Start Your Hope & Healing

Why Essential Oils?


Are you fed up with your healthcare options?

Are you interested in exploring plant-based medicine?

Or maybe you are looking for ways to care for yourself and family naturally?

Essential oils have been used for many years in herbal medicine and are safe and effective. They have many uses and are 50-70x more potent than their herbal counterparts.

One drop of essential oil can enter your bloodstream in just a few seconds and is able to help support your body with whatever your health goals may be.

Why I Love Essential Oils

When I started using essential oils years ago, I was looking for a way to support my daughter’s body with a skin condition then 5 years ago I discovered the amazing physical and emotional connection and how they supported me with my own healing journey that was a culmination of my body telling me to start processing the emotional traumas of my past.

When I went and talked to my healthcare provider about how I was feeling, I felt completely ignored and that I was wasting their time.

so I started to seek alternative medicine and modalities.

I needed to clean my system physically and mentally.

The year I became consistent and convicted to essential oils was the year I had switched over 100% to doTERRA…ironically it was also the year they came out with their HOPE oil.  That was confirmation to me that I was finally on my true healing path!

Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equal

The purer the essential oil, the more powerful the results. Many essential oils available to purchase are not pure. Often, they contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter the purity, thus diminishing the healthful qualities of the oil.

Global Sustainability

With over 100 essential oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils from over 40 countries. This provides quality essential oils that are carefully grown and harvested in their prime environment, giving customers the highest quality essential oils in the world.

Start Your Healing Adventure

There are several pathways to start your healing journey.  I will be your guide, your advocate, your coach, your cheerleader along the way.

What sets me apart from “every other advocate or oils provider”?  Here is a better question:  When you shop on Amazon, do you feel served, supported, loved?  Do you have a relationship with them?  The answer is NO.

What makes me different is I help you not only choose what’s going to be the right pathway for your WHOLE HEALTH journey but I continue to support you, serve you, coach you, love you…..through it all!

Which Best Fits Your Goals?

Healthy Start Kit:
Simple Solutions Kit:
  • This includes:

    • 2 free private coaching sessions – valued at $200 for FREE

    • private FB group with daily support &  weekly training video – valued at $150 per month for FREE

    • Virtual resources valued at $100 per month for FREE

    • Monthly itovi scans with overview valued at $25 for FREE

    • Any workshop provided by Kelly Frick value ranges but as a client FREE

    • Close to $1000 of savings all for $160 plus t/s/h

I want to share a few other options that would include all the services from above as well!
The Athletes Kit is very similar to the Simple Solutions Kit but you receive the cream with 5 oils….check it out here:
And the Spa Kit has 4 oils that would be super easy to support your needs and keep the cost under $100…..check it out here:
I would love to help you start your wellness journey!

Now What?

Once I receive a notification you have completed the processes of your selection from above I will contact you to set up your first of many wellness coaching sessions.  We will map out your wellness plan and get you started on education and support.







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