Family on Friday: The Gift of True Love!

As I sat this morning reflecting on my week…reflecting on my day…reflecting on the weekend…. I pondered…WHERE…WHEN…HOW ARE WE GOING TO HAVE FAMILY TIME? Then I remembered…The week was fuller…YES…so many activities started back up for us this week!  And this Sunday looks more like Monday Madness, rather than a Sunday Siesta! BUT… Today we… Continue Reading →


Today is about simplicity!Look out your window, all around you.What do you see? I see a sandbox that provides hours or creativity for my daughter. I see my punching bag…that I really need to incorporate into some of my workouts! I see a bench I love to sit on, read a book, sit my tea… Continue Reading →

Family Forever on Friday

Many of us take family for granted.  But when we have to be separated or when life throws interesting curve balls it gives a person an opportunity to reflect.   Life is amazing for us.  No curve balls just life.  🙂 Which had me thinking tonight… I attended a beautiful wedding tonight.  It had me… Continue Reading →

Disordered: Mind, Body, Spirit

This was probably the hardest chapter to write so far!  Mostly because it is the area in my life that needs the most amount of healing still.  This is because it’s not just about me healing emotionally but because this involves a mental imbalance and it involves generational DNA. I find it fitting and interesting… Continue Reading →

Just say NO!

Do you have a hard time saying no to others? I know I do! I won’t even get into the psychology of it today! But today’s BOGO is truly the papa of all the BOGOs this week! You might be thinking, “How Kelly?!” How could dōTERRA possibly top yesterday’s BOGO of Frank and Jasmine?! Well… Continue Reading →

Shoo Fly! (Today’s BOGO!)

I remember when I had my thyroid storm several years back I had A LOT of family and friends not happy with me! Why? Because…. I was saying NO to travel! I was saying No to late nights! I was saying no to commitments! Because…. I was saying yes to healing! I was saying yes… Continue Reading →


Isn’t it interesting how when you are working on things…either you have greater revelations or the enemy tries to come down on you!  Anymore when I find myself procrastinating about something I know it’s the enemy not wanting truth out there.  And when I am wrestling with something it is because I feel God’s prompting… Continue Reading →

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