Is it loved?

I’m tired! How about you!? LOL….

It’s only the first month of the year and honestly I feel like I have already ran a marathon….or that I am training for one!

Yet if I think about it…I AM!  I am training for the best race…the best marathon…..the marathon of life!

And that means I SHOW UP each day!  I assess what is really important for that day and what do I NOT need to overwhelm myself with!?

How many of us allow chatter in our heads….chatter like:

  • You’re not good enough!
  • You have already failed at your new years resolution
  • You’re not pretty enough!
  • You’re not thin enough!
  • you’re not smart enough!

It’s all lies!

Just because some of what I am doing isn’t measurable by others….just because some of what I am doing and preparing for doesn’t serve some and their goals…..doesn’t mean it’s not serving those who I am suppose to be serving…..

I had a huge come to Jesus moment because I was finding myself falling into the trap of feeling like I wasn’t meeting the expectations of some people in my life.  I was feeling the need to please and that if I didn’t please them then I wasn’t worthy of them.  Or that I wasn’t really showing up big for life.  Or that I wasn’t serious about what I do!

I had to call a BS on that to myself…..it had me realize that it is similar to my journey with dysmorphia and probably connected….how I can easily allow the chatter to consume me if I am not careful.

I can start comparing myself to others on social media.  I could allow myself to fall into thinking how could I provide the coaching and education I provide like “so and so”……

Or I could even find myself thinking that who could possibly want to learn from me when I am still learning!

BUT…..I DONT FALL FOR THAT TRAP ANYMORE!  NO….I am not perfect…..but I have amazing and powerful tools in my arsenal now.  And God keeps equipping me!

Each day I am amazed at how much He loves us….loves me….and I only need to focus on Him.

Each day I need to quiet the chatter and only listen to HIM!

And Each day I need to remember I am amazing and I AM SHOWING UP BIG….even if no one else sees it….GOD SEES IT!  He knows what He has called me to do…..and even if everyone else thinks I am crazy or doesn’t understand it….that’s okay!

And…..this is a big AND…..and even if these “others” really do think I am playing small, I am not doing all I can do, that I am a “hobbyist” with my mission, my life…….that’s okay!



How are you showing up this year?

Have you been allowing the chatter to interfere with your conversations with God!?  Thus interfering with WHO YOU ARE!!!

Sit with this….pray about it……journal…..tap…..and oil up!

As always….lots of prayers and blessings sent your way dear one!

Kelly 🙂

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Perfect {Parenting}


Let’s just get that out of the way…..there is not one of us that is perfect at parenting…at anything!

I soooo struggle with being a parent sometimes.  Add to it that I homeschool….I doubt myself ALL the time…..what get’s me through it?

I know it is all LIES!  When I am connecting to God each and every day……throughout my day always…..I KNOW AND SEE the lies the enemy is trying to feed me!

I recently had a battle with once again doubting I was enough for my daughter when it came to her education.  Some suggestions were made and I found myself getting defensive.  But since I have been doing so much inner healing work I was able to recognize the two fold prong the enemy was trying to get to me with.

He was using a person I struggle with.  A beautiful amazing person who never ever says words of praise to me.  Now since my primary love language is WORDS I have to remind myself all the time that not everyone realizes and knows how to use words constructively.  Add to it this amazing person and I haven’t always had the greatest of a relationship.  It has been rocky but I know because of God we are at a much better place than ever before.

So the 2nd prong was the topic of homeschooling.   I hope you are seeing the same thing I was able to recognize.  The storm of hurt and doubt the enemy was trying to brew.  And it almost worked.  After the conversation I wanted to think: why am I not enough for this person, why can’t I EVER receive a compliment of what I have done with my daughter and her education.  Why….why….why….

But I stopped……I saw what he was doing.  He wanted me to create a spiritual disconnect with this person.  To undo all the work we have done.  I was able to see that I still had my own work to do within me…..in KNOWING I AM ENOUGH!  God commissioned me to be my daughter’s mom…..and HE KNOWS I AM ENOUGH!!

Today unfold the lies the enemy has been feeding you about your abilities, your relationships….and sweep him out…..take it to God……let HIM redeem the wounds.  Don’t allow the lies to wound you anymore and don’t let the lies wound your connection to others!

This is definitely something to sit with….pray about….journal about…go to the oils to help you connect to your emotions you are feeling and tap about it to release the negative energy….finally share about it…..whether here or with someone you trust.  Darkness can not live in the light!

Many blessings and hugs dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 🙂


Reminder:  Thriving Thursday tomorrow on Facebook!

That is the resounding message I kept getting this last weekend when I attended the CATHOLIC WOMEN’S CONFERENCE.  The guest speaker was Sonja Corbitt (click on her name to follow the link all about her!).   OH MY GOODNESS…..I have to say I was a bit in awe….a bit star struck….and bit overwhelmed over how much of her message is what I live and breathe….just from a different perspective.  And I felt a kindred spirit…a soul sister felling toward her.

I promised on Facebook I would share my notes and highlights from the conference so here we go….let’s see if you can wade, muddle through my code of notes…lol….


FEARLESS…about woundedness…..we need to REALLY see the enemy….the true enemy: SATAN.  Have we ever thought about how that agitation we feel deep in our belly is the HOLY SPIRIT MOVING THE SOUL! 

This battle began in the GARDEN, Genesis 1.  God gave us a 2nd chance through redemption….GRACE!  But the ANGELS did not….their choice was irreversible.  When we die it will be the same as the angels…..

We need to guard ourselves in the sense of loving others but not revealing self to those who are not “safe” for us….for our soul….our health….our well-being.

God created us to be needy…original sin disconnected us….thus we are looking for comfort in everything else other than GOD.

Adam and Eve disconnected because of fear.

GOD is the source of EVERY NEED!  Therefore….the WORD OF GOD brings light to us….it is our NEED…

Let’s look at Adam and Eve….their sin created hiding, disconnect, fear……change comes with honesty.

When God saw what they had done he covered them with a sacrificed animal because their coverings were not good enough….But even God said this covering was temporary.  God HIMSELF was already promising us JESUS in the garden.

Because of sin we tend to view “neediness” as disgusting.  It’s actually not disgusting.  When we push our neediness away that is actually disgusting.

We are consumed by being self-sufficient but that is not from GOD.  NEEDINESS is how we are SUPPOSE to be for HIM!

CS Lewis….”…can fix a sum….by going back and reworking it….”

Edith Stein…”…Mary unraveled….so can we….”

Saint JPII….”…God has given self to woman in a unique way…”

*As women, we feel more, thus the reason why we get hurt so easily!  We are gifted especially to do this…to feel!

The problem comes when we let people in TOO far.  WE have to reconnect with God to KNOW and keep/set boundaries.  UNSAFE people we can still connect with in the spiritual world…..but have proper boundaries in our physical lives.

Our reconnecting reclaims our dignity. 

Need to identify something, someone….toxic relationships….see patterns ….

Hebrews 3:7, Psalms 95:10, Exodus 17: 1-7….when God repeats HIMSELF in scripture is emphasizing a point!

How often is 40 used in the bible…it is a time of gestation….trial….scarcity….deserted-ness…  In the desert we learn to rest in the scarcity….1 cor 10, Ex 16, Psalm 78….


Rest = Sabbath….not resting is because not waiting for HIM to provide…..desert is for excavation.

We will not enter the ultimate rest if we are not willing to rest.

Rest + Worship = Sabbath


Sunday: STOP WORKING….no dishes, no laundry, no work….

We are ENTITLED to it BY GOD!  We must guard that day……we cannot worship properly without rest!

I am going to pause there and give you the other half next week….but what I want you to think about is this: 

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY TO PREPARE…TO TRULY MAKE SUNDAY A DAY OF REST!?  Sit with this, pray about this, write about this…then purpose yourself to truly rest on Sunday!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers….family…friends….

~Kelly 😉


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