How Frick Writes became Kelly Frick: Connect…

I was pondering on this little factoid a few weeks ago… about how much this blog has changed and how it started and where it is at today.

Don’t we all do that with everything, anything in our life?

When I started this blog 10 plus years ago the name Frick Writes was a play on words that requires way too many words and paragraphs to explain so I will save that for another day :).  But the biggie was that I was writing about other books….sharing about what I was reading. Yet it was also birthed because I needed an outlet to heal from my miscarriage.  Books and writing have always been my happy place.

Then about 2 or 3 years into it my writing started to shift and become so much more than just giving my thoughts on what I was currently reading.  It became about what life challenges had just thrown my way and how I was maneuvering them.  Or I would write about what was currently going on in the world and how it related to my faith walk.  And then it became about my entering into business and how I was supporting my health with natural remedies…..

It was about that time that I changed the name from Frick Writes to Kelly Frick: Connect.  It again was a play on words.

As I had entered into the holistic world of health not only for myself but for coaching others I wanted to convey how everything was connected to our health.  But a title like “Connect your Health: Mind Body Soul Spirit”…..well was long…lol….more of a tag line….and honestly at that time, not even a concept that was being thought of.  Like who would think that if a person is having liver issues (physical) that it could be related to their anger (emotional -mental and/or spiritual health)…..that was just waaay too woohoo for the average person…lol….

And really I saw the word CONNECT as meaning so much more….

  • Connect the drops (another play on words for essential oils)….
  • Connect your health…
  • Connect with your community…
  • Connect with other women…
  • Connect to your faith..
  • Connect with your body…
  • But most important…
  • CONNECT WITH GOD…through all these other connections…

But I didn’t know how to express all that then….I didn’t know how to explain it…

Over the course of the last couple of years, I have pondered once again if I should change the name…after all, some in the business world find KELLY FRICK: CONNECT too ambiguous and it doesn’t explain enough.  And I have even had some people get confused thinking that Connect is my last name….lol…

Yet I KNOW that this name is perfect….

Especially now as I have stepped out of the coaching and business world…and back into full-time ministry and writing…

How do I know it is perfect?

Because each year I am on this healing journey I am able to CONNECT another piece of the puzzle to a previous one…..

OR I am able to CONNECT with another amazing woman who needs to be CONNECTED with another person I know….

And that is just another one of my gifts and talents….I just know how to CONNECT things and people….I LOVE IT….I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE BEING A CONNECTOR and building community….

I say this with absolute humility….I can’t take credit for this gift…it is truly from God….cause the introvert in me would rather just sit, write, read, and pray…lol…

Now I know many of you are going to say….”But Kelly the top of the blog says: Kelly Frick ~ Connect with God to Love the Skin You are In!”……

I have thought about changing that too….to just go back to Kelly Frick: Connect…

But this is the thing….at the root of all this connecting… ultimate desire is to draw ALL of us (myself included) to CONNECT deeper with God.  THROUGH WHICHEVER MEANS….to get to a place where we are TRULY AT PEACE IN OUR OWN SKIN….When we are able to see that GOD CREATED US SO BEAUTIFULLY AND THAT WE ARE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF HIM!

Therefore that realization further cemented my conviction that this blogs website url of is exactly as it is to be….because when you come here you are right away reminded we are to CONNECT WITH GOD TO LOVE THE SKIN WE ARE IN….aka, the tag line that I will forever teach and breath and write about through all areas.

So whether I write about microwaves, egg recipes, healing retreats, illness, laundry soap, or the latest books I have been reading…my intent is to always connect you to God through my own journey…..because honestly what I have been finding even more so on this amazing journey of past trauma healing, dysmorphia, hashimotos, miscarriages, and soooo much more is that the more we CONNECT with God…..the more we fall in love with HIM.  And in return, we fall in love with how beautifully wonderfully made we are.

I write and share here as much for myself as I do for you, the reader….it continually reminds me how far I have come….and how much more I have to go…..but also to enjoy the entire process….to be truly present in the moment and CONNECT!

How do you CONNECT?

What does CONNECT mean to you?

Many blessings and hugs always,

Kelly 🙂

Through Sorrow, I appreciate TRUE JOY!

Feeling sorrow is painful.  Truly feeling sorrow can be suffocating.  There have been moments this last year, since my dad’s death, that I feel like I can relate to the saying “they died of a broken heart.”

Just as anything in life we can theorize how we will handle things.  How we will be in situations.  But truly living it is another story.

As we are drawing closer to ALL THE HOLIDAYS I find myself wanting to just “get through it” or just “smile and be happy”…..and I AM full of JOY….but I am not happy….and I know that is okay.

It is funny, but not funny…..I know all the “things” I need to be doing, and I do them.  I use my oils, I tap (EFT),  I go for walks, I take it to the Lord.   Yet the sorrow is still there.  Some days it just hurts in ways that I can’t describe.  

Over the course of the last 3 months, I have been able to realize WHY (at least one of the WHY’S) it hurts.  I lost one of my biggest “cheerleaders” and compassionate ears.

I have an amazing husband who I can go to for everything but we don’t always see eye to eye…lol and that is okay.  That is what makes him and I so amazing together.  Actually, correction… what makes us so amazing is the fact that God is our #1 priority in our marriage…that is what makes us amazing together.  

Back to my dad.  I have gone through and experienced a tremendous amount of change the last 6 months and I haven’t had my dad there to bounce all of it off of.  I haven’t had my dad encouraging me and saying how proud he is of me for making tough decisions.  I haven’t had him reminding me I am making the right decisions.

Instead, I have to wonder what would he say?  How would he have encouraged me?  And I have to dig deep and remember all the blessings that have come from his death.

His death had me reflect on the calling and mission God was bringing me to in my life currently.  His death gave me the courage to walk away from business and partnerships for many reasons and enter back into ministry and writing full time.

His death reminded me how much I LOVE BEING A WIFE AND MOTHER….and how that first calling within my life TRULY IS ENOUGH.  That I have always known I was called to the vocation of marriage and to be that support and rock for my family as Joseph was to Mary and Jesus.  That I DONT need recognition and “riches”….I HAVE JESUS…..I HAVE GOD….I HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT…….THAT IS ALL I NEED!  And I find absolute and utter JOY AND HAPPINESS within being a wife and mother….I have honestly never felt the need for more!

And finally, the sorrow of his death has drawn me closer to my mom.  Our relationship over the years has always had its moments.  I wouldn’t say it was totally a Lorelai and Emily Gilmore kind of relationship….but pretty darn close….lol.

Instead….her and I have been leaning on each other and confiding in each other in ways that I honestly never thought possible.  When I think of my mom these days I think only with love and compassion.  I think “How can I best serve and support her today.”  How can I let her know she is loved and cherished.  And how can I be the daughter of Christ to her?

So when I have my days of deep sorrow I pause….I feel it…..and then I turn it into JOY… that I have the privilege to feel the emotions and appreciate what happiness and joy do feel like. 

 And gratitude that GOD used the sorrow of losing my dad to OPEN my eyes to where HE was calling me into life in this season and not fear the change.

Many blessings and hugs always dear readers….

May your day be filled with joy and love…..


Kelly 😉


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Raw and real moment!

I have been tapping more the last 3 days than I probably average in 30 days!

My father passed away on Tuesday morning….and the emotions I have experienced have been extreme and everywhere.

I was on my way to see him on Sunday but while traveling I received a call that he was in the heart hospital to have some tests done.

He has a history of heart stuff and multiple stints so no surprise other than knowing that if he was doing this on a Sunday he definitely wasn’t feeling well.

The first emotion I had was frustration. I had not seen my father in over a year and due to the protocols with hospitals right now I was not going to be allowed to go in and see him.

Monday they determined he needed another stint. They did the procedure and the thought was he would be able to come home that evening….buuut…..there was more bleeding than expected from the spot.

So second major emotion….anger that he had to be in a hospital alone….he is a social person…he thrives on others spending time with him! His top love languages were time and touch.

They decided to keep him another night. Now none of this stopped me from being creative to see him.

I had a care package delivered to his room and arranged with the floor nurse to open his window so we could sing to him and cheer him up. It was so much fun and I’m so grateful to have had that as his last moments with us.

Tuesday morning THE call came early… mom comes out to the kitchen as I was making my coffee…..she hands me the phone and says she doesn’t know what to do.

The nurse on the other end is explaining to me that they are giving him CPR but if they stop his heart will stop what does my mom want to do.

I tell her I will call her back as I talk to my mom….knowing that it won’t come to that cause sure enough the nurse calls back within in minutes and let’s me know that they had to call the time of death.

Next emotion…numb…I didn’t truly have time to truly feel anything cause my mom needed me. My time would have to wait. So I tapped some more.

Tuesday night as I got ready for bed….deep sorrow….gut wrenching sobs….but I only allowed some to come…..why?! Cause I knew if I lost it right then I didn’t know if I would return….

It was a choice to pause the sorrow….right or wrong….it was a choice I made…..

Wednesday was about processing…being with family….and trying super hard to stay present in the moment so I could truly feel all the emotions and not stuff them away….

I know it hasn’t truly fully hit me…..

But today we meet with the Funeral Home….we find out when we can actually have the funeral and then coordinate it with the church and due to again all the protocols that have been put into place due to this last year…..we are stuck with anger….

Anger that his last days were in-humane…..anger that his family and friends won’t get to have the closer they deserve….anger that he died alone without family!

So I tap…..and I find the gratitude of the having had 46 years with him….gratitude that he was the gentle soul he was….and gratitude that we did have some amazing memories.

So this next year will probably look different how I blog, post on social media, and even how I coach…..because I know if I’m willing to share with you in the moment what I’m experiencing maybe just maybe I will be able to help someone else who is going through something similar or who is still trying to process the emotions of losing a loved one.

I know my postings probably will be hit and miss for awhile and that too will be part of my willingness to continue to be raw and real with you’ll.

As you spend your last day of 2020….please reflect on all your blessings don’t take for granted one moment with family, friends, community.

But don’t also beat yourself up over “what if’s”…..or “should of”……

Instead move through the emotions……feel them….release yourself….and be present in the healing process.

Your mind body soul spirit will thank you for it!

Many blessings and hugs dear ones!
Kelly 💜

I Love Me!

I hear women (friends, family, clients…even strangers)……tell me all the time they don’t love themselves…

They don’t like this about themselves….etc.

BUT…..they will when they reach a certain physical goal….


Cause let me tell you what 10 years ago I had what I thought was a dream come true: thigh gap!

And I was miserable!

What I didn’t know was I had obtained that thigh gap because of a thyroid and adrenal malfunction… body was literally burning itself up!

All I knew at the time was I had finally achieved a coveted goal….and I still didn’t love myself!

And when my body started to heal….I started to put muscle mass back on…..I started to look healthier and feel healthier…..yet I still didn’t love me!

How I started to truly love me… matter what I looked like….was connecting to my inner me….my soul…..and really working on my self talk….my mindset….

I started pulling out ALL the tools in my toolbox…..and went to work on my TRUE healing of SELF LOVE!

I can honestly say I LOVE ME!

This doesn’t mean I don’t have physical goals. This doesn’t mean I don’t have health goals.

What this means is I don’t judge me!
I don’t compare me!
I don’t bully me!

I only love me….and the skin that I’m in!

Are you ready to TRULY love you?!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😘

Rest, Restore, Reconnect

On Sundays I love sitting in the bliss of knowing that God himself took a day of rest!

I think He did this for multiple reasons…

But I think the biggest one was to set the example to us.

When we don’t stop to reconnect with Him and ourselves for one day a week how can we possible remember to do the same just a little bit each day!

Having the discipline of truly unplugging from work, hustle and bustle, the world…..for just one day a week is more important than you can imagine!

I challenge you this advent to start truly setting aside a whole day that has you connecting to God and therefore yourself…

I know you will find how to better love yourself thus growing and strengthening your relationship with God….and as your grow in your relationship with God you grow in your self love! Do you see the beautiful cycle of hope and healing?!

Have a glorious Sunday!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 💜

40 Days to Freedom

If you have hung out with me here for any amount of time you know I am a huge advocate of all types of fasts: Spiritual, Nutritional, Absolute, Intermitent….etc.

File Feb 14, 12 18 17 PM

For me it does not matter what type of fast I go into it is always taken into prayer…..and sometimes it is actually given to me through prayer and then me re-taking it into prayer so I can hear clearly what I am supposed to be doing.

But one of the biggies I usually do with a fast is I usually do not share with many people;  usually only 1 or 2 are brought into it.  And that is because it was spoken into me shortly after my huge transformation with fasting in the beginning.  God pressed it into my heart that all fasts forward were to remain private unless told otherwise.

Well here I am years later Him telling me loud and clear…..this one is too big for you….you need to be united with others….lots of others.


Because there is a HUGE DISCONNECT with who we are as people and in our healing.

There are sooo many hurting people turning to sooo many different types of addictions (drugs, alcohol, pornography, food, shopping, apathy, body…etc).   And why?  To avoid the work of healing.  And why?  Because healing is hard work!

Healing means you have to be willing to go THROUGH the pain….not around it.

Healing means you have to open your eyes to and bring to the front what you have been avoiding.

So on September 2-October 12, I will be entering into a fast that is intentional in praying for people who are struggling with addictions.

I think we probably ALL know someone who is burdened by addiction.  Who has been enslaved by the lies of its soothing denial of the truth.

I can’t do this alone.

So regardless if you enter into a fast or just add extra prayers during those 40 days….are you open to add the intentional prayers for those struggling with addictions?

When we CONNECT our prayers and spirits together we truly CAN move mountains!

Have an amazingly blessed day and labor day weekend!

My hugs and prayers are always with each and every one of you!


Kelly 😉

PS…want to learn all about the types of fasts?  Just do a search here on my blog with the keyword ‘fasting” and you’ll come up with ALL the times I have written about fasting and the ways we can approach this powerful spiritual and physical tool!

PPS….check out the updates in the tabs above…..some awesome stuff ;)!!!


Hormones: Groan!

When I look at my beautiful daughter I hate that I passed on to her my hormonal imbalances!

But what she has that I didn’t have at her age is so much more understanding of it…and how to overcome and transform her health!

One way our hormones can be imbalanced is being estrogen dominant.

Estrogen dominance can be very common, and despite knowing the signs and symptoms of this condition, you should also know what to do if you are suffering from it.

💧The 10 most common symptoms of estrogen dominance:

Abnormal menstrual periods

Low libido


Bad PMS (breast tenderness/swelling, mood swings, and headaches)

Hair loss

Weight gain (especially hips and abs)

Brain fog

Trouble sleeping

Thyroid dysfunction

Sluggish metabolism

Here are the steps you should follow in order to restore the healthy hormonal balance in the body:

💜Step 1: Eliminate Xenoestrogens

We are constantly being exposed to various chemicals, and one of them is “xenoestrogen,” which can mimic estrogen in the body.

Therefore, in order to avoid these adverse effects, you should avoid the use of the following top offenders:

Plastic Tupperware

Plastic water bottles

BPA cans

Cosmetics, makeup, and toiletries

Tap water

Non-organic dairy, produce

Soy protein isolate

Dryer sheets

Birth control pill

💜Step 2: Elimination (ie: poo 💩)

This step is essential as it will ensure the removal of estrogen, and prevent its re-entrance into the bloodstream in the case of chronic constipation.

Make sure you are having daily bowel movements, and in case you are not:

Drink 2-3L of water daily

Increase the intake of fiber-rich foods

Increase the intake of vegetables with every meal.

💧Add the TerraGreens to ensure extra fruits and veggies!

Consume probiotics:

💧PB Assist

💧PB Assist Jr

💪🏻best taken before bedtime to restore gut.

To promote bowel movements, supplement with magnesium citrate or Triphala

Moreover, in order to help the removal of waste and toxins from the body, you should also:

Exercise or go to a sauna to stimulate sweating

Breathe deeply to support the lungs

Massage your body to support the lymph

Use a dry skin brush to eliminate dead skin cell.

Use your oils with dry brushing!

Oils for lymph drainage support:


💧DDR Prime


💜Step 3: Improve Liver Health and Estrogen Detoxification

Estrogen is effectively removed by a well-functioning liver. In the first stage, the liver turns harmful estrogen intro milder, weaker forms of estrogen, and in the second stage, it converts it into a water-soluble form, so you can eliminate it through the stool or urine.

Yet, the liver won’t be able to fulfill its function if the body lacks important nutrients, or it is overburdened with other chemicals, accumulated due to the use of processed foods, drugs, and alcohol.

To support the function of the liver, you should:

Drink lots of filtrated water

Do not drink alcohol

Each a real, whole-foods based diet

Avoid overeating

Eat foods that support liver health, such as kale, dandelion greens, beets, garlic, eggs, dark leafy greens, artichoke, onions, leeks, shallots, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, etc.)

Taking supplements that are rich in detoxifying vitamins and minerals is super helpful.

Such as:


💧GX Assist


In order to kick start your metabolism and improve your overall healthy by detoxifying and energizing the body try:


💧DDR Prime

💧cleanse and restore kit/system

Finally center yourself each day!!!

Find 5-10 minutes at least once if not twice a day to truly reflect on your whole health!

Sometimes when our estrogen is out of whack and we’ve done all the physical and nutritional needs then that means we have some mental, emotional, spiritual stuff we need to address.

But we aren’t going to know unless we stop to center ourselves and find some alignment within ourselves!

How are your hormones?!

As always I hope you take a moment to sit….pray….journal….tap….and oil up today!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 💜

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