March Specials

Are you open to start your HOPE, HEALING, HEALTH JOURNEY!?


It’s MARCH!!!


💧 The product of the month is LEMONGRASS (free with a 125pv order).


  • I use lemongrass in my thyroid blend!
  • It is great to add to my laundry…..dishes…..lots of cleaning!
  • It is an amazing alternative to NAIL POLISH REMOVER….toxin free!

This is how cleansing and stripping it is….I usually use a drop of lemon with my wipe board to make sure all markings are removed… day I grabbed my lemongrass instead….thinking…’ll do the trick….yep it did….more than I wanted it to :)……It stripped the shiny coat right off!!!  

🌺 10% off we have MITO2MAX!!!


This is one I usually add to my LLV bundling!  Why do I love it:

  • It encourages our cells to have a natural energy production without being stimulated by caffeine.
  • It ensures proper oxygen to our brain and body….hello super important!
  • It supports even mental energy.
  • It has Ashwagandha root and CoQ10…..I KNOW BRAIN health is super important and high on all of our lists of health care!

If you buy CoQ10 already…..then I challenge and encourage you to give Mito2Max a try for 3 months and see the difference not only in my your mental energy….physical energy….but your pocketbook energy ;)…..

The fun doesn’t stop though…..


DEEP BLUE RUB….FREE….(with a 200pv order)…



Oh my goodness….this is another mainstay in our house….we have one downstairs….in my bedroom and Jo’s bedroom!

This rub:

Has the deep blue oil in it….makes it super easy to rub on sore muscles and go!!

Already designed to be a carrier lotion!  Add other oils along with it to support extra stuff!

I use it for:

  • Head tension
  • Nausea
  • Targeted aches and pains
  • Over my heart for emotion soothing when feeling really angry.
  • Breast pain!
  • Tendon pain
  • Stress
  • Cramps (Jo uses it this way!)


✨To sweeten the deal any of our friends and family who starts this month with us with the Biggie Starter Kit (the one with the diffuser) will receive the DEEP BLUE RUB FOR FREE!

What a great way to expand our family!!!  

AND AS ALWAYS…..for all referrals…connections you send my way….I will gift my dear local oilers an AromaTouch Technique…..a way to set aside time for me to pour lots of self-care into you!  And those not local….a special goodie sent your way!

Lot’s of love and prayers always dear ones on this amazing first day of the month!

Kelly 🙂

PS….reach out to me if you want to visit more about referrals or want to learn how to turn those referrals into receiving your oils for free!


Let’s get started!

You can follow these steps:
1. Go to my website:
2. Click Join & Save
3. Choose wholesale customer
4. Fill in your information. Make sure to enter my ID as your enroller: 3345849
5. Choose the kit you like best.

**** The TWO MOST popular ways to start with me are the Home Essentials Kit (SKU: 41180001) & the Family Essentials Kit (SKU: 60200540).

6. Enter your payment info.

After you place your starter kit order, I will receive an email confirmation and send out a few bonus goodies as a thank you for getting started with me. I will also reach out to you via email to schedule our 30-min virtual zoom welcome call to empower you how to use your oils to support your health and wellness goals.

Got questions or need help placing your order?

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