Transform your Health

Would you like to TRANSFORM your HEALTH?
Do you desire to THRIVE in your entire being?
What does a free first coaching appointment look like:
You do the talking!!!  I listen to your wellness goals.  I then share with you what YOU can do to support your wellness goals through: practices, essential oils, and transformation plans.
My part of the appointment is about 30 minutes.  There is never a pressure to buy anything.
My desire is to empower women, young girls, everyone….to love themselves enough to care for themselves: mind body and soul!
***This can also be done in a group gathering/presentation if a person would like to share and learn more about Essential Oils with friends and family!
  • self-care practice
  • emotional support
  • spiritual development
  • mind body soul daily practices
  • AromaTouch Technique
  • Hand Technique
  • Tapping (EFT) with/without Essential oils
Let’s start nurturing your body-spirit connections through self-care, healing, and ESSENTIAL OILS.  
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