Food Food Food – YUM!!!

Dear Warrior Woman,
What is your relationship with food?
Mine hasn’t always been that great….so much of it is tied to how I was raised….the traumas I have experienced….and even how the dismorphia can distort and moralize food!
And then we live in a culture where there is food that truly is not food…..that I’m not quite sure how it get’s to have the title of food….lol….
This last Saturday I held a wonderful workshop all about having fun with our food in the kitchen.
My relationship with food isn’t perfect…..but it is peaceful now!  And that is beyond progress.
I love sharing with others how much fun we can have with food….even when we have health conditions that our choices can be limited or need have caution….
But since I didn’t want you to miss out totally on the workshop fun since you don’t live near me….or do you:)…..any ways other than not being able to actually taste the…..I decided to record the workshop!!!
Since the topic was not about diving into our emotions….it was an aha moment of “You may not be able to come to me….but I can come to you!”
I hope you enjoy the video…..I would love to hear your feedback.  Which recipe do you think you’re looking forward to trying?
Have an amazing week and let me know if you have any questions or how I can serve you best on your own wellness journey!
Many hugs and blessings,
Kelly 🙂
Do you have limiting beliefs on your worthiness of your health?
Here is a bonus video (click here)  to address just that….how I discovered I was WORTHY of hope and healing in my health!
And I am super excited about soooo many freebies for this month……and a totally new oil…..that I had to share with you…..(click here to learn about Savory Summer….and more!)

Wow your food!

I’ve been kind of absent here for a few but I don’t want everyone to think I forgot about you all 🥰…..


To catch you up….I’ve been prepping for a really fun food workshop….and it has had me working and reflecting on all the amazing women I’ve worked with on understanding the psychology of food as well as continue to do my own internal work!


If 80% of our health, our physical body, is a reflection of what we eat…..and 80% of our health can be supported by the top 10 oils then why wouldn’t I have fun combining them?!


I have always believed we need to not fear our food!


But when we are on a healing journey whether it is because of a physical health challenge or a mental health challenge….well food can feel more like a foe rather than a friend!


My top tips that I do every time I eat now is:


1. Spice it up….do things that are going to feel like there is an amazing party going on in my mouth!


2. I sit…….and slow down when I eat! If I can’t do those three then I fast.


3. I celebrate the moment. I not only give thanks but I truly celebrate the transformation that is taking place in each bite…..transformation I may not even realize yet!


How do you think you can transform your relationship with food? For your physical and mental health?!


As always…lots of hugs and prayers!



To learn more about the workshop or register CLICK HERE!

Save the Date

Good morning!

Can you believe it….Easter is tomorrow 🙌!

A quick reminder for all you lovely’s who live locally to me….save your seat…..there is going to be not only the regular drawing but a special something for EVERYONE to take home!!!

Sooo…even if you’re not local it’s a great place to come visit 😘😘😘…

I hope you will be able to join me for Mays wellness workshop all about the 4 systems that an AromaTouch technique is addressing and supporting!!!

On a separate note…..I had some serious aha’s and thoughts these last few days during Holy Thursday mass and Good Friday services!

I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Until then…you’ll have an amazingly blessed Easter tomorrow and remember to always….

Sit….pray….journal…tap….and oil up each day for the transformation you seek!!

Hugs and blessings always,


Transformation Tuesday

I started out this year with purposing myself to hop on to Facebook EVERY TUESDAY to provide support and service with a facebook live.  I do this on my public page Kelly Frick: Connect as well as in two other groups:  my private clients and my team of leaders.

What started out as me wanting to be super intentional and consistent in showing up for something…..has turned into an amazing transformation in my own health….we are talking my mental health…..and how it effects my physical health.


You see because of the traumas I experienced in my past….my fight, flight, freeze was always on hyper-alert.  And dysmorphia definitely distorts that and makes it even more intense.

So my excuse factor for why I couldn’t do something, show up somewhere, and keep a schedule was always…well full of excuses.

Over the years with ministry and business I have worked more and more on this.  But 3 years ago I made a commitment to myself that I had to truly think before I committed to something so I wouldn’t back out at the last minute.  So that once I set a date, put something on the schedule or told someone I would be there…..I HAD TO DO IT!!!

It was hard at first…..because it is not that I didn’t want to be true to my word….but you have to understand…..trauma….particularly sexual abuses…..creates this distortion in the brain that EVERYTHING is a potential danger.

I wanted to once and for all be braver and start rewiring my brain to believe and KNOW it was okay to have an amazing ministry and business, to support women, to be the best version of myself.

And that is what I have done.

I have consistently been showing up EVERY TUESDAY for a Facebook Live…..and every week I schedule wellness calls with clients…..every month I provide a wellness workshop…..AND I DO NOT CANCEL ON MYSELF OR ON THEM!!!


What have you cancelled on that was due to your fight, flight, or freeze being in hyper alert?!

Sit with this….pray about it…..journal….tap….and oil up!

Many blessings always,

Kelly 🙂


Here is today’s Transformation Tuesday about preventative care…..


Get started today with this kit (click here).

Want a different kit?  (click here to create your own)

Once I receive a notification of your enrollment….I will reach out to you to get your first of many wellness calls set up to help you set up a 90 day coaching plan that will address YOUR WELLNESS GOALS, how to use your essential oils, plugged into private coaching and group…..and a welcome package will be mailed out to you!

What are you waiting for!?


Wellness Workshops

I remember the first time I ever experienced an AromaTouch technique…I was becoming certified to do the work on others.

2019-01-23 11.13.08.png

It was an amazing feeling. And I realized I needed to experience this more often. It was a way I could easily incorporate self care and love of self.

So I’m excited that this May’s Wellness Workshop is all about this amazing detox system I provide!

I will be covering what it’s all about….the 8 oils that are used and why…..

The AromaTouch Technique is an amazing experience to connect with our health.

It allows us to address and strengthen our physical and emotional health.

During May’s workshop we are going to dive deep into it how we can nurture our self care, detox, and support our whole health with the AromaTouch technique.

With Mother’s Day in May let’s honor our femininity, our self care needs, and see how we can start incorporating things like an AromaTouch technique on a consistent basis.

This months class will also have some simple “sample” options to experience.

There will also be purchase options available to take home that day.

Have you ever thought about how self care can help you with detoxing this spring?!

Save your seat 👇👇👇….

Don’t forget to take a moment on this amazing Monday to sit, pray, reflect, Journal, tap…..and oil up!

Prayers and hugs always,

Kelly 💦💜

2019-01-23 11.13.08.png

You are worthy in your imperfect-ness!

Im interrupting my usual blog posts…lol…..well not really cause you know by now I SHARE about EVERYTHING!

I’m sitting reflecting and getting ready for a wellness workshop I’m teaching about detoxing our medicines cabinets, cleaning supplies, and even our bodies with all natural solutions!

And it had me reflecting on this awesome little company that I was introduced to about saving rejected fruits and veggies!

So once again I’m just super thrilled about Thursday’s delivery of my Imperfect Produce!

I had an onion left over from last week so I cooked it up with the mushrooms 🍄 added some essential oils (there is only one brand I trust for internal use 😇🥰)……cooked it…..added some ghee butter…blended it…..simmered some more….added some more spices and seasoning…..yum!

The mushrooms I picked were a therapeutic kind add those with the oils! Yes!!! Bam 💥 like major mouth delight!!!

Anyways! I’m totally in love with 😍 saving these poor veggies and fruit that otherwise would be tossed off as rejects just because they don’t “fit the mold”!

How often do you feel like you don’t measure up?! That you’re not enough?!

Stop the mental chatter….and remember…..

“You are beautifully wonderfully made!”

Sit with that….pray about it….tap and oil up!

As always my hugs and prayers!

Kelly 😇💦💜

UNPLANNED: Hope, Healing, Health

Words cannot describe the pain…the sorrow….the utmost intense emotions I felt last night…


Yet the excitement….the joy…..the peace and healing….

Actually there is another time I felt the same exhaustion from a movie…..the Passion by Mel Gibson.

Last night my family and I attended a “red carpet” event of Unplanned.  Our parish church organized a viewing of the movie before it was to be released today.

Actually it was a woman from our church, who organized this event, who is truly passionate about serving others and bringing about light to the world.

This was not an easy movie to watch, for many reasons.

One…I know Abby Johnson!  I’m not close intimate friends with her….but one of my dear friends is!  She attends our parish, she is on the parish counsel with my husband, and I have had the blessing to visit with her on a few occasions at different gathers.

She IS a warrior woman!

She is a beautiful example of what I share here all the time….and at workshops……and presentations……which is:


Get it out of you….don’t allow it to hold you in shame… bondage!


None of us have a pretty bow wrapped story.  They are all varying shades of messy.  But when we hide them deep within us we are allowing the enemy to separate us from our most amazing, loving FATHER!

Abby Johnson was brave and bold to share her story to THE WORLD!  And that alone will continue to be her true healing path.

Being open and honest about your story is a powerful instrument….tool…..of healing.

It is a way to forgiveness……GOD ALREADY FORGIVES US AND LOVES US…..but sometimes we stay in bondage of pain and shame and hurt…..because we haven’t forgiven others…..or most likely we haven’t FORGIVEN OURSELVES.

That un-forgiveness can lead us to so much pain but most of all it can and will effect our health…..first our emotional health…..then our mental…..and finally our physical!

Because the body is an amazing creation!  Our body knows it’s connected to our mind, our heart, our spirit, our emotions.  It doesn’t try to separate all that we are made up of, as so many doctors or even us, try to do too often.


For me this movie was moving beyond words…..and also very healing.  Knowing that the anniversary of the loss of my sweet precious Sam is this weekend, and the D&C that took place on the 1st…..well let’s just say lent is already a difficult time for me most years…..yet also healing and renewing…..but this movie definitely had me doing some ugly crying!

It had me reflect on my own path of life… own wounds……my own pain and choices.

I have always been a huge pro-lifer……but I use to not always be as loving and compassionate in how I approached the subject.

And after one of my rapes….even being a pro-lifer…..there was a brief moment of panic when I thought…..”what if I get pregnant?”…..

And finally my saddest thought that took me quite a bit to heal from was when I did loose my precious baby several years back……the shame I had of relief!

My husband and I had struggled for so many years to conceive our daughter and had fought super hard to try to have another. We had finally given into the peace of:  it was not meant to be.

Yet when our daughter was nearly 8 we discover we are pregnant, I was less than thrilled.  All of a sudden I was having to figure out how I was going to adjust to all the changes it was going to bring.  We had BIG plans that year….we had a routine.  WE WERE COMFORTABLE.

I should’ve been thrilled but I wasn’t.  I had just gotten my health back on track and here this precious baby growing inside of me was going to create havoc with all that.   I was selfish in my thoughts.  That’s not too harsh….it’s the truth.

My dearest of friends consoled me and comforted me.  She was with me through the whole journey.  She would ask me the nitty gritty questions….the hard questions.  And would remind me deep down what I really felt.  Which was that I REALLY DID WANT THIS BABY BUT I WAS AFRAID TO WANT IT!  Because what if…..!?


And then WHAT IF DID HAPPEN……and I felt the immense amount of guilt and shame.  I blamed myself for waaay too long.  But luckily by that point in my journey I had my safe people that I could be vulnerable and honest with….like this friend…..and know I wouldn’t be judged for having human thoughts and feelings.

Many people will go to this movie because they support the cause…the message….the truth.

Many will NOT go to it because they don’t want to hear it.

Some will even waiver because it was given the rating of R…..which is hogwash….our daughters under 18 can go to have a legal abortion but not old enough to go to this movie!?

But I think EVERYONE SHOULD GO FOR THE REDEMPTION MESSAGE they will receive from it.

This movie is about so much more than exposing PLANNED PARENTHOOD……its truly about LOVE, FORGIVENESS, JOY, PEACE…..HEALING!

Have you had an ugly kind of cry recently?  I honestly think everyone should about 2-3 times a year….it’s cleansing for the soul….cleansing for the emotions…..and yes cleansing for the body!

Go to this movie….have an ugly cry…..sit with it…..pray about it…..tap and oil up……and see how it moves your emotions, mind, heart, soul, energy in a different direction!

Many blessings and hugs always dear ones,

Kelly 🙂



To learn more….Unplanned premiers TODAY, March 29 at a theater near you.

To see the trailer and find the nearest theater visit

For resources on post-abortive counseling and support visit

For other resources and ways to find assistance with a crisis pregnancy in your area visit

If you would like to know about 40 Days for Life visit

For more information about Abby’s ministry, And Then There Were None, which helps abortion worker get out of the industry visit


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