Fertile Friday

At the age of 15 I started to experience severe pains in my lower abdomen for 1 -2 days about every 40-50 days. By the time I was 20 my cycles never were consistent.  They could be 20 days but usually 38-45 days.  There were many times that they were 60-70 days. I had/have PCOS… Continue Reading →

October: It takes guts!

I feel like I’ve been so remiss with coming here and sharing….but I realize I have to give myself grace because when we don’t give ourselves grace well it can mess with our physical health: especially our GUT! But more on that at the bottom of this post…spoiler alert…it has to do with some great… Continue Reading →

Amazing Aha’s…

I was up late last night because my mind was whirling with all the amazing beauty I’m surrounded by. It was also whirling in the amazing freedom I feel in my health journey. Last week was full of women empowerment: a workshop for women who were once trapped in sex trafficking and a Facebook live… Continue Reading →

Self Care = Strength

What am I doing this month on Facebook?! Today’s video….you can watch by clicking on the link above! I’m going to get raw and super real and vulnerable this month on Facebook! So if you don’t already follow me….please click this link: Facebook: Kelly Frick: Connect to follow me! This will ensure you don’t miss… Continue Reading →

Sexual Abuse: Evil Within

This morning I boldly went on my personal Facebook page to speak out and up about how we need to UNITE in prayer for the victims of the sexual abuses and rapes that have taken place in the Church….specifically the Catholic Church…. I say boldly because….I think many of us sometimes don’t want to talk… Continue Reading →

Essentially Empowered!

I pray your weekend is proving to be awesome….relaxing….not too much crazy back to school hustle! As I have been writing this book…..it has been reminding me just how super important to continually fill myself up with goodness….prayer….EFT….using my oils…..empowering food choices…and intentional mindset. But it also excites me because I have been able to… Continue Reading →

Back to School: Power

I’ve been having so much fun on Facebook with a Back to School series….empowering and equipping our kiddos to love themselves and be the best version of themselves. In this video I share all about how this months amazing gifts from dōTERRA supports our kiddos so beautifully. Our kiddos have so much on their minds… Continue Reading →


I was pondering the whole onion analogy from the last chapter I shared with you all and was thinking about how even as I write this book layers are continually being peeled away. There have been several situations that I truly had forgotten about….they had been buried deep away in my psyche.  Yet as I… Continue Reading →

Back on Track…

I’ve been so very aware of how beautiful and grown up my daughter is and looks recently.  I think it is because she is the age I was when I started dating and when I started to really make choices that mucky-ed the water between the moments that were true abuse and the moments that… Continue Reading →

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