Shifting Food Fears

I’m at a place with my health where my practitioner is needing me to be willing to up my carbs. I’ve had to do this for about 2 months now!

I’ll be honest it wasn’t easy at first….it was super scary….but the alternative was scarier…..

My blood sugar levels are so low it is affecting my brain health, my sleep and putting serious stress on my adrenals.

My body is in serious fight or flight!

But it’s amazing how willing to add even an apple in the morning with my protein choice, some denser root veggies at lunch and oats or potatoes at dinner have improved my sleep already.

It’s a balancing act….and it’s not going to fix overnight but with consistent and willingness to be comfortable with the uncomfortable I will see amazing improvements. But it also means I have to be patient through the process!

I have to be willing to see my body go through changes that I may not like to see visually but to know that my worth is NOT wrapped up in the size of my pants!

Ladies…..listen to your body and when you find a particular “diet” isn’t serving you any more be willing to shift gears and open your mind to a choice that is going to serve you better in this stage of your life!

Do you have a food mind shift you need to make?

Sit with this…..pray…..journal….tap….and oil up!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 🦋

What’s your vibe?

Let’s talk a moment about our bodies vibration!

Our body puts off a particular frequency at all times.

When we are functioning at optimal levels our vibration is higher thus helping us ward off viruses and bacteria…..but when we are at a lower frequency or vibration…..well we are more susceptible to illness…..

Our OILS each have a unique vibration or frequency…..that’s why the ITOVi scans are helpful because it matches the oils to our frequency….

But here is a hack….even if you can’t receive or have access to an ITOVi scan you can “bio-Hack” your frequency!

💜Feeling anxious or even excited? You’re needing a more grounding oil like Frank or Balance….

💜Feeling gloomy or down? You’re needing a citrus…..pick the one that you feel drawn to.

💜Feeling intense emotions like anger or frustration? Go to Rose or any of the blends that have Rose…..

Finally another tool to add to your frequency repair is using binaural beats!

Have a healing day!

Hugs and prayers always!

Kelly 😇

Just Say NO!

Do you struggling with saying NO to others?

I want you to think about every time you say yes to everyone else you are saying NO to you!

You’re saying NO to your health, NO to your dreams, NO to your goals!

This is not selfish….this is true self care!

The more we say YES to us and our needs the more we are able to shine and be the best version of our self for others….therefore spreading amazing love and light!

Oils that help us with saying NO:

💜Clove -helps us maintain boundaries

💜Spearmint- helps us speak up; use our voice.

💜Bergamot- helps us have the confidence to believe in ourself and in our needs.

💜Grapefruit- helps us remember we are to love ourselves.

Which oil helps you say NO to others so you can say YES to you?

2020 Motivation: internal or external?

What is your 2020 Vision?

My family has been laughing at me as I have lots of fun with this new year’s number.  It has so much potential of puns, play on words, and just flat out inspiration!

I know I haven’t been here blogging as much….meaning I have been here and there….sharing a little bit here and there…..but nothing really DEEP!

I haven’t shared any LONG reflections in awhile.  Part of it is me really taking time during the holidays to be PRESENT with my family.  The other part was me reflecting on HOW I want to best show up and serve and share this year with everyone here as well as in other spaces.

After all, we know we CANNOT TRY TO DO EVERYTHING….because we end up doing NOTHING!!

One of the biggies for me has been getting real with where my health was headed.  I realized last year I was started to present symptoms again of my body saying, “Hey listen to me!”

But I didn’t want to reach out for help!  Why? Because of the negative junk my emotions and mind were telling me!  My mind would whisper things like, “Well you’re a Wellness Coach you should already have this figured out.”  Or the biggie, “What will other’s think if you don’t have it figured out, they aren’t going to go see you for coaching and support!”

And that’s just JUNK THINKING!  Because this is the thing…..doctors need doctors…..teachers need teachers…..and coaches need coaches!  That allows us to receive objective input!

I was able to also realize some of the people who I go to for many different services, coaching, health, etc….that I value the most…..are ALL going to someone else too…..THEY ARE DOING THE WORK!

So here I am for 2020  even rawer and more vulnerable….showing up and DOING THE WORK!

It’s going to be a heck of a ride!

And I am super excited to peel away the next layer of this amazing onion of my life!


What are your 2020 goals?  What fears do you need to let go of so you can shine in being YOU!?

Sit with this….pray about…..journal….tap….and oil up!!!

Many hugs and blessings always,

Kelly 😉


Check out and join this amazing support group on Facebook:  Kelly Frick: Connect the Drops…..this is a space where you will receive support, education, and connection to your own health happiness of finding and knowing the beauty of YOU!!!

Sundays are for Serenity and Balance!

Today is the perfect day to put aside any of your worries and REST….restore…

Restore your mind…

Restore your heart….

Restore your body….

Restore your soul….

Grab your Balance and Serenity….palm diffuser with them and massage into your hands place over your heart…close your eyes and rest!!! 😘

Have a Balanced and Serene(ity) Sunday!

Hugs and prayers always,


Stillness on Sunday!

I love Sundays because it is a day of rest and reflection!


That sometimes means really staying still to evaluate what in my life is truly serving me and my purpose and what is holding me back?!


That can be tough…..for any of us….because really becoming present in the moment of our thoughts and doing the work can be….




But I’m learning to be REALLY comfortable with the uncomfortable!


It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been using the heck out of Bergamot 😂💦!


What do you need to let go of so you can truly shine in your authentic self?!


Sit with this….pray about it….tap and oil up!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😘

Merry Christmas to me!

I gave myself an early Christmas gift 🎁….I added another practitioner to my health team to work on some specific, targeted health goals…..

I’ve been noticing some symptoms the last couple months that were very familiar….and realized I needed to add an autoimmune specialist to my team so I can continue to thrive in health and not be a victim of health….

So many times we think we can coach ourselves….we all know the saying a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client….well I think it can be the same in any profession….we are too close to the subject and we can over look things….

Having a fresh pair of eyes….an added pair of eyes, never hurts!

There were many discoveries with this new set of eyes that has been helpful already in what needs to take place as I enter into 2020…

More to come for sure 🙌😘….

Until then…..what do you think you should give yourself for Christmas?

Think…pray…..write….tap and oil up on it!

As always….many blessings and hugs,

Kelly 🥰

Holiday Emotional Freedom


I fell in love with EFT years ago!

It was something that truly opened my eyes and my mind to full body healing and health….and when I combine it with the oils… is so powerful!

With the holidays all coming and lots of traveling…..this is a tool I will be taking advantage of alot!

How do you manage your holidays?

Do you survive or thrive through them?

Hugs and prayers always dear readers!

Kelly 😉

PS….there is some amazing things going on this month with the oils….

Check out this video to learn more:

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I can’t wait to start this journey with you!

You are WORTH IT!!!


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