“I’m not drinking right now!”

I recently listened to a fabulous podcast from Melissa Hartwig, the co-founder of Whole30.  She was giving an update on her “I’m not drinking right now” experiment.


So it had me thinking about the times I have done this in the past.  I went for a little over a year, shortly after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, with no alcohol.  There were some specific health stuff I needed to heal from and make sure alcohol wasn’t a contributing issue or that it wasn’t going to slow down the healing process.

Now something I have learned over the years of doing different types of fasts, or abstaining, I KNOW that even if I am approaching it with a physical goal there will be spiritual and emotional benefits.  As well as when I am entering into a fast for a spiritual reason I will experience physical and mental health benefits.

I don’t believe in coincidences…..lol…..because I am prepping my private coaching clients for a 30 day Health Habits challenge…..and I was looking at weaving some of the concepts and nuggets of the WHOLE30 into it.  More on the why below….but first why this is NO coincidence.

The Whole30 isn’t just about getting back to real food….it’s also about finding freedom with food….figuring out your relationship and trigger points with food.

So even though I have come a very long way……and I truly live now with FOOD FREEDOM, just as I teach and coach…….I also know that WE CAN ALL USE A RESET from time to time…….to make sure there isn’t any little triggers or negative emotions trying to be buried behind the food or drink choices.

And if at the end of 30 days nothing emotionally comes up…..well I sure didn’t lose anything…..if anything I gained a nice reset to my system that probably needed it!

I’m thinking this is going to help me for sure with my gut health….lol….which really isn’t bad…..but anytime a person deals with Hashimoto’s there is ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!

So these are my plans for AUGUST!  I am going to say NO to alot of things….to just reset my brain….my health…..my emotions….make sure they are all in good check…..

How about you?

Do you have any health goals or plans to reset this fall to enter into winter being the best version of yourself?

Sit with this….pray about it…..journal…..tap….and oil up….and always share with me!  I love hearing how you are living your best life ever!

As always lots of hugs and prayers sent your way!

Kelly 😉

PS….Want to join the challenge?  Click this link to learn how! 

PPS…..once you have walked through the steps from the above link :)….I will add you to the private coaching and send you your freebies….including a choice of 2 different books by Melissa Hartwig to support you on this 30 Day Challenge!

Warrior Woman or Fraud

I have to be honest…I sometimes DO NOT FEEL QUALIFIED to help soo many women!


After all HOW CAN I, who is still always working on LOVING THE SKIN I AM IN….teach and coach other women to LOVE THE SKIN THEIR IN!?

This is the beauty of God’s grace and growth…..the more I coach and teach the more I KNOW THE TRUTH: That I am beautifully wonderfully made!

Just because I have formal education, certifications, etc to qualify me to do what I do…..I firmly believe that BECAUSE I have truly felt and walked in the trenches of not loving the skin I’m in….this gives me more qualifications than any of it….

BUT…..it’s because I continue to do the work….so I can continue to help others do their internal work!

We are always going to be a work in progress….even when we have MASTERED one area of our life…..doesn’t mean we don’t have another area that needs some stones overturned….

But I can say because of Saturday’s workshop I TRULY LOVE THE SKIN I AM IN 100% NOW!

Why?  What shifted?

2 things…

First,  I think sometimes since the world I work in and live in is me constantly serving and supporting women and having to be raw, real, and vulnerable…..that sometimes I forget which part of my journey have I really healed from and which part still needs work.

You might wonder how this is possible…..well being the type of person I am…..I FEEL….I mean I really really feel…..I feel other peoples stuff…..and I also willingly put myself in others shoes so I can truly help them figure out how to get into their own thriving and healing work.

The second huge shift and aha was when one of the participants at the workshop shared her “why”….why she truly 100% of the time loves the skin she is in!  It was so profound and beautiful….that I realized “hmm” I’m done with allowing that 2% lingering and not having me truly fully healed from/with dysmorphia.  I refuse to allow it to even own 2% of my life.  Just because I have certain wires in my brain that need to be reworked doesn’t mean it gets to possess anymore of my energy.  I am done with it!

How about you?

Are you done with not feeling ENOUGH!?

Are you done with believing the the lies?


Are you ready to say: I AM WORTH IT!

Take a moment to pray…journal….tap….and oil up about it!

And if you are open to share your story…..to share your journey…..to grow in your WHOLE HEALTH…..join me in making a change!

My prayers and hugs always dear one!

Kelly 😉






Transformation Trio

14 day challenge

I am so super excited to share and support a beautiful group of ladies starting this Friday!  (To learn more about it….check out this link to the private FB Group….click here)!

The more I do what I do…..the more I feel and experience the amazing power of God.  I see all these amazing women….whether they are coming for the monthly workshop….or participating in a challenge…..or diving deep with coaching and support……I see them desiring to LOVE THE SKIN THEY ARE IN!

And Oh how I can relate to that!

It is a journey I still have to work on……and when I am really raw and honest…there are days I truly feel like a fraud.  After all how can I tell women to love the skin they are in when I have to still work so hard at it myself!  And that’s when I realize…that is exactly what makes me qualified to serve, support and coach these lovely ladies!  Because I have been there, done that, and I still have to work on my relationship with food and my body….the dysmorphia disconnect…..I know not to believe the lies my mind tries to feed my brain…..but I know I have to always work on the heart part!  It just is what it is……and because of that I am able to see YOU….see how beautifully wonderfully made YOU ARE!

But here is the key…..

I am no longer surviving…..I am THRIVING in this walk of life….this walk of WHOLE TRUE health and wellness (not illness)……

I HAVE BEEN TRANSFORMED…..and I TRANSFORM  a little more each day!

Have you TRANSFORMED YOUR MIND? Your relationship with food and body!?

Would love to hear your thoughts…..

Until then….remember to…..

Sit….pray…..journal…..tap…..and oil up!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉

Clear the Mental Chatter

I have been wrestling with some internal work…..which is good but man it’s exhausting sometimes…..lol….

2019-01-13 20.16.33

So reminding myself of my pillars of health have been super helpful!

I have always found it interesting that when I am teaching and/or coaching with others……or putting together workshops…..well what ever the topic is seems to be exactly what I am needing at that time as well….I just didn’t realize it…lol….

As I have been diving deeper into prepping for a workshop I am having on the 6th….it’s been bringing up some of the old junk and yuck of my journey with dysmorphia!

Which has me realizing that I MUST continue to do the mental and emotional work…..which means….I MUST be working on my sleep, stress levels, and toxin load…..because those all contribute to my mental chatter: negative or positive.

I also realized that by not coming on here….and sharing with you all I wasn’t helping myself……and I DEFINITELY wasn’t serving, supporting, and loving you the best I could.  Because we all need each other…..we are connected through this great big world….and even if I can’t sit down and physically have a cup of tea with you….doesn’t mean I can’t show up here and have tea with you!

I think sometimes in the big world of blogging, FB, Instagram, and all other sorts of social media we forget to truly show up and connect….the same way we would at tea or a dinner party.

We get caught up in thinking we must have pictures just perfect…..so many hashtags….and all the other chatter…..and we forget just showing up is what is important.  Staying connected is what is important.

So this is me staying connected…..let you know that I have so much to share with you and I promise to quit thinking it all has to be “perfect”…..quit thinking you won’t want to hear this or that…..and to quit comparing what I am doing to what others are doing!

Because I am ME….and no one else can be ME!  And you need ME…..just as I am…..just like I need each of you to be just as you are!


Have an amazingly blessed day.

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉

Food Food Food – YUM!!!

Dear Warrior Woman,
What is your relationship with food?
Mine hasn’t always been that great….so much of it is tied to how I was raised….the traumas I have experienced….and even how the dismorphia can distort and moralize food!
And then we live in a culture where there is food that truly is not food…..that I’m not quite sure how it get’s to have the title of food….lol….
This last Saturday I held a wonderful workshop all about having fun with our food in the kitchen.
My relationship with food isn’t perfect…..but it is peaceful now!  And that is beyond progress.
I love sharing with others how much fun we can have with food….even when we have health conditions that our choices can be limited or need have caution….
But since I didn’t want you to miss out totally on the workshop fun since you don’t live near me….or do you:)…..any ways other than not being able to actually taste the food..lol…..I decided to record the workshop!!!
Since the topic was not about diving into our emotions….it was an aha moment of “You may not be able to come to me….but I can come to you!”
I hope you enjoy the video…..I would love to hear your feedback.  Which recipe do you think you’re looking forward to trying?
Have an amazing week and let me know if you have any questions or how I can serve you best on your own wellness journey!
Many hugs and blessings,
Kelly 🙂
Do you have limiting beliefs on your worthiness of your health?
Here is a bonus video (click here)  to address just that….how I discovered I was WORTHY of hope and healing in my health!
And I am super excited about soooo many freebies for this month……and a totally new oil…..that I had to share with you…..(click here to learn about Savory Summer….and more!)

Wow your food!

I’ve been kind of absent here for a few but I don’t want everyone to think I forgot about you all 🥰…..


To catch you up….I’ve been prepping for a really fun food workshop….and it has had me working and reflecting on all the amazing women I’ve worked with on understanding the psychology of food as well as continue to do my own internal work!


If 80% of our health, our physical body, is a reflection of what we eat…..and 80% of our health can be supported by the top 10 oils then why wouldn’t I have fun combining them?!


I have always believed we need to not fear our food!


But when we are on a healing journey whether it is because of a physical health challenge or a mental health challenge….well food can feel more like a foe rather than a friend!


My top tips that I do every time I eat now is:


1. Spice it up….do things that are going to feel like there is an amazing party going on in my mouth!


2. I sit…..smile….and slow down when I eat! If I can’t do those three then I fast.


3. I celebrate the moment. I not only give thanks but I truly celebrate the transformation that is taking place in each bite…..transformation I may not even realize yet!


How do you think you can transform your relationship with food? For your physical and mental health?!


As always…lots of hugs and prayers!



To learn more about the workshop or register CLICK HERE!

Save the Date

Good morning!

Can you believe it….Easter is tomorrow 🙌!

A quick reminder for all you lovely’s who live locally to me….save your seat…..there is going to be not only the regular drawing but a special something for EVERYONE to take home!!!

Sooo…even if you’re not local it’s a great place to come visit 😘😘😘…

I hope you will be able to join me for Mays wellness workshop all about the 4 systems that an AromaTouch technique is addressing and supporting!!!


On a separate note…..I had some serious aha’s and thoughts these last few days during Holy Thursday mass and Good Friday services!

I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Until then…you’ll have an amazingly blessed Easter tomorrow and remember to always….

Sit….pray….journal…tap….and oil up each day for the transformation you seek!!

Hugs and blessings always,


Transformation Tuesday

I started out this year with purposing myself to hop on to Facebook EVERY TUESDAY to provide support and service with a facebook live.  I do this on my public page Kelly Frick: Connect as well as in two other groups:  my private clients and my team of leaders.

What started out as me wanting to be super intentional and consistent in showing up for something…..has turned into an amazing transformation in my own health….we are talking my mental health…..and how it effects my physical health.


You see because of the traumas I experienced in my past….my fight, flight, freeze was always on hyper-alert.  And dysmorphia definitely distorts that and makes it even more intense.

So my excuse factor for why I couldn’t do something, show up somewhere, and keep a schedule was always…well full of excuses.

Over the years with ministry and business I have worked more and more on this.  But 3 years ago I made a commitment to myself that I had to truly think before I committed to something so I wouldn’t back out at the last minute.  So that once I set a date, put something on the schedule or told someone I would be there…..I HAD TO DO IT!!!

It was hard at first…..because it is not that I didn’t want to be true to my word….but you have to understand…..trauma….particularly sexual abuses…..creates this distortion in the brain that EVERYTHING is a potential danger.

I wanted to once and for all be braver and start rewiring my brain to believe and KNOW it was okay to have an amazing ministry and business, to support women, to be the best version of myself.

And that is what I have done.

I have consistently been showing up EVERY TUESDAY for a Facebook Live…..and every week I schedule wellness calls with clients…..every month I provide a wellness workshop…..AND I DO NOT CANCEL ON MYSELF OR ON THEM!!!


What have you cancelled on that was due to your fight, flight, or freeze being in hyper alert?!

Sit with this….pray about it…..journal….tap….and oil up!

Many blessings always,

Kelly 🙂


Here is today’s Transformation Tuesday about preventative care…..


Get started today with this kit (click here).

Want a different kit?  (click here to create your own)

Once I receive a notification of your enrollment….I will reach out to you to get your first of many wellness calls set up to help you set up a 90 day coaching plan that will address YOUR WELLNESS GOALS, how to use your essential oils, plugged into private coaching and group…..and a welcome package will be mailed out to you!

What are you waiting for!?


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