Passions with Purpose

I am passionate about connecting others with entities, organizations, and businesses that in my opinion are directly supporting the culture of life or indirectly.

For example, THEOLOGY OF THE BODY is truly about life! It is about respecting our sexuality. Understanding how beautifully wonderfully made we are… therefore supporting life. It is about knowing GOD has a plan and a purpose for each and every one of us.

The more we fall in love with life and theology of the body the more we are able to love the skin we are in. And the reverse is true as well. The more we honor and love the skin we are in and truly live out the 2 great commandments then the more we are able to love and respect life and live out the theology of the body!

With all that being said……I want to share with you some of my favorites. I encourage you to check them out. See if God is calling you to support their mission/passion through a purchase or donation.

***Check back here often because the list will continue to grow***

EMBODIED: A new Theology of the Body magazine launching soon. In need of funds to support the cause! Click here to learn more!

COL1972: These lovely ladies found a passion for fashion and combined it with spreading LIFE. I absolutely LOVE their story.

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