Friday {Family}

Yesterday’s repost had me thinking…


  It’s the first Friday of the month.  My daughter and I join another family where we do service to connect with home bound people to bring them groceries as well as bringing them human contact….connection!

Who are you going to connect with today that isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any social media?!  But instead face to face.  

Let’s be each other’s accountability partners in this mission to start connecting more face to face  with others. 

So let’s oil up, pick up the phone, and go grab some tea in this Family First {face to face} Friday!

How are you going to spend your Friday? Family? Face to face? Or Facebook?

Sit with this….pray about this….write about this….share and connect with me below!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers…family….friends….

~Kelly 😘 

The Wood of the Cross…

Tonight I will be attending Good Friday service.  It’s always a struggle for me.  I am able to close my eyes and see the stations of the cross come alive in my mind….in my heart.  And it hurts.  I am able to see, hear, and feel everything Mel Gibson put into his famous film: The Passion.   As we process to the alter, I will take my turn to reflect upon the wood of the cross.

I have been reflecting even more on what was the wood of the cross?

I have read lots of great stories, theories, and historical reflections.  My favorite talks about whether it was a combination of three: pine, cedar, and cypress.

This had me thinking about what tree would have been the cross.  I knew I could look up Cedarwood and Cypress in my essential oils books because those two I have info on.  I especially was curious based on the emotional component of these two oils.

Cedarwood: The oil of community…..forming social roots….assists the heart in opening to receive love….

Cypress: the oil of motion and flow….allow life to flow freely… to have perfect trust….

I was in awe and unbelief in the phrases I picked out above.

Today….tonight….take a moment to reflect on the amazing LOVE Christ bestowed upon us through his sacrifice.  And the amazing TRUST he had in his Father!

Which oil/tree do you think bore the weight of Christ’s cross: Cypress or Cedarwood?!  or both?  Or do you another thought?!

Think about this….sit with this…pray about this…..write about this….share below about this!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂

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