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I remember the first time I ever experienced an AromaTouch technique…I was becoming certified to do the work on others.

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It was an amazing feeling. And I realized I needed to experience this more often. It was a way I could easily incorporate self care and love of self.

So I’m excited that this May’s Wellness Workshop is all about this amazing detox system I provide!

I will be covering what it’s all about….the 8 oils that are used and why…..

The AromaTouch Technique is an amazing experience to connect with our health.

It allows us to address and strengthen our physical and emotional health.

During May’s workshop we are going to dive deep into it how we can nurture our self care, detox, and support our whole health with the AromaTouch technique.

With Mother’s Day in May let’s honor our femininity, our self care needs, and see how we can start incorporating things like an AromaTouch technique on a consistent basis.

This months class will also have some simple “sample” options to experience.

There will also be purchase options available to take home that day.

Have you ever thought about how self care can help you with detoxing this spring?!

Save your seat 👇👇👇….


Don’t forget to take a moment on this amazing Monday to sit, pray, reflect, Journal, tap…..and oil up!

Prayers and hugs always,

Kelly 💦💜

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Fighting Limiting Beliefs

Today I woke up feeling well…blah….yuck….and well not my usual sunny self!

I don’t believe in dwelling in the yuckiness and spreading yuckiness…..but I also don’t believe in not sharing real life with all of you.  Because after all, if you all thought I NEVER had a blah day….WELL THAT’S NOT FAIR TO YOU NOR is it REALISTIC!

So how do I overcome BLAH!?


I acknowledge:

I had a full week with traveling.

I had exposure to toxins.

I had exposure to foods even for how clean I tried to specify my needs at the restaurants.

My sleep wasn’t its best.

I remind myself MY PLATE IS FULL right now.

Further I realized I need to acknowledge what have I recently put on my plate that IS NOT ESSENTIAL!?  I have gone back over the tools and tips from ESSENTIALISM to remind myself what is and should be my priority during the next 2 months!?

Thus all the little things I sometimes WANT to do are distractions from the real work.  And I need to dig in and give the ESSENTIALS of my life my GRIT my BEST my ATTENTION!

How much time do I spend fine tuning my FB posts or checking in with my tribe/oils family that I really don’t need to be spending so much time there!?  I need to nurture yes…..but I also need to not obsess!

I need to stop to read for ME as well!

I need to remind myself it’s okay to just focus on stretching and walking right now instead of HIIT workouts.

I need to STOP and realize that some of the things I WANT to do….even with my blogging….ARE NOT NEEDS!!!

And this is why I am going to continue to use the Zendocrine (detoxification blend) to support my mind body soul spirit health during this transition!

File Apr 21, 1 16 08 PM

This oil of VITALITY AND TRANSITION was designed to cleanse the physical body…..our organs.   But it also can DETOX US DURING TRANSITION.….and LIMITING BELIEFS!!!

Sometimes we think we can’t do something during a transition….we start putting up walls.   But when we shed that apathy and see what IS POSSIBLE…we are able to embrace this amazing life!

What limiting belief do you have that has not created space in your life to detox from physical and emotional toxins?!  Sit with this….pray about it…..write about it….share below about it!  Let’s connect!

Many hugs and prayers always dear followers…family….friends….

~Kelly 🙂



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