Every rainstorm has a rainbow!

“Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now doesn’t mean that you aren’t headed for sunshine.” — Unknown

Sometimes we focus too much on the storm and don’t see that without the storm we wouldn’t have the rainbow….the colors!

Today I hold dearly and focus on the rainbow!

How about you? What storm are you experiencing and need to remember there will be a rainbow at the end and even in the middle of it!!!

Hugs and prayers always!


To Fear or not to Fear

As I was sitting and praying this morning…..thinking about the souls of our world…..and trying to understand how we ever got to such a decisive moment……I actually was reflecting on the v*x…..

And the thing that that has me most stumped is this…..there has always been a certain amount of devision on this topic…..that’s a given….

But those who have always argued FOR has backed it based on how proper trials were done so it’s safe….how it’s going to strengthen our immune system because it’s the actual cells of said virus…..

YET……here we are in a situation where NO animal trials have been done…..as a matter of fact it is still in its trials (we are the test subjects)……..

And…..it IS NOT truly a “v*x”……you look up the definition of what one is….because this is a dna manipulation it is actually called gene therapy….

Which has been around for awhile in that they have been trying to figure out how it could be beneficial for cancer treatment but there hasn’t been any success….

I’m not here trying to convince you to not take it…..I’m here to just share….because I feel too many of us don’t really know what’s going on….

I feel we have been successfully sold fear over the last year that even those who don’t think they have bought into fear are the ones who are most blind to the fear…..

And how do we know we are consumed by fear?

When we ONLY think about our physical body!

And that goes for both sides. That could mean even me who has no intention to receive the v*x……

If I walk around thinking and worrying how it’s going to effect my ability to travel, my ability to do xyz, who will I encounter that will have had it and I could receive their shedding…..etc….

When we do that we don’t focus on the most important: our soul….and the best way to support my souls health is to support our spiritual and mental health.

You see how I see it is the enemy is lazy yet conniving in that if he gets enough of us entering and spinning into fear and focusing on our physical health soooo much well then we will forget what’s the most important: our soul!

We weren’t made for this world…..our TRUE home is heaven. And that is what we should be focusing on. When we do that then the decisions we need to make become soooo much easier.

And that includes how we react versus respond to people who are on opposite ends of a topic. When we lash with our tongues and don’t love a person for their opinion we give fuel to the enemy again.

I say let’s stop giving him kindling….we can do this….we were made for so much more!

Have a fabulously blessed Friday!
Hugs and prayers always!

Kelly 😘

Loving you, Loving God

You show up for you and God show up for you!!!

Yes God is ALWAYS there but we don’t see Him, feel Him, experience Him until we are fully present in our own skin.

When we are fully present in our mind-body-soul-spirit health then we are fully present to experience Him.

Why? Because we are honoring the temple He has trusted us with. We are appreciating that we ARE made in the image and likeness of HIM.

So show yourself some love today…..you’ll be showing God how much you love Him!!!

Hugs and blessings always!


To V*X or not to V*X?

I don’t know about you but last week was crazy here in Texas! 

Especially those of us who live in central Texas…..heck I left the Panhandle to get away from all the crazy ice and cold!
But we survived and I think we all came out stronger from it!

I was so proud to hear about all the ways I had clients taking care of themselves that I just had to shout it out here. They really stepped into supporting their mind, body, soul, spirit health through last week.

Here are some of the highlights:
Staying warm: body brushing, Clove and Black Pepper oil on bottoms of feet.

Boosting immune system/nutritionTerraGreens, OnGuard softgels, getting out in the fresh air even when it was super cold for even a few minutes.

Sleep/rest:  Taking advantage of being forced to be unplugged to just sleep, rest, nap, read, write, relax.

Soul: connecting with family, helping neighbors, diving into scripture especially with lent having started last week.
I heard lots more from clients and friends but these are just the handful I wanted to really share with you.

Purely Simple Organic Living and I will be collaborating in putting together an Emergency Preparedness Class in the future to help those who felt blindsided.  I will keep you posted when we launch that. 

But until then….the most pressing topic we have been having brought to us is SHOULD I TAKE THE C*V*D V*X OR NOT?  Take note….I did purposely use asterisk so as to not be censored.  As you well know there has been a lot of that going on this last year….but even more so right now!  

I think this is an important topic for everyone but especially if you have an inflammatory or autoimmune condition — such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, or psoriasis — and take disease-modifying or immunosuppressant medication to treat it, it’s natural to have questions about getting a C*V*D-19 v*x. 

If you are struggling with whether or not you should take the C*v*d  V*X because you have an AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION this is the class for you!!! 

This class is only 2 days away!

sign up here!!

So I hope to see you in this special class on Thursday night….no it’s not about oils…..but I think it is super important for us to empower ourselves with how can we critically think for ourselves in making those health choices that only we can make because it is OUR BODY!

As always take care lots of hugs and prayers your way…..oh by the way I started a HAPPY HUGGERS GROUP….lol….You can learn more in my previous blog post:  HAPPY HUGGERS!

As always don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, support or to schedule a coaching session for Tapping, Wellness/Health, Mindset, Leadership, and/or Oils!

Many hugs, blessings, and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂


I posted last week on FACEBOOK about how I was thinking of starting a huggers club. The response I received was incredible. Apparently many feel the same as I do! WE need to stop fearing touch!

I shared a video last year when all this started. I expressed concern about our need for touch and how it was not going to be healthy for us if we went too long with this lack of touch.

And here we are a year later and the fear to touch has become normalized.

We don’t associate it with the rise in suicide.

we don’t associate it with the rise in fear.

All we think about is how to “be safe”.

There are amazing studies that back up our need for touch. How touch actually improves our immune system, lowers cortisol, does amazing things for the hypothalamus and the list goes on.

There is so much data supporting our physical, mental, and emotional health for touch.

but what I think is even more important is spiritual health. A hug implies community, communion with another. An acceptance, a concern, a consoling, comforting, welcoming…LOVE.


This last Sunday’s first reading and Gospel were so fitting. They were about the lepers. I don’t ever believe in coincidences. The fact that God has placed this wild idea of creating a HUGGERS GROUP and then the readings ended up being what they were… sunk deep into my soul! And our priest’s sermon just drove it home! I WAS COMMITED TO STARTING THIS GROUP!

Something I want us to ponder on, why are we more concerned with our physical health and not concerned enough about our mental, emotional, and spiritual health?

We have turned into a world where we walk around fearing touch – modern-day leprosy.

What if we embraced a love for one another – no matter where we stood on each of the current subjects of masks, vax, sex, race – all of it! Instead embraced LOVEabolishing fear ONE HUG AT A TIME!

If you find this idea refreshing and want to join in on the HAPPY HUGGERS join us here!

Within this group, we are going to challenge ourselves to PROPOSE HUGS to others each day. AND to love them even if they say no!

This may sound simple but sometimes the most simple is all it needs. And sometimes the simple is also the most challenging.

I am going to challenge myself to go to a different neighbor each day and as them if they could use a hug today. If they are open to a hug!?

If they say yes – they yay it’s a win for both of us!

If they say no – I will smile and let them know it’s okay, they are loved, and is there any way I can support them this week or this day?

I will also assess when I am out and about at stores and do the same thing!

Simple as that! It will take courage. A willingness to be told no and still smile. To not impose thoughts, reasons why hugs are important, just a simple smile and loving acceptance of where they are at. that is true love and that is how we are going to overcome the enemies hold on this world with this fear-demic.

I hope you will join me on this simple HAPPY HUGGERS crusade of adding hugs to your life, the life of others, and spreading love ONE HUG AT A TIME!

many hugs and prayers always,


I miss my dad!

It’s going to be Valentine’s Day this weekend…

It’s the holiday for mushiness…love….romance…gooeyness….

And instead I’m thinking about how I haven’t received a text from my dad reminding me to call him and touch in with him.

We had this thing….he would send me a goofy emoji letting me know to call cause he knew I would get caught up with loving my life with my family and ministry that I would lose track of time.

It has been almost 2 months since his death. It still feels surreal. It’s not the kind of surreal that some talk about in thinking the person they have lost is going to all of a sudden appear… more the surreal that I KNOW I’m not going to hear his encouraging words and love ever again and some days it feels really really heavy.

My dad and I didn’t have a perfect relationship but it was beautiful in that I never felt judged by him. I knew I could share with him any of my flaws and he never ever scolded me or made me feel bad about them.

He cheered me on for raising a daughter to be an independent thinker and for homeschooling her.

He encouraged me when I wanted to go into business.

He soaked up all the turmoil of this last years events with me and never thought I was crazy to believe what I believed about what was going on with the shut downs, the virus, election, and more…..

He wasn’t perfect but he loved life in a way that was so big and giving. and he was truly how I learned how to never see the darkness of a situation. To always see the hope and even joy in the circumstances.

So this weekend I am going to continue to allow myself to feel all the emotions and not try to push them down. And if it means I do nothing but read or watch some Gilmore Girls…then that’s okay!

But most important is I am going to honor my feelings, my emotion, allow them to flow because that is the key to healing….that is the key to health….and that is the key to hope!!!

Have an amazingly blessed weekend!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😘


Putting God on my schedule first!

Besides hanging out with my family on Sundays…..

My next favorite thing to do is to sit on my biomat to plan out my week…..

To pray over my plans and see where and how God needs and wants me to show up in life!

What does your workspace look like?

Blessings and hugs,

Kelly 💜

The power of your tears!

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks looking though pictures with my mom to find the right ones for the funeral….

It was tough cause my father was a photographer so there were very few with him actually in it!

When I came across this picture of my baptism I paused…..we didn’t use it….but I paused…

I paused because just as the cleansing waters of baptism was uniting me to Christ…..the cleansing waters of my tears have reminded me to stay in the moment….

To feel all I need to feel…to not avoid any of it….these tears are healing…..and will renew me if I don’t avoid them!

When was the last time you had a free flowing cleansing cry that brought you out stronger?!

Many blessings and hugs always!

Kelly 😘

Start your week out with some humor!

This is just too hilarious to not share!

Ok absolute true story that I don’t care where you stand on the topic of the mask if you don’t roll with laughter on this I will question your sense of humor 🤪🤩🤓….

New Years Eve…celebrating mass with family….we had had an emotional day being at the funeral home and going over soooo many details for my scads funeral….

We are standing during the gospel…..

A gentleman two pews in front of us sneezes…IN HIS MASK…..like we are talking a wet sounding sneeze….

My mind just starts imagining all sorts of ick….when he sneezes again!!!! Now my mind is in overdrive….

At that very moment my darling daughter leans over to me and says “like having a wet diaper on your face!”……😳🤦‍♀️🤣

At that moment it is time for us to sit…..thank goodness….

I start to try to hold in my laughter!!!

The harder I try….the more it sounds like I’m sobbing uncontrollably!!! I decide to cover my face and go with the “sobbing uncontrollably” story……who else is going to know the difference 🤦‍♀️🤪🤩….

I can always count on my darling daughter to bring amazing joy in my life even in the saddest of moments!

I hope this brings some giggles and joy to someone who might be struggling with a difficult time! Laughter always helps lift the mood and gives us perspective!

Many blessings and hugs,

Kelly 💜


Raw and real moment!

I have been tapping more the last 3 days than I probably average in 30 days!

My father passed away on Tuesday morning….and the emotions I have experienced have been extreme and everywhere.

I was on my way to see him on Sunday but while traveling I received a call that he was in the heart hospital to have some tests done.

He has a history of heart stuff and multiple stints so no surprise other than knowing that if he was doing this on a Sunday he definitely wasn’t feeling well.

The first emotion I had was frustration. I had not seen my father in over a year and due to the protocols with hospitals right now I was not going to be allowed to go in and see him.

Monday they determined he needed another stint. They did the procedure and the thought was he would be able to come home that evening….buuut…..there was more bleeding than expected from the spot.

So second major emotion….anger that he had to be in a hospital alone….he is a social person…he thrives on others spending time with him! His top love languages were time and touch.

They decided to keep him another night. Now none of this stopped me from being creative to see him.

I had a care package delivered to his room and arranged with the floor nurse to open his window so we could sing to him and cheer him up. It was so much fun and I’m so grateful to have had that as his last moments with us.

Tuesday morning THE call came early…..my mom comes out to the kitchen as I was making my coffee…..she hands me the phone and says she doesn’t know what to do.

The nurse on the other end is explaining to me that they are giving him CPR but if they stop his heart will stop what does my mom want to do.

I tell her I will call her back as I talk to my mom….knowing that it won’t come to that cause sure enough the nurse calls back within in minutes and let’s me know that they had to call the time of death.

Next emotion…numb…I didn’t truly have time to truly feel anything cause my mom needed me. My time would have to wait. So I tapped some more.

Tuesday night as I got ready for bed….deep sorrow….gut wrenching sobs….but I only allowed some to come…..why?! Cause I knew if I lost it right then I didn’t know if I would return….

It was a choice to pause the sorrow….right or wrong….it was a choice I made…..

Wednesday was about processing…being with family….and trying super hard to stay present in the moment so I could truly feel all the emotions and not stuff them away….

I know it hasn’t truly fully hit me…..

But today we meet with the Funeral Home….we find out when we can actually have the funeral and then coordinate it with the church and due to again all the protocols that have been put into place due to this last year…..we are stuck with anger….

Anger that his last days were in-humane…..anger that his family and friends won’t get to have the closer they deserve….anger that he died alone without family!

So I tap…..and I find the gratitude of the having had 46 years with him….gratitude that he was the gentle soul he was….and gratitude that we did have some amazing memories.

So this next year will probably look different how I blog, post on social media, and even how I coach…..because I know if I’m willing to share with you in the moment what I’m experiencing maybe just maybe I will be able to help someone else who is going through something similar or who is still trying to process the emotions of losing a loved one.

I know my postings probably will be hit and miss for awhile and that too will be part of my willingness to continue to be raw and real with you’ll.

As you spend your last day of 2020….please reflect on all your blessings don’t take for granted one moment with family, friends, community.

But don’t also beat yourself up over “what if’s”…..or “should of”……

Instead move through the emotions……feel them….release yourself….and be present in the healing process.

Your mind body soul spirit will thank you for it!

Many blessings and hugs dear ones!
Kelly 💜

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