This podcast came about when 3 friends were tired of all the chaos and fear being put out in the world during 2020!

Here is the back story :)…..

Last spring when FEAR started to become the steady diet in the world, me and 2 other lovely ladies, felt the impact of what was going on all around us. You see the 3 of us DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR! But we understood that because most of the population were feasting on mainstream media they didn’t know what to believe.

Our first plan of action was we started a prayer hour on Wednesdays where we met at a 4:30 in the Marion Garden at our church. We prayed the rosary and specific prayers for our country and more! We shared each week our own struggles with helping others overcome fear!

Then we met that fall for our first Saturday retreat that would turn into a quarterly thing for us. A way for us to put aside 4-5 hours to retreat, reflect, and pray on where the HOLY SPIRIT is lead us each individually as well as together. This first retreat would be the birthing point of this PODCAST & BLOG of RISE ABOVE THE NOISE!

I am so honored to be on this journey with these lovely ladies!

And actually we do have a 4th participant in this journey – she is a silent partner in all of this but let me tell you what a very powerful warrior – more powerful than she realizes it – my darling daughter!

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