“I’m not drinking right now!”

I recently listened to a fabulous podcast from Melissa Hartwig, the co-founder of Whole30.  She was giving an update on her “I’m not drinking right now” experiment.


So it had me thinking about the times I have done this in the past.  I went for a little over a year, shortly after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, with no alcohol.  There were some specific health stuff I needed to heal from and make sure alcohol wasn’t a contributing issue or that it wasn’t going to slow down the healing process.

Now something I have learned over the years of doing different types of fasts, or abstaining, I KNOW that even if I am approaching it with a physical goal there will be spiritual and emotional benefits.  As well as when I am entering into a fast for a spiritual reason I will experience physical and mental health benefits.

I don’t believe in coincidences…..lol…..because I am prepping my private coaching clients for a 30 day Health Habits challenge…..and I was looking at weaving some of the concepts and nuggets of the WHOLE30 into it.  More on the why below….but first why this is NO coincidence.

The Whole30 isn’t just about getting back to real food….it’s also about finding freedom with food….figuring out your relationship and trigger points with food.

So even though I have come a very long way……and I truly live now with FOOD FREEDOM, just as I teach and coach…….I also know that WE CAN ALL USE A RESET from time to time…….to make sure there isn’t any little triggers or negative emotions trying to be buried behind the food or drink choices.

And if at the end of 30 days nothing emotionally comes up…..well I sure didn’t lose anything…..if anything I gained a nice reset to my system that probably needed it!

I’m thinking this is going to help me for sure with my gut health….lol….which really isn’t bad…..but anytime a person deals with Hashimoto’s there is ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!

So these are my plans for AUGUST!  I am going to say NO to alot of things….to just reset my brain….my health…..my emotions….make sure they are all in good check…..

How about you?

Do you have any health goals or plans to reset this fall to enter into winter being the best version of yourself?

Sit with this….pray about it…..journal…..tap….and oil up….and always share with me!  I love hearing how you are living your best life ever!

As always lots of hugs and prayers sent your way!

Kelly 😉

PS….Want to join the challenge?  Click this link to learn how! 

PPS…..once you have walked through the steps from the above link :)….I will add you to the private coaching and send you your freebies….including a choice of 2 different books by Melissa Hartwig to support you on this 30 Day Challenge!

Strengthen your true self and worthiness!

We are bombarded with images and expectations of what we should look like, eat, dress, be……ALL around us….CONSTANTLY…..


Girls….teens…..women…..WE DO NOT HAVE IT EASY today in setting healthy boundaries….saying no to the mental chatter, the societal pressures.   And this can wear down a woman’s sense of self-worth…..and then not showing up to serve herself and then serving others.

You see how this can be a vicious cycle!

I understand…..I have been there…..and even though I am not perfect, because dysmorphia can definitely play nasty tricks in the mind…..I am much better about the mental chatter than I have ever been in my life!

Part of my drive and perseverance to continually walk with integrity and worthiness of self is knowing that I am showing up each day with clients and customers and teaching them this all important message.  I am providing workshops for it.  It IS my message!

Yes there are days I can feel like a fraud…..wondering how on earth can I possibly be teaching this….coaching on this….writing on this……when I don’t feel it 100% of the time…..heck there are some days I don’t even feel it 50%……BUT….

I KNOW I CAN…..I WILL…I HAVE TO…..because the more I coach, teach, share…..the more I live it….breath it….embrace it…..believe it….

Because I DESIRE to be THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF not only for myself BUT FOR OTHERS….

I know the more I transform my true self and embrace my body’s beauty I am able to provide hope and healing for others to TRANSFORM THEIR IMAGE OF THEMSELVES!

This is why I LOVE TODAY’S BOGO……



Physical Support:
Clean Surfaces/all purpose cleaner

immune/respiratory boost



*soak apples with it!

*Use on bottom of feet every morning


Emotional Support:

Defends against negative energies

Strengthens inner self/inner integrity

Protect personal space

Set clear boundaries

Live in true self.


💧Slim & Sassy…

Physical Support:

Manage hunger/sugar cravings


*take internally before meals

*body brush with it


Emotional Support:

Addresses emotional patterns related to weight and food.

Releases emotions of moralizing food/weight.

Helps us rise above self judgement.

Encourages us to embrace our body’s beauty.

Reminds us: WE ARE WORTHY!!!


So my challenge to you today…….how are you going to walk in worthiness and integrity of self today?!

Sit with this….pray…..journal…..tap……and oil up!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂

***BONUS: If you scroll all the way to the end you’ll find recipes :)….

PS….Today’s VIDEO with a tapping SESSION :)….

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Are you open to invest in your WELLNESS?

Rather than fear the illness?  

I am ready to  TRANSFORM your WHOLE HEALTH:  Mind Body Soul Spirit!

Are you ready to receive?

Many blessings on this amazing BOGO day!

hugs and prayers always!

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