Mission within a Mission

When I started my journey with doTERRA it was very intentional.
I was already very involved with ministry, TOB, empowering women/girls, health-wellness, essential oils…..and so much more!  I constantly weaved them all together when appropriate.
When I dreamed of serving and supporting women with their health, I dreamed of coaching on our WHOLE HEALTH…..understanding that it included our mind, body, soul, spirit….our entire being.   I didn’t want to be boxed in with a label of a health coach or life coach or fitness coach.
I had always had a dream that I could have a business that wasn’t just about financial flexibility…..but a business that had a mission of giving back!  Of doing something bigger than myself.
THEN….I REALIZED DOTERRA was all about that too!
And probably the nearest and dearest to me…
Support your health with products that make an impact on others’ lives as well as your own…..start your wellness journey with me…..and watch the ripple effect of connecting your health to the health of so many others!!

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