Family on Friday: The Gift of True Love!

As I sat this morning reflecting on my week…reflecting on my day…reflecting on the weekend…. I pondered…WHERE…WHEN…HOW ARE WE GOING TO HAVE FAMILY TIME? Then I remembered…The week was fuller…YES…so many activities started back up for us this week!  And this Sunday looks more like Monday Madness, rather than a Sunday Siesta! BUT… Today we… Continue Reading →


Today is about simplicity!Look out your window, all around you.What do you see? I see a sandbox that provides hours or creativity for my daughter. I see my punching bag…that I really need to incorporate into some of my workouts! I see a bench I love to sit on, read a book, sit my tea… Continue Reading →

Family Forever on Friday

Many of us take family for granted.  But when we have to be separated or when life throws interesting curve balls it gives a person an opportunity to reflect.   Life is amazing for us.  No curve balls just life.  🙂 Which had me thinking tonight… I attended a beautiful wedding tonight.  It had me… Continue Reading →


I look around and see family….experience warmth….feel loved….and KNOW I am so blessed! Today’s Video truly says it all! I can’t possibly say more….and honestly I don’t want to… I want us all to just be present with our families! More about these two oils: Have an amazingly blessed day with family today….and… Continue Reading →

Surprises on Saturday!

I absolutely love it when I am getting ready to plan out my Christmas shopping list and I receive amazing emails with great deals!! Some years I am in a shop shop shop sort of mood….other years I am in a DIY mood….and there are some years I am just about gift cards!!!  LOL…. This… Continue Reading →

Fertile Friday

At the age of 15 I started to experience severe pains in my lower abdomen for 1 -2 days about every 40-50 days. By the time I was 20 my cycles never were consistent.  They could be 20 days but usually 38-45 days.  There were many times that they were 60-70 days. I had/have PCOS… Continue Reading →

Victorious Veteran’s

Every year our church celebrates Veteran’s day by asking those who have served to stand and be recognized and prayed over. August 1992 I stepped on to a plane to enter a season of life that I had no idea would bring me to my hubby. For 2 months I completed more push-ups, sit ups,… Continue Reading →

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