Holiday Emotional Freedom


I fell in love with EFT years ago!

It was something that truly opened my eyes and my mind to full body healing and health….and when I combine it with the oils… is so powerful!

With the holidays all coming and lots of traveling…..this is a tool I will be taking advantage of alot!

How do you manage your holidays?

Do you survive or thrive through them?

Hugs and prayers always dear readers!

Kelly 😉

PS….there is some amazing things going on this month with the oils….

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Mindful Brain

I try not to freak out over my brain health!



My family has a history of dementia and  Alzheimers.  And if that isn’t enough I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s years back and my particular disconnect is the hypothalamus-pituitary gland axis disconnect!  Uhg…

But I choose to not allow fear to enter into my brain….well actually my mind….because what we think is what forms our brain….so I choose to walk by faith….and use the tools that God has given me.

Some of the tools that are super important to me are my prayer, EFT, and oils!

How do you stay out of the overwhelm of worry and fear to promote a healthy mindset?

Sit…pray….journal….tap….and oil up on this!

I look forward to hearing how you empowered your healthy brain today!

blessings and hugs always,

Kelly 🙂

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Leaping Lymph Nodes :)

I have learned to embark on my health with a very open-minded approach…..and definitely digging into what could be the root causes or current issues that are affecting my thyroid health, particulary with having hashimotos…..but my overall health in general.


One of the things I have really discovered is how much my Lymph system effects so many things.

This week I addressed this super-important system with my private coaching group.  We addressed how this sluggishness can be caused by physical junk but it can also be caused by emotional.

My challenge for you today is: what is slowing your lymph system down? Is it physical, environmental or emotional?  Or a combination of it all!

Sit…pray…tap….and oil up as you reflect upon it!

As always….you are in my thoughts and prayers,

Kelly 🙂

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Is it Self-Care Time?

Who likes chores?

None of us right…!

But my favorite chore is when I have to pick up after having given an AromaTouch to a client.

Because it means they set aside 30-45 minutes of self care time!

When was the last time you put aside self care time?!

Vexed with Fears

I use to be vexed by fear of disappointing others in sooo many ways.

My fear was intense.  I would sacrifice my own happiness, my own dreams, my own boundaries.

I didn’t understand the power and freedom of a simple yet mighty word: NO!

I will admit, I  was tempted to fall back into that fear this week.

I had lots of connections scheduled, lots of people I wanted to serve and support.  But my body had other plans.

When I woke earlier this week, I felt like I was hit by a sledgehammer.  This not only left me feeling weak but had me running to the bathroom. So the first thing I had to say NO to was my weekly Facebook Lives.  I do 3 of them all on Tuesday in different spaces for different groups: public, coaching, and team.  


I thought, “That’s okay I can reschedule them for later this week.”

The next day I woke up feverish, clammy, dizzy, and oooo soo exhausted.  That’s okay….I rested….oiled up….did a detox bath…..everything….convinced I could BEAT this crap out of me….lol!

Then the next night I coughed through the night, my head swimming with thick junk and I woke like I had not slept….well in reality I had not.  I also didn’t have a voice and my cough was getting barky!

So….I realized… I really needed to reschedule and rearrange my schedule.  After all, how could I do any consult calls with no voice? And then realized I also couldn’t participate in an event I had been invited to be part of over a month ago!

I couldn’t go because really who wants a person serving mock-tails to you, talking about self-care and wellness when they look…..not well….and obviously should be practicing self-care herself.  Let’s not forget the barking cough….now that’s a crowd pleaser!

Now thankfully my tools of oils and holistic remedies are able to fast track my mending…but I still need to give it time.  It is not going to be overnight.  

It still requires me to say NO to worrying about disappointing others.

No to the possibility of a missed opportunity.

No to the mental chatter.

All those NO’S  so I can be free to say:

  • Yes to self-care.
  • Yes to the healing process.
  • Yes to my support tools to do their job to help me mend.

Now here is the conundrum……. I of the past would cancel or say NO to stuff out of fear of feeling like I wasn’t good enough, a fraud, or of rejection.

My fears of disappointing and rejection were so inner woven I was a mess who NEVER truly reflected on what was a healthy no and a healthy yes.

BUT… beautiful thyroid and adrenals….ie my body…..finally did the speaking for me.  My body spoke while my spirit was being ignored. It spoke when my emotions weren’t being listened to.  It spoke when my mind was being told to not think, not be, just do. It spoke so my soul would HAVE TO LISTEN.  

So now when I do come down with something even if I know the primary cause is an environmental issue, I reflect on what physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually was in disarray that was maybe not as strong as they could’ve been …..that my body said wait pause lets clear some stuff out!

So many of us want to muscle through a physical ailment.  We take a ton of meds that really aren’t going to help us in the long run and truly mask stuff.  

Instead of muscling through it what if you paused to ask yourself:  

Self, what are you trying to tell me?  Where is my disconnect, my imbalance?

What am I ignoring that you’re trying to ask me to pay attention to?  

When we do this we break free from the fears of disappointing others or fear of being rejected.

We have the freedom to say no to something that’s not going to serve the greater good of our self-care and our community.  Sometimes that NO is a “just not right now”…or a “rearranging of schedule to say yes later”…..and sometimes it is a permanent NO…..and if that’s the case….that’s okay!

Cause when we have freedom from fears…..we see the amazing power of NO because for every NO we have to say…..we are leaving space to say YES to something else!

As always….pray….journal…tap….and oil up!

My hugs and prayers,

Kelly 😉


PS….here is what I have been doing to get on the mend….but first, let me share that what I have been doing may not work for you.  We are all bio-unique. Plus I like to work with what I have on hand. There are many other of our oils and supplements that can help, and I actually seem to do something different every time.  Yet it seems to be exactly what I am needing at the time. So by trusting my gut and staying in tune to the mind-body connection I am able to heal faster and fuller!


  • Epson Salt baths to detox the body faster….they do exhaust me but it helps flush the toxins out faster.  I have been using AromaTouch oil as my primary oil for these baths…..but a fun hack I have to make sure no oil bottle has a wasted drop is, I keep empty bottles of the oils I know I would use for a bath and then when I take a bath I take the lids and orifice off the bottle and let them soak in the water with me…..thus getting all final drops into the bath with me!


  • Every day about 2-3 times a day I have been taking the bone complex, which has D, C, Magnesium and more; mito2max to make up for the low energy, and the LLV (lifelong vitality) to support and encourage healing in the body.  I have increased my usual dose. Basically, I take 2 of each about every 4 hours when I start feeling the wane of energy and vitality.


  • I have been sipping on a tea concoction of lemon, onguard, oregano, and bergamot ALL day.  This has really helped with killing off anything that is going on inside, clearing up the mucus, and keeping me lifted.  It has really helped with the sore throat as well.


  • This one is fun….lol…..I have been also drinking lemon honey garlic water……and eating garlic cloves.  This is a favorite for my family….lol. But it really helps sooth the throat when it is feeling on fire so much and to restore my speaking voice a little bit during the day.  I always know when I am not needing garlic though or if I have too much because I will get nauseous pretty quickly from it. Since it is a FODMAP I have to be careful. I also don’t take garlic past 1pm because it warms my body and system too much that it makes sleep too difficult for me.


  • Which brings me to my night time…..I’ve been doubling up on the DDR Prime and Serenity softgels.  Diffusing breath and Serenity….as well as putting serenity and breathe on my feet, my chest, and across the bridge of my nose.


  • Speaking of nose… is sooo raw from blowing it so much!!!!  I am so grateful for the Yarrow|Pom. Every time I have to blow my nose I rub this oil on my nose and lips.  It’s soothing and repairing. And it has been saving my face from looking like it is so chapped and raw that a person would just want to cringe looking at my face!


I hope these tips are helpful for the next time you find yourself feeling under the weather.  


40 Days to Freedom

If you have hung out with me here for any amount of time you know I am a huge advocate of all types of fasts: Spiritual, Nutritional, Absolute, Intermitent….etc.

File Feb 14, 12 18 17 PM

For me it does not matter what type of fast I go into it is always taken into prayer…..and sometimes it is actually given to me through prayer and then me re-taking it into prayer so I can hear clearly what I am supposed to be doing.

But one of the biggies I usually do with a fast is I usually do not share with many people;  usually only 1 or 2 are brought into it.  And that is because it was spoken into me shortly after my huge transformation with fasting in the beginning.  God pressed it into my heart that all fasts forward were to remain private unless told otherwise.

Well here I am years later Him telling me loud and clear…..this one is too big for you….you need to be united with others….lots of others.


Because there is a HUGE DISCONNECT with who we are as people and in our healing.

There are sooo many hurting people turning to sooo many different types of addictions (drugs, alcohol, pornography, food, shopping, apathy, body…etc).   And why?  To avoid the work of healing.  And why?  Because healing is hard work!

Healing means you have to be willing to go THROUGH the pain….not around it.

Healing means you have to open your eyes to and bring to the front what you have been avoiding.

So on September 2-October 12, I will be entering into a fast that is intentional in praying for people who are struggling with addictions.

I think we probably ALL know someone who is burdened by addiction.  Who has been enslaved by the lies of its soothing denial of the truth.

I can’t do this alone.

So regardless if you enter into a fast or just add extra prayers during those 40 days….are you open to add the intentional prayers for those struggling with addictions?

When we CONNECT our prayers and spirits together we truly CAN move mountains!

Have an amazingly blessed day and labor day weekend!

My hugs and prayers are always with each and every one of you!


Kelly 😉

PS…want to learn all about the types of fasts?  Just do a search here on my blog with the keyword ‘fasting” and you’ll come up with ALL the times I have written about fasting and the ways we can approach this powerful spiritual and physical tool!

PPS….check out the updates in the tabs above…..some awesome stuff ;)!!!


Hormones: Groan!

When I look at my beautiful daughter I hate that I passed on to her my hormonal imbalances!

But what she has that I didn’t have at her age is so much more understanding of it…and how to overcome and transform her health!

One way our hormones can be imbalanced is being estrogen dominant.

Estrogen dominance can be very common, and despite knowing the signs and symptoms of this condition, you should also know what to do if you are suffering from it.

💧The 10 most common symptoms of estrogen dominance:

Abnormal menstrual periods

Low libido


Bad PMS (breast tenderness/swelling, mood swings, and headaches)

Hair loss

Weight gain (especially hips and abs)

Brain fog

Trouble sleeping

Thyroid dysfunction

Sluggish metabolism

Here are the steps you should follow in order to restore the healthy hormonal balance in the body:

💜Step 1: Eliminate Xenoestrogens

We are constantly being exposed to various chemicals, and one of them is “xenoestrogen,” which can mimic estrogen in the body.

Therefore, in order to avoid these adverse effects, you should avoid the use of the following top offenders:

Plastic Tupperware

Plastic water bottles

BPA cans

Cosmetics, makeup, and toiletries

Tap water

Non-organic dairy, produce

Soy protein isolate

Dryer sheets

Birth control pill

💜Step 2: Elimination (ie: poo 💩)

This step is essential as it will ensure the removal of estrogen, and prevent its re-entrance into the bloodstream in the case of chronic constipation.

Make sure you are having daily bowel movements, and in case you are not:

Drink 2-3L of water daily

Increase the intake of fiber-rich foods

Increase the intake of vegetables with every meal.

💧Add the TerraGreens to ensure extra fruits and veggies!

Consume probiotics:

💧PB Assist

💧PB Assist Jr

💪🏻best taken before bedtime to restore gut.

To promote bowel movements, supplement with magnesium citrate or Triphala

Moreover, in order to help the removal of waste and toxins from the body, you should also:

Exercise or go to a sauna to stimulate sweating

Breathe deeply to support the lungs

Massage your body to support the lymph

Use a dry skin brush to eliminate dead skin cell.

Use your oils with dry brushing!

Oils for lymph drainage support:


💧DDR Prime


💜Step 3: Improve Liver Health and Estrogen Detoxification

Estrogen is effectively removed by a well-functioning liver. In the first stage, the liver turns harmful estrogen intro milder, weaker forms of estrogen, and in the second stage, it converts it into a water-soluble form, so you can eliminate it through the stool or urine.

Yet, the liver won’t be able to fulfill its function if the body lacks important nutrients, or it is overburdened with other chemicals, accumulated due to the use of processed foods, drugs, and alcohol.

To support the function of the liver, you should:

Drink lots of filtrated water

Do not drink alcohol

Each a real, whole-foods based diet

Avoid overeating

Eat foods that support liver health, such as kale, dandelion greens, beets, garlic, eggs, dark leafy greens, artichoke, onions, leeks, shallots, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, etc.)

Taking supplements that are rich in detoxifying vitamins and minerals is super helpful.

Such as:


💧GX Assist


In order to kick start your metabolism and improve your overall healthy by detoxifying and energizing the body try:


💧DDR Prime

💧cleanse and restore kit/system

Finally center yourself each day!!!

Find 5-10 minutes at least once if not twice a day to truly reflect on your whole health!

Sometimes when our estrogen is out of whack and we’ve done all the physical and nutritional needs then that means we have some mental, emotional, spiritual stuff we need to address.

But we aren’t going to know unless we stop to center ourselves and find some alignment within ourselves!

How are your hormones?!

As always I hope you take a moment to sit….pray….journal….tap….and oil up today!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 💜

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