St. Hildegard’s Hope & Healing Circle of Health

St. Hildegard truly embodied what WHOLE health was WAAAY before her time.  She understood that all aspects of our health (mind, body, soul, spirit) were connected.  That you couldn’t attend to one without addressing the other.

Let’s first take a look at what each of these means:

  • Our mind has anything to do with our mental health…which our emotions do affect our mental health.  What we think grows. What we typically “feel” influences what we think.
  • Our body is our physical health….how we eat, sleep, exercise, toxins we are exposed to etc.
  • Our soul’s health is how our emotions help us relate to humanity.  
  • Our spirit is our connection to God.  Trusting God, loving God.

On this page, you will find each health category: mind, body, soul, and spirit.  Under each category, you will find my favorite resources that best fits that category of health….but it doesn’t mean that that resource wouldn’t be helpful in another category.  If it is obvious to me that that resource covers for example both physical and mental (emotional) I will put in brackets where else it can be supportive but have it listed only under one category so as to not create a bunch of duplication.

This list of resources will consist of resources that I have come to KNOW LIKE AND TRUST on my health journey.  They are also resources of people who I think embody health in a St. Hildegard way ;)!

May it be a blessing and support for you on your own health journey!


***If you want a one-stop-shop ;)….an entity that truly hits ALL 4, HANDS DOWN:

Reform Wellness – What I absolutely LOVE about this naturopaths practice is she has a team that includes a religious!  Talk about truly having faith in the center of addressing your nutritional needs, your imbalances, etc….but also addressing your spiritual health!

AND… for an online resource that ironically is TOTALLY dedicated to ST. HILDEGARD’S WAY OF HEALTHY LIVING…..this website HEALTHY HILDEGARD has become a true favorite of mine!

Now let’s take a look at the individual areas of health!

***Keep in mind….check back here often because this page will be always evolving and being added to….


  • CatholicPsych – I love how this doc totally approaches therapy from faith first and brings into his practice some very up-to-date methods of leading people into mental wellness.


  • Dr. Axe:  I started following Dr. Axe about 10 years ago.  He wrote an amazing book called “Eat Dirt”.  What I love about him is not only his holistic approach and his amazing knowledge on Essential Oils but also his faith. He is a man who walks with his faith and is not afraid to speak about it.  He doesn’t give homage to the creation but to the Creator.  And that in my opinion is super important in this day and age of holistic health.


  • Tapping Q&A – I have probably followed Gene Monterastelli the longest in this list.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has become another tool in my toolbox of health that helps me bring to the forefront my emotions and address how they are effecting my physical health.


  • JPII Institute:  When I went to the Healing the Whole Person retreat years ago….I had no idea I needed to repair my relationship with God.  Once I truly started that journey…other aspects of my health journey became so much more profound.  

Below are some of my FAVORITE BOOKS specific to ST. HILDEGARD’S HEALTH!  Some of them are actually hers and some of them are faithful writers/creators who truly embody what she was trying to teach and are sharing ST. Hildegard with others through their interpretations and impact.


***I will add more books soon ;)….but until then keep in mind not everyone who writes about St. Hildegard and interprets her work has the CREATOR in mind…..instead they distort it and focus on the creations (plants, animals, crystals, etc) she teaches about.  Only shop trusted Christian resources (authors and publishing houses).  I will not list the few I KNOW are NOT trusted sources…..but if you would like to know more reach out to me privately and I will gladly share that information with you!

I pray this always-growing list of Hildegard Resources will bless you and your family!

Blessings and prayers always,

Kelly 😉

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