Saturday’s Sorrow & Self Care

Do you sleep in on Saturday or Sunday?

I don’t typically sleep in…..and technically I didn’t this morning! BUT….I did fall back asleep while I was doing my morning prayers….lol!

Buuut…..I needed to give myself grace… body was ready for some rest.  I had a full week with my daughters schooling.  She is finishing up her 10th grade work this month and we will start entering into her junior year of schooling in July…..whew…..the time flies by.

Talk about needing a lot of peace!

File Mar 12, 3 27 39 PM

And then I read in the paper (which let me tell you I don’t keep up on current news very good….cause it just hurts my heart too much!)……but I read on the front page this morning about the shooting in a Mosque that was actually posted on Facebook and I felt the need for peace even greater.

We as parents stand and get up each day doing what we think is best to prepare our kiddos for the adult world.  We have to try to not transfer our fears to them.  Fears that may have been from our own past.  Fears of: are they are going to make it?

Soooo many fears.

File Sep 03, 1 41 51 PM

And I have to tell you I DON’T WALK IN FEAR.  I really am quite relaxed and laid back….heck my sweet hubby probably thinks I don’t worry enough, or that I am too cheery or gentle about other things.

BUT…..when world events slap me in the face I have to pause…..and I can either choose to think: I can’t send my daughter off into that….

OR….I can choose to lean on God’s promise of “fear no evil”!



If I don’t I will box her up in bubble wrap and send her off to some remote island…..and then NO ONE would be able to experience all her amazing gifts and talents.

It would also mean I was giving into the fear the enemy wants us to have…..and with fear brings anger, hate, ugliness, and so much more.

So I KNOW that my rest this morning was a way that my body was saying take in some peace…..Lent has just begun and there is much healing to still take place…..not just for you but for the world!

I hope today you will join me in a moment of prayer for those whose lives were taken in New Zealand…and all the loved ones who have to heal from the devastation left behind….

But I also DARE to ask you humbly…..please pray for the soul of the shooter…..his is obviously so distraught….that he chose to cross a line to enter fully into an evil act……one he can’t take back.  He turned his back on God in such a way that it has to have us wonder…..WHAT is HIS pain…..WHY!?

As always please set aside each day to sit…pray….journal….tap….and oil up!

Many blessings and hugs always,


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Dysmophia: The Circus Mirror

Today I had an amazing opportunity to share, coach, and start supporting some amazing survivors of sex trafficking with my “You are more than your body!” workshop series.

Yes, you read that correct! These women were used and abused in ways that many of us can’t possibly imagine.

One of the many challenges they face and are needing to heal from is how they see themselves. How they see their body.

These women…more than anyone is at risk of dysmorphia…their bodies were treated as objects of use and abuse that they are at greater of this mental disorder.

But they are not the only ones at risk!

anyone is…

Did you know 1 in 50 women AND men have Dysmorphia?!

Tomorrow join me in Facebook at noon central to learn more about how Dysmorphia effects a person and what it looks like. Plus my personal journey with it!

Hope to see you tomorrow on Facebook!

Have an amazing evening and many blessings dear one!

Hugs and prayers always,


The Gift of the Assumption

She said yes!

She said she was enough!

She lived a life that the was the best version of herself!

She was MARY! The amazing mother of Christ!

Today as Catholics we celebrate the feast of her Assumption into heaven.

Years ago it was also the day we selected to baptize our beautiful baby girl to dedicate her and wrap her into Mary’s mantle. Ironically it was also my husbands birth moms birthday.

My prayer is as life in the Catholic Church is in an upheaval of pain once again, that we turn to Mary for healing and hope.

A mother wraps her arms around us and holds us when we are sad, when we are angry, when we want to give up.

A mommy says, “It will be okay…..we will get through this…”

And a mommy even gets angry and weeps with us but reminds us of the compassion and mercy and forgiveness that needs to be given to all!

I head out the door to celebrate mass with my beautiful daughter knowing God has it! Our prayers are the most important. And our not giving up when evil tries so desperately to overcome this world.

May you each find the joy of the Assumption today instead of the pain of the fall….

May you each find the oil and tapping that will support your prayer and pain….

And may we all be united in hope and healing!

My hugs and prayers always!



How often do you say yes to you?!

How often do you say you are enough?!

How often do you truly live your authentic life?!

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Truth & Trust = Hope & Healing

I’ve been having some symptoms with my physical health coming up recently but hey has been well….frustrating the daylights out of me!

So yesterday I was praying and asking God: what do I need to be doing? What oils have I not thought of? What emotion having I not tapped on? What have I not addressed?!

He gave me part of the answer yesterday but then told me wait….

I was like ugh…how long do I have to wait!!!!!

Then this morning as I was doing my morning prayers, reading the daily readings and gospel…..I open my email and see which two oils are the BOGO….and I about weeped with joy and peace.

Because HE knew that these were the two I literally needed!

We all want to hurry along healing but as many years as there is of hurts pains and trauma we have that many years of emotions to clear out. This doesn’t mean we stay stuck in the muck.

It means we are patient and loving to ourselves. It means we give ourselves grace. It means we walk with the truth that our yoke May feel heavy but His burden is light!


I got a bit well…personal… on my personal Facebook page today…lol…

I did this because…..

If there is anyone who you think can use this message of hope and healing through sexual trauma please share this and pass it along!

Maybe you know someone who could really use the encouragement and reminder of how beautifully wonderfully made they are!

Let’s spread hope and healing….because that is the way we are going to take our true health back. That is how we are going to connect our physical and emotional health and watch the fireworks of our health skyrocket!

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And in this video I talk about the physical and emotional connection of Frankincense and Jasmine for our liver health!

Yes our liver health! We hold anger in our liver! When we have trauma….we have anger! We must cleanse that out!

Let’s heal! Let’s spread hope! Let’s shine! Let’s be the best version of ourselves so we can be the intentional disciples God created us to be!!!

What is holding you back from your healing?

Sit…pray…..write….tap….and oil up!

Then let’s talk! I want to serve and bless you on this journey!!

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Many hugs, blessings, and prayers….ALWAYS!!!

Kelly 🤗💧💜

The Opposite of Love…


…is NOT HATE as so many of us would like to believe it is….

It is FEAR!

Trust me I have LOTS of experience in this area…lol….or not so funny really!!!

I had NOOO idea the journey I was going to take and learn about fear last year….after all I ALWAYS thought of myself as FEARLESS!!!  But some amazing things I have learned are mind blowing and SOOO relevant to this mind, body, soul, spirit connection and journey.

First, did you know that our brain (our mind) cannot hold love and fear in it at the same time (Dr. Caroline Leaf talks a lot about this in many of her books!)!?  So if we are fearing in our mind….how is this NOT going to effect our body….our soul….our spirit!?

Fear = irrationality =immobilizing us.

Why do you think Christ said soooo much: DO NOT BE AFRAID!  He KNEW how powerful fear can be and when we are living in fear we are not living in love!  But HE PROMISED us: I WILL BE WITH YOU!  He gave us this reassurance.

Fear says: flea, deny, hide, freeze, you are a failure, don’t commit, you are rejected……and so many more lies… can have a powerful hold on us because of the unknown!   It can cause us to build walls around us….to “protect” ourselves from all those lies!

But that’s what it is: a lie!  One great big huge horrible no good LIE!!!

We are all called to greatness!  When we push aside fear just as the disciples did, we are able to break free of the fear and fulfill our mission…our calling….our purpose!

What if the disciples had remained in fear?  Instead they felt the Holy Spirit breathe truth into them and remove the fear!

Instead we can cast out that fear, conquer that fear with: LOVE!!!

Love is the presence of God….love is GOD!  It is full of strength and courage!

Fear only takes….love only gives!

When we fear we forget: who made us, who loves us, what HIS PLANS ARE FOR US!  We become our own stumbling block.

What if today we truly embraced: mind, body, soul, spirit…..THE DIRECTIVE CHRIST GAVE US: DO NOT BE AFRAID!?!

Sit…pray…write….oil up….tap it away…

Many hugs and blessings dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 🙂

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Self Love with Lavender

Do you ever feel:

  • Unlovable?
  • Unimportant?
  • Unheard?
  • Rejected?
  • Fear of being yourself?!?

Why are we so cruel to ourselves?  Why do we not love ourselves to see how amazing we are!?  Why do we not see how important we are?!  Why do we even reject ourselves?!  And why oh why do we fear being ourselves?!

I love how Lavender Essential Oil supports all these and so much more!  When I use Lavender I am reminded to relax and see I am important.  I am able to remember that my voice must be heard.  I am able to look in the mirror and remember: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!!

How do you need to love yourself better with Lavender?! Using your voice? Being yourself? Knowing you’re important?

Sit with this….pray about this….write about this….share/connect with me below in the comments!

Many blessings dear followers…friends….family….

~Kelly 😉

Fear & Family


What does FAMILY mean to you?!  Is it blood…friends….church….facebook….lol!?  No but really….we are all connected through our spirit not just because of blood.  And sometimes with family things aren’t always clear.

Sometimes with our family we don’t know how to use our voice…we are afraid to use our voice?

Fear can cause us to compromise our convictions in many things in life but it can especially cause us to want to compromise with family.  Why?  Because we love them….we don’t want to disappoint them…we don’t want them to be angry with us…..we don’t want to feel unloved.File Mar 09, 3 55 53 PM

The problem is fear, especially with family, can cause us to not connect to our own spirit and soul.  It can create a cog with hearing what God needs us to do….a bigger picture that sometimes we don’t see when we are handicapped by fear.

Have you ignored some of God’s promptings out of fear of what family may say, think or do?!

And what essential oils have you used to squash your fears….especially with family!?


Think about this…sit with this….pray about it….share about it!

Hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂


Breaking Free…

Today is not only the first of March but it is ASH WEDNESDAY!

What better day to start really assessing which essential oils can support us to break free from our addictions!  The next 40 days you can experience lent like you have never experienced before!

First assess why you might have an addiction?  What is the root?  Besides FEAR!  What emotions are branching off of fear?

  1. Fear of letting go?
  2. Lack of loving yourself?
  3. Trying to escape from deeper emotions?
  4. Deep anger?
  5. Lacking trust with God?

Whatever the branch or cause of your fear there are many essential oils that can support these emotions and help you reach a greater sense of peace to break through your addiction.

File Feb 20, 7 24 53 PM.png

There are many oils and blends that assist with addictions but my favorites are:

  1. Bergamot: This oil supports all addictions, regulates appetite, relieves tension, helps break relapses.
  2. Black Pepper:  Reduces craves, calms withdrawal anxiety, increases serotonin levels.
  3. Grapefruit:  Reminds me I am beautiful NO MATTER WHAT!
  4.  Lemon: Detoxifies the liver and the mind.
  5. Metabolic Blend (Slim & Sassy):  This only only uplifts the mind and spirit it reduces toxic build up in the body and the mind.
  6. Rosemary: Helps me concentrate on my overcoming my struggles with God’s Will not mine.
  7. Soothing Blend:  This blend reminds me this too WILL pass!

What addiction do you need to break from from!?  Which essential oil resonates with you!?  Sit with this…pray about it….write about it…

Let’s connect….comment below your thoughts…

Many blessings and hugs dear readers…family…friends…..

~Kelly 😉




What a Woman Wants: FEAR NO MORE!


I have been pondering A LOT recently about my 2017 dreams and aspirations…..goals…..desires…..BIG OUT THERE “WHAT IF’S”…..

It has been wonderful because it has me reflecting internally as well….

And one of the things it had me pondering about was why I hadn’t gotten back to writing here… ASAP!?

Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE WRITING HERE… is the perfect place for me to put out my thoughts…reflect….share…and organize….and then put to action…..and you all are the greatest accountability partners :)…..

So I go back to why have I not written here yet…..I did say I was going to take December and possibly January off……BUT I realized I was avoiding coming here!?  So I had to ask myself WHY!?


I’ve been writing every day on Facebook so why not here!?  And I realized that it was multi-faceted.   I was expecting PERFECTION from myself with the blog……I had great desires to do some organizing and revamping some stuff here on the blog and I was bound and determined to have it ALL done before I started posting again…..I had put pressures on myself that well…. were unnecessary……

Add to it I have been reading some fantabulous books over the holidays and mentoring with several individuals…..and I was beginning to feel like I needed things to be a particular way before I could post again….

Well that is just downright ridiculous…really…..and I realized that…..I was able to remember many great motivators whom I have listened to and read in the past…..and their mantra is to JUST DO IT…..don’t expect things to be PERFECT….or lined up just right….BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN….

And this ended up being in perfect line with my working through my fear wounds…..because fear is a lack of faith…a lack of trust….

So in order to be true to my new years resolution and my new years fast…..I choose to walk in FAITH…..walk in TRUST….and continue to connect my body and spirit in ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE….

I choose to WALK WITH HIM…..IN HIS DIVINE WILL…..and be okay with the unknown…to be okay with even though the world says something should be xyz….or success means abc….well GOD knows what’s right for me…..and I’m going to take HIS LEAD!!

What have you been avoiding?  Putting off?  Fearing?

Sit with that….pray about it…..write about it….then have faith and fear no more!!!

Blessings dear readers….family….friends….

Kelly 🙂

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