Saturday’s Sorrow & Self Care

Do you sleep in on Saturday or Sunday?

I don’t typically sleep in…..and technically I didn’t this morning! BUT….I did fall back asleep while I was doing my morning prayers….lol!

Buuut…..I needed to give myself grace… body was ready for some rest.  I had a full week with my daughters schooling.  She is finishing up her 10th grade work this month and we will start entering into her junior year of schooling in July…..whew…..the time flies by.

Talk about needing a lot of peace!

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And then I read in the paper (which let me tell you I don’t keep up on current news very good….cause it just hurts my heart too much!)……but I read on the front page this morning about the shooting in a Mosque that was actually posted on Facebook and I felt the need for peace even greater.

We as parents stand and get up each day doing what we think is best to prepare our kiddos for the adult world.  We have to try to not transfer our fears to them.  Fears that may have been from our own past.  Fears of: are they are going to make it?

Soooo many fears.

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And I have to tell you I DON’T WALK IN FEAR.  I really am quite relaxed and laid back….heck my sweet hubby probably thinks I don’t worry enough, or that I am too cheery or gentle about other things.

BUT…..when world events slap me in the face I have to pause…..and I can either choose to think: I can’t send my daughter off into that….

OR….I can choose to lean on God’s promise of “fear no evil”!



If I don’t I will box her up in bubble wrap and send her off to some remote island…..and then NO ONE would be able to experience all her amazing gifts and talents.

It would also mean I was giving into the fear the enemy wants us to have…..and with fear brings anger, hate, ugliness, and so much more.

So I KNOW that my rest this morning was a way that my body was saying take in some peace…..Lent has just begun and there is much healing to still take place…..not just for you but for the world!

I hope today you will join me in a moment of prayer for those whose lives were taken in New Zealand…and all the loved ones who have to heal from the devastation left behind….

But I also DARE to ask you humbly…..please pray for the soul of the shooter…..his is obviously so distraught….that he chose to cross a line to enter fully into an evil act……one he can’t take back.  He turned his back on God in such a way that it has to have us wonder…..WHAT is HIS pain…..WHY!?

As always please set aside each day to sit…pray….journal….tap….and oil up!

Many blessings and hugs always,


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Hello wonderful friends!

Oh my goodness gracious!!!!  My retreat this last weekend was beyond awesome.  I am working through a lot of stuff still…processing….etc……so I will be sharing a little bit about that soon…..BUT…this research has pressed on my heart to share with you all because it is research I ended up doing as I was preparing for this HEALING retreat last weekend.

As I was preparing for the retreat I had been reading this fabulous book:  THE HEALING OF FAMILIES by Father Yozefu-B. Ssemakula.

While reading this book I came across some stuff that had me wondering if I really should be participating in yoga…I did lots of research and did lots of praying…..and realized I really just can’t participate.

I wish I could be like so many Christians who feel it is a non-issue and think they can separate the spiritual practice from the physical practice….but I CAN’T!  I realized I was very naive to think I could.

I had set out to write all sorts of stuff to share here with all of you but after having shared much of my thoughts beforehand with close family and friends I decided I would share with you the quick bullet points that I took home from many of the resources I read, watched, and learned from and you my dear readers search out your own answers within.

So my notes I made to myself about yoga was:

  • ~There is no Hinduism without Yoga…therefore there is no Yoga without Hinduism.
  • ~YOGA…..actually means to be yoked with…So what are we being yoked to!?   ***We need to understand the bible says to ONLY be YOKED to Jesus/God…..
  • ~Kindulini form of Yoga means the serpent force….this force lies dormant in the base of the spine to be awakened.
  • ~Master Yoga Guru’s will teach that Kindulini is the plug point for the serpent force.
  • ~The creation of yoga was to work together as a system: body, breathing, movement, meditation
  • ~Techniques cannot be separated from its philosophy
  • ~It IS a practice of psychosomatic exercises.
  • ~Each movement has a purpose of awakening or calling on the serpent and/or other “spirits”…..
  • ~Doctrine of yoga is pantheism (meaning everything is God).
  • ~Yoga teaches to focus on self instead of God.

So if that is what YOGA is all about then I truly want nothing to do with a practice that could even possibly open the door to something evil.  I would much rather heed on the cautious side and realize I was wrong versus lean on the casual side and find out I WAS WRONG!!!

There is literally hundreds of great resources out there to learn both sides of the story….I encourage you all to read up to make a decision that is best for you!

These are the ones I really felt drawn to and that spoke to my heart:

Think you can be Christian and do Yoga?

Yoga Untold Spiritual Truths

Should Christians Do Yoga?

Testimony of Deliverance from a Demon of Yoga

I would love to hear from each of you what your thoughts are about the videos and articles I shared here about yoga…..and if you find yourself feeling convicted one way or another!

Today I challenge you to take a moment to read up more…….listen…..learn….pray about it…..journal about it…..and sit with your thoughts and prayers…..AND SEE WHERE GOD LEADS you in this journey!?

Many blessings and prayers my dear readers…family….friends….

~Kelly 😉



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