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Oily blessings…
Kelly Frick

Job 19:26

“In my flesh I SHALL SEE GOD!”

Oh yeah I gave emphasis in that verse!

I KNOW I am being stretched in such a way with this journey that being re-created to truly CONNECT and stay CONNECTED TO MY JOURNEY!

I can’t believe I have been practicing the amazing gift of tapping (EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique) for over 2 years now….BUT REALLY experiencing it in my body-spirit connection this last 6 months….especially when using essential oils.   So much so that I have started incorporating it with my coaching practice.  I love teaching and sharing about this amazing gift.  So what does it have to do with Job 19:26?

EFT, tapping for short, utilizes our body’s energy meridian points!  When I tap I FEEL GOD working in my FLESH!  And therefore…”in my flesh I see God.!”

Here is a little bit to understand more about tapping….

Our body is composed of energy.  Tapping restores the energy that needs to be mended due to negative emotions that have created a physical symptom.

When we are tapping we are focusing on the negative emotion at hand while maintaining a mental focus on the issue.  Tapping is similar to acupuncture.  The science behind it is amazing.  Studies done at Harvard medical found that the brains stress/fear response from the amygdala can be lessened by stimulating the meridian points.

The argument has been said that by focusing on the negative emotion it doesn’t allow us to move out of it……but the contrary when we ignore it… digs deep into our cellular structure thus our mind…our spirit…it does effect our body because the spirit is not being tended to.

So how tapping works is we identify the problem we are wrestling with, and then compose our set up statement.  Then we tap a sequence about 5-7 times through 8 different meridian points.  Thus releasing the negative energy….the negative emotion….reconnecting our spirit to our body!

After completing a sequence…focus on the problem again and see if the emotion is gone.  NOW is where we can install positive emotions.

Have you ventured into tapping to strengthen your relationship with God? With yourself? With the support of Essential Oils?

Sit with this….pray about it….write about it….and consider tapping with your oils about it…

Many hugs and blessings dear beloved ones….

~Kelly 😉

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Sabotaging Self-Love

When was a time in my past I truly felt comfortable in my own skin? Didn’t feel shame from traumas and choices?

Have I ever NOT compared myself?

What are the causes/roots?

These are all questions I really dug into about a year ago on my healing journey.  As I was connecting the pieces to the beautiful puzzle of me, I have had to realize…..this journey is ALWAYS….it will ALWAYS BE WORK…..and that’s ok!

Because I am willing to work on connecting my body-spirit health I am able to recognize all the times in the past when I was sabotaging my healing.  When I was sabotaging self-love.  When I was believing the lies of shame and ugliness.

So here is something to reflect on when you have said you were going to do something…make a change (lose weight, stop drinking, spend less, avoid sugar, be patient….the list goes on)…..and you find yourself “failing”….I want you to think about who doesn’t want you to succeed?

Who wants you to continue to sabotage your healing…..your connected health?

Then take it to God….tap with HIM about it!  Renounce the lies of the enemy and find GODS AMAZING HEALING LOVE!

Sit…pray….write…oil up…tap….share….

Hugs and blessings dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 😉

Perfect {Parenting}


Let’s just get that out of the way…..there is not one of us that is perfect at parenting…at anything!

I soooo struggle with being a parent sometimes.  Add to it that I homeschool….I doubt myself ALL the time…..what get’s me through it?

I know it is all LIES!  When I am connecting to God each and every day……throughout my day always…..I KNOW AND SEE the lies the enemy is trying to feed me!

I recently had a battle with once again doubting I was enough for my daughter when it came to her education.  Some suggestions were made and I found myself getting defensive.  But since I have been doing so much inner healing work I was able to recognize the two fold prong the enemy was trying to get to me with.

He was using a person I struggle with.  A beautiful amazing person who never ever says words of praise to me.  Now since my primary love language is WORDS I have to remind myself all the time that not everyone realizes and knows how to use words constructively.  Add to it this amazing person and I haven’t always had the greatest of a relationship.  It has been rocky but I know because of God we are at a much better place than ever before.

So the 2nd prong was the topic of homeschooling.   I hope you are seeing the same thing I was able to recognize.  The storm of hurt and doubt the enemy was trying to brew.  And it almost worked.  After the conversation I wanted to think: why am I not enough for this person, why can’t I EVER receive a compliment of what I have done with my daughter and her education.  Why….why….why….

But I stopped……I saw what he was doing.  He wanted me to create a spiritual disconnect with this person.  To undo all the work we have done.  I was able to see that I still had my own work to do within me… KNOWING I AM ENOUGH!  God commissioned me to be my daughter’s mom…..and HE KNOWS I AM ENOUGH!!

Today unfold the lies the enemy has been feeding you about your abilities, your relationships….and sweep him out…..take it to God……let HIM redeem the wounds.  Don’t allow the lies to wound you anymore and don’t let the lies wound your connection to others!

This is definitely something to sit with….pray about….journal about…go to the oils to help you connect to your emotions you are feeling and tap about it to release the negative energy….finally share about it…..whether here or with someone you trust.  Darkness can not live in the light!

Many blessings and hugs dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 🙂

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Yoga {yoked}

What if God was trying to speak to other cultures to be YOKED to HIM!?

What If HE was trying to show them movement…breathing to be fully connected to HIM.

What if it got hijacked?

God creates only good.

We know through scientific proof that yoga movements and breathing are very good.   There are other practices that are similar though that can be just as beneficial.  Without creating a confusion.

I know I have shared about this topic before….but after having watched the Bible Health series it had me pondering again about this topic.  I watched/listened to a great webinar awhile back from Dr. Eric Z in whether or not Christians should practice Yoga.  It was very compelling.

And through some of my own continued research God has been so gracious with guiding me to understand that when we talk about yoga that there is a difference in Yoga vs. yoga (notice capitalized vs. lowercase).   I think where the problem gets in the way is when we go to a class do we know the foundation the roots of the instructor….what is their intent in teaching us?

Since we are all connected spiritually then how can another’s beliefs and spirit NOT effect us if we don’t armor ourselves.

So this is the conclusion and insight I have come to this subject.  I personally can’t practice yoga.  I know how to do meditative moves and pilates that provide the same calm within.  One of the things that really resonated with me that Dr. Eric Z had shared was would I want to be the one to lead someone away from Christ.  I hold firmly to this truth.  Everything I do, I adhere to this thought, not out of fear but out of great love.  So even if I KNEW within my very being that my yoga practice was me giving God glory and honor…..would a struggling Christian know this and be led toward Yoga vs. yoga.

The funny thing is “yoga” has become so vogue and popular that many of us forget that some of these moves are good old fashioned stretch moves we have done since we were little.  But the term “yoga” is more trendy.  And there in lies the concern.  There have been many great saints, popes, theologians who have pressed upon us to heed caution about somethings.

It’s all so very interesting because it can all be so confusing.

What I do know is that each of us have a different journey with God.  And I firmly believe that when we stay CONNECTED to His guiding, leading, and whispers…..then we know…WE KNOW…when something is going to bring us closer to HIM or possibly lead others away from HIM.

So today CONNECT with HIM on a topic you have wrestled with…..and sit with HIM….HEAR WHAT HE HAS TO SAY….not what the world has to say.  And remember to utilize the tools He gives us from the earth through the essential oils.  Find which one is going to open your mind and create space for you to hear HIS voice in the area you wrestle with.

Sit with this…pray about it…write about it…oil up…tap away…

Many hugs and blessings dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 😉

Pain {Beauty}

There are days I struggle greatly with knowing I CANNOT push myself physically like I once did.  I CANNOT go out for a 7 mile run and feel alive….heck even a block of a run sometimes is more than I can imagine.   When I watch battle scenes in movies like Wonder Woman I feel fired up to go out and move boulders.  I have to remember my boulders are metaphorical.

When I forget to connect my body and spirit to where my body is RIGHT NOW I am forgetting that I AM BEAUTIFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE RIGHT NOW.

Who really cares that I can’t bench press my own weight anymore….heck I am proud of my pushups I do accomplish.  My movement that I engage in during this season of my life is nurturing and loving.  It’s about me truly paying attention to my mind, body, soul, spirit needs….not about me running from pain, beating myself up about imperfections.

There is an amazing quote (and I so wish I could remember who said it)….”Where the pain passes, the beauty remains.”

We need to dig deep to find the strength in our struggles rather than the bitter.

No I don’t like that there truly are days it really really hurts to climb up my stairs because of the newest developments with my health.  But I KNOW God will help me figure out the root cause of this current physical pain.  Because through this physical pain I can find my passion.  I can and will be resurrected from the struggle.

Through our pains and struggles and with grace we are are able to see life fuller, better, blessed.

But we can’t do this by ourself.  WE are not alone.  God is with us…ALWAYS!

So the next time you are struggling with your pain or circumstances consider this:  Are you going to allow it to transform you or imbitter you?

Can you embrace your suffering, your strife, your struggle?  HE DID!  Ensure your own Ressurection into BEAUTY!!

Sit with this….pray about this….journal about it….oil up…..tap into freedom and peace!

Many blessings my dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 🙂

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Front Stage or Hide…

I sat in a church sanctuary for 5 hours while my darling daughter was hanging out to sing or do a line…..or whatever a person does with a CALLBACK!

File Sep 02, 5 17 36 PM

This world of theater that we are entering into as a family is fascinating.  It’s bringing back memories of my years of being in drama at her age.

I am so proud of my darling daughter for realizing that she has these amazing gifts and talents that need to be fine tuned.  Gifts that need to be nurtured and developed.  Talents that have so much potential that I am beaming with amazing pride.

Here is a young girl who knows that even though she is an introvert who truly doesn’t care to be around people….lol: she is beyond content with reading a book, drawing, and hanging out at home with NO ONE around.   She is very capable to engage with others.  She is amazingly charming and spunky.  But she understands in her core that GOD gives us gifts and talents to be used in community to not be squandered or hidden or ignored.

She knows and understands that connecting with the essential oils supports her in ways to reach deep and be ALL SHE WAS CREATED TO BE!  It doesn’t matter if it is one oil or many many oils!

As you can see in the picture my darling daughters special blend is MANY MANY OILS.  They are all her favorite oils and they empower her to be all she can be.  Plus she taps with me every morning in thanksgiving to God for being wonderfully made.  These are tools she uses to dig deep to not allow her Melancholic, highly sensitive, intense nature prevent her from hiding under a bushel!

Have you connected to your gifts and talents recently?  Are you hiding them?  Take a moment today to reflect on everything about yourself?  Are you allowing your personality, your temperament, your nature to get in the way of being all you were created to be?

Sit with this…..pray about it…..journal….oil up…..and tap about it!  Allow your energy to flow….to connect to all God has for you!

Many blessings and hugs dear beloved ones….

~Kelly 🙂

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Funky Freedom

I was in a funk the week before last and I wasn’t sure why….

Then it dawned on me….it was coming up on the anniversary of my grandmothers death.

This is what I remember about that day….

I remember my hubby leaving out of town for the week due to work.  I remember my daughter and I having a latte date at Barnes and Nobles when I saw I had missed a call from my dad.  And I remember giving him a call back when I got home……and starting a load of laundry while I packed up knowing I was going to travel 4-5 hours that day to be with my dad and help him with all he needed to do.

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My grandmother died on my military service anniversary date.  Why is this important: she was Navy as well…..she and I were kindred spirits in sooo many ways.

Over the last few years I often find myself laughing when I do something because I realize how much like her I am!

I didn’t grow up spending hours and hours talking and baking with her but I always felt amazing love and acceptance from her.  I was able to be me.  I never felt like I had to prove anything to her.  I never got a lecture or a disappointed look about anything.  And if I entered her kitchen when she was cooking (which everyone else was always promptly kicked out) I never was chastised for being in the kitchen.

Now if you understand the prongs and complexity of Hashimotos, there is amazing studies, research, and evidence about how complicated Hashimotos is in how it is linked to our emotions and traumatic events.

My grandmothers death was the 3rd traumatic event my body endured in a 16-18 month period.  And I am able to understand it better today why her death was the tipping point of my thyroid storm.

My grandmother was my ONE SAFE person.


I was always safe with her.  I never had to worry about harsh words form her or teasing or anything negative.  I truly don’t have a single negative memory with her.

I believe the little girl inside of me that was still needing to figure out how to heal from other traumas that were not revealing themselves yet…..well that little girl within felt panic…felt lost…..felt the rug pulled out from under her.

That little girl’s security blanket was gone… her body didn’t feel safe and went into disarray!

Even as I sit here writing this I feel amazing warmth thinking of her and profound loss because I realized everything I  am writing is so true.  This amazing light-bulb of realization and connecting the dots is profound, illuminating, and freeing!

Have you had an enlightened moment about a trauma in your life?  Have you had a moment to add just one more piece to the puzzle of your health?!  And have you found freedom in these realizations….revelations!?

Sit with this….pray about this…journal about it…..oil up and tap about it!

Today I’m oiling up with Console, Peace, and Cheer as I tap my thanks for having had a safe person in my life and still loving myself through others ways they can be hurtful through their words!

What are you going to oil up with and tap about!?

Many blessings, hugs, and prayers dear beloved ones!

~Kelly 🙂

{Weight} Stop

I don’t weigh myself!  I shared this fact last week.  So why do I not weigh myself (anymore)!?

The last time I did was in February; and it had been about 6 months before that.  It was the most unloving thing I had done in a long time.  I had felt “bullied” into doing it.  My darling husband didn’t realize his suggestion of me weighing myself for my health journey to track my thyroid health was actually a terrible idea.  He thought it would be helpful if I knew a reference point.  But he didn’t realize how much of a trigger weighing myself is for the dysmorphia.

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I have found freedom and a sort of kinship to two other amazing women who have created a voice to empower other women.  BeautyBeyondBone (blogger) and Maddy Moon (blogger, podcast-er, personal development coach).  They both provide amazing inspiration and hope to women all over within their given gifts and talents.

They have each shared in the past how they know they don’t want to weigh themselves.  They realize how destructive it is for them in their self-love.  I am there.  I have not seen a conventional/traditional doc in so long that I haven’t had to be weighed.   Now I feel empowered and strong enough to know how I would handle the institution if a doc asks me to get on a scale.

I will first ask if it is necessary.  I will be upfront about the dysmorphia and would rather not be weighed.  If they feel it is necessary I will let them know I will only be weighed if I step on it backwards and I don’t want to see the number nor be told the number.


Some may say well then you haven’t overcome!?  Are you really free!?  But this is the thing…..when we KNOW ourselves and we continue to journey on our living in God’s will we learn even more about ourselves.  Because of the fall we all have an area (or two or more) in our life where we struggle, where  we need to be vigilant.  I am free from the pain and burden of dysmorphia because I DO AVOID TRIGGERS.  I am aware of what could be potential triggers and I don’t tempt the line.

Do you struggle with the number you see on the scale?

Stop weighing your value or worth based on the number you see on the scale.  God doesn’t care about that number and neither should you.

Sit with this…..pray about it….journal about it….

Let’s oil up and tap about this!

Using grapefruit essential oil:  diffuse or put on your pressure points or even on your tapping fingers…..however you feel grapefruit is going to be most supportive. This is the oil of honoring your body.

Now start your set up:

Karate chop spot: Even though I feel anxious about my weight (or fill in what it is about the scale or your weight that you feel most emotional about, be as specific as possible), I completely and totally love and accept myself. (3 times)

Let your heart guide you through the sequence tapping words of bringing to surface the emotions of it.

When I have checked in after 5 rounds, whenever I tap, I like to do a round of tapping thanking God.  So I may end with something like, “Thank you Lord for how beautifully wonderfully made I am!”

Many blessings, prayers, and hugs dear beloved ones!

~Kelly 🙂

PS…..if you would like to gain in confidence about tapping, learning about oils, and creating an amazing self-love wellness plan I would love to provide a free 30 minute consult with you!  Call, text, email, message me!  CONNECT WITH ME! 🙂



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