September Special & FB Live

Do you like what you see in the mirror?

Do you have moments where you may not like what you see but you go about life?!

Or do you spend hours in the day talking bad about yourself in our head?!

Being critical? Comparing? Judging?

Wanting your body to change and even going through drastic measures to make it change?!

Dysmorphia can be mentally, physically, and specifically exhausting and overwhelming!

Friday I’m going to share my journey with this mind blowing disorder. And how I have found great ways to quiet and even be free from the mental chatter that can be paralyzing if we don’t address it and break free from what we think we should look like.

And instead see what God sees: beautifully and wonderfully made!

You are enough!

You are worth this!

Connect and join me on Friday!!!

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Are you open to start your HOPE, HEALING, HEALTH JOURNEY!?

✨September Specials✨

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Let’s get started!

You can follow these steps:
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6. Enter your payment info.

After you place your starter kit order, I will receive an email confirmation and send out a few bonus goodies as a thank you for getting started with me. I will also reach out to you via email to schedule our 30-min virtual zoom welcome call to empower you how to use your oils to support your health and wellness goals.

Got questions or need help placing your order?

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Let’s get connected!!!

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