Just Say NO!

Do you struggling with saying NO to others?

I want you to think about every time you say yes to everyone else you are saying NO to you!

You’re saying NO to your health, NO to your dreams, NO to your goals!

This is not selfish….this is true self care!

The more we say YES to us and our needs the more we are able to shine and be the best version of our self for others….therefore spreading amazing love and light!

Oils that help us with saying NO:

đź’śClove -helps us maintain boundaries

đź’śSpearmint- helps us speak up; use our voice.

đź’śBergamot- helps us have the confidence to believe in ourself and in our needs.

đź’śGrapefruit- helps us remember we are to love ourselves.

Which oil helps you say NO to others so you can say YES to you?

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