Fear Your Dreams

Pursuing dreams and goals, they can be scary.

I have moments when I find myself falling into the temptation of fear.  It tries to mask itself with all sorts of tricks but ultimately it is fear.


  • I won’t reach my goal.
  • I am going to neglect my family.
  • I’m not going to meet my daughters needs.
  • I’m being selfish.
  • I’m going to mess it all up.

But then I STOP…I reach for several oils.  I first use Forgive while I tap and pray.  I have God remind me He placed these dreams and goals in my heart and head because its HIS mission that He has placed there.

By me reaching these goals, I will be breaking the doubt and bondage of generational junk.

  • God is teaching me this is my path for Him and this path WON’T create division between me and my daughter or husband. 
  • He is showing me I don’t have to fear dreams and goals! 
  • I don’t have to fear my family will be hurt or angry with me.
  • I don’t have to fear I’m not equipped because HE HAS equipped me.

I am blessed to have the two greatest cheerleaders: my daughter and husband.  They don’t doubt what God is calling me to do…..and they DON’T ever feel like I put anything before them!

As a family we pitch in to take care of the house, each other, and we each pursue our individual dreams and goals together!

After I have oiled up, tapped, and prayed through all that I feel: Peace…Serenity.  I am able to relate to the serenity prayer in a deeper more meaningful way.

What do you need to relinquish…to find your Peace and Serenity?!

Sit with this….oil up….tap….pray….connect :)….

Many blessings dear beloved ones….

Kelly 😉



Self-Care {Sensational Surprises}

This last week I had to give myself some AMAZING grace and space of not putting any pressure on myself to blog.  The desire was there…..ideas….thoughts….swirled in my head….in my heart.

File Jul 16, 6 29 00 PM

BUT….I needed to not force it to happen….I had to be present in all that I was doing….all that was essential for the week:

  • Connecting Darling Daughter to her new CC (Classical Conversations) group.
  • Starting our lessons back up.
  • Daughters Lit. Book Club.
  • Daughters fellowship night.
  • My parenting/teaching equipping workshop.
  • Creating a rhythm and norm to our schedule.
  • And the biggest….SLEEP!!!

AND….I have no idea if and when I am going to be able to get back into a routine with blogging.  I loved being able to be consistent with Wednesday and Saturday.  It had a beautiful rhythm for me.  And I am sure it will once again but for now I need to write when I can!  Especially as I develop some amazing projects and programs for my coaching practice with the focus of Essential Oils.

So with that being said….I MUST share with you some AMAZING things going on this week with ESSENTIAL OILS!!!  doTERRA is having a BOGO week.  I absolutely LOVE BOGO weeks……they are crazy…..but exhilarating!


Because each day is different.  I have NO IDEA what the featured oil is going to be as well as the FREE oil.   It gives me the chance to read more about the two oils….and learn even more about these oils.  Especially how I may be able to use that oil in a different way.  ESPECIALLY since I have been learning how to use and share ways to use our oils in an even more profound way….through acupressure points and tapping points.  I love connecting these beautiful gifts of essential oils with my self-care/transformation/wellness coaching.

I promise I WILL BE writing more about that soon.

But til then you all have an amazing rest of your Sunday!  Don’t forget to check out my FACEBOOK PAGE and FACEBOOK GROUP.  I will be posting about these BOGO oils each day.  I look forward to connecting with you there…..AND HERE!!!

Tonight take a moment to reflect on WHAT are your SELF-CARE and WELLNESS goals?  Are you ready to take your SELF-LOVE to the next level!?

Sit with this…..pray about this….journal about this…..contact and connect with me!  I am ready to HEAR YOUR STORY…..to help you map out your self-care and wellness through the support of Essential Oils!

Many blessings my dear followers…family….friends…

~Kelly Frick 🙂



Serenity {Find Rest in the Lord}


That is what I’ve been trying to feel for about 2 to almost 3 months now since we decided we were moving to the Austin area.

Well we went to Georgetown last week and found a home!  Bought a home!  Going through all the closing process and now finishing up the packing in our Amarillo home.

It all feels like a whirlwind.  A very blessed whirlwind, with one hiccup:  our Amarillo home hasn’t sold!  It has been very frustrating for my hubby.  There has been homes in our area that have sold within weeks of being on the market.  He has had a hard time not letting go and trusting God’s hand in all of it.

But, yesterday as I was cleaning and getting ready for a showing that was cancelled I thought: what could be the root, the issue, what’s holding this house in limbo?  I have thought is was my hubby and all his type A personality and him having to work through trust issues and control issues with God.  Of course we all have these same issues just in varying ranges and degrees.

What I have realized through prayer and reflection is I could be the cause of our house having an energy or spirit of being held back.  Okay stay with me.  I know so many of us are able to rap our brains around the mind body soul spirit of a being.  But is there really a spirit or an energy of a thing?  I think it is the link to the being, us, that will create or attach energy thus good or bad spirit to an item or a thing or even a place.  So let me explain….

I have been and still am beyond excited about this move.  BUT being the introvert and highly sensitive person I am, this home has provided 10 plus years of security and SERENITY for me.  It has been where all my friends can come and gather and fellowship.  I am person who doesn’t like big crowds or gathers; but at my own home I LOVE IT!

Now my body and spirit are going to have to start over,  process new people and new places all at the same time.  Where as in my home I get to be me.  I will have that at my new home but it will take time just like making new friends will take time.  I also have to give up my security, my SERENITY, of people who know me and love me for all my amazing quirkiness.  I love being quirky, I love being me.  I need to remember that I can still be me even somewhere else.  Those in Georgetown will get to know me too and I will find my familiarity, my peace, my SERENITY there too!

So to my Amarillo home:  If I have held you back in anyway: I am so sorry.  If I have clung to you rather than God: I am sorry.  And if I have said or done anything to not allow good energy or spirit to flow from you when someone looks at you: I am sorry.  I’m going to miss you.  I will lean on my SERENITY OIL to support me in this process of saying goodbye and to thank you for holding so much love and laughter for over 10 years!

What do you need to find some calm, some SERENITY with?  Do you find yourself having emotional overload, agitation, restlessness, anxiety, or disconnected?   How can you find your peace, calm, tranquil and connected spirit in a situation?

Sit with this….pray about this…..journal about this….share and connect with me about it!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂


Change is in the Air!

Our life is about to become extremely interesting. Our family recently had some interesting events that occurred.  I was reflecting on my daughters curriculum and schooling options for next year.  We are part of a wonderful homeschooling program called Classical Conversations (CC).

Well our local campus wasn’t going to have the next level she would be in next year.  We started discussing all our options and prayed.

As my hubby and I were going for a walk he reminded me there was a CC community in Austin and there was a position for open for his work.  Now I have ALWAYS wanted to move to Austin, but he has always resisted it.

God started showing me the connection of why he was resisting it.  How there has been a disconnect with his mind and spirit about Austin.  Then to add to all of it our daughter really liked the idea of moving.

This amazing 13 year old expressed she felt like she wasn’t living up to her potential staying in Amarillo.

She asked if we could go to daily mass that week to pray more about it.  As we were going to Mass she asked if I had my Hope oil.  I always have this beautiful oil with me.

After Mass she said “Do you know why I wanted the Hope oil?…..Because I wanted to believe….to hope this really will happen!”

What changes are going on in your life that need HOPE!?

Sit with this…..pray about this….write about this….share below about this!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family….

~Kelly 🙂



Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who was trapped in a life of hurt, pain, abuse, a sex cult.  She was raped at the age of 4.  She endured pain: mental, physical, and sexual at such a tender age.  Oh how could she not have scars?

I know this woman.  She is a dear friend.  When I see her she brings such joy and peace to many individuals that most people would never guess the horrific life she was born into but was able to escape it as a budding teen.

Her life was most definitely not easy and I am sure she still has scars to heal from her childhood yet her love, faith, and trust in our amazing God the Father is humbling.

I’ve shared about my Splankna  session experience of how with my own trauma I had made an unholy vow that severed my TRUST in God.  I didn’t even know I had done this.  I was only 8!!!  I have been able to see how that 8 year old little girl cried out “my God…why have you forsaken me….”

And yet this beautiful amazing woman did not feel that.  She SAW God redeeming her rape as it took place!!  WOW…THAT’S FAITH….THAT’S HOPE!

What does this amazing warrior woman do today?  She is passionate about mission trips and finding solutions to rescue women and children from sex trafficking!  She brings HOPE to soooo many around her.

Her story drives home for me.  I find my heart ache for women and File Mar 19, 2 35 09 PMchildren in these situations…..this evil.  I look at my beautiful little girl and I shudder to think of her ever being defiled and touched by evil like I was…..like this friend was…like so many out there have been.

doTERRA has an Essential Oil blend:  HOPE

This oil is personal to me because it was created to provide HOPE to STOPPING child trafficking!  I will share more next week about the HOPE oil…..but today I want to dig deep and reflect on your faith.

Do you ever feel like you have cried out to God and He has abandoned you?!  How has that made you feel?  Sit with this…..pray about it…..write about it!   Connect with me below in the comments…..share your thoughts….your pain….your hope….your faith!

Many blessings and hugs and HOPE my dear followers…friends…family….

~Kelly 🙂


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