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As I journey through life and continue to connect my whole health of mind, body, soul, spirit….I find myself really wanting to connect with professionals that are Catholic first. This is nothing against other amazing Christians and other beautiful people created by God….

But it means when I am connecting with these professionals to receive services or learn something they will know the same language I know….things like – praying the rosary, TOB (Theology of the Body), saints, lent, etc…..

If this is important to you as well….below will be listed the Catholic professionals that I have found, follow, and truly respect the amazing way they are contributing to this whole health life journey with faith being in the core/center of this pursuit.

What I love about each of these entities is that they either have a podcast or a YouTube channel so you can get to “know, like, and trust” them first….not just take my word for it!


Made for Greatness – These are two amazing women who are life coaches leading other women into their greatness.  

Metanoia Catholic – This life coaching couple has so much to offer women, couples, business owners.

CatholicPsych – I love how this doc totally approaches therapy from faith first and brings into his practice some very up-to-date methods of leading people into mental wellness.

Pietra Fitness –  I have blogged about yoga so many times that I can’t even count….this amazing woman has created a fitness program to prayer, the rosary, and more that will leave you never wondering if you are being unfaithful to our amazing Lord.

Reform Wellness – What I absolutely LOVE about this naturopaths practice is she has a team that includes a religious!  Talk about truly having faith in the center of addressing your nutritional needs, your imbalances, etc….but also addressing your spiritual health!

Tapping Q&A – I have probably followed Gene Monterastelli the longest in this list.  I remember a few “Easter type eggs” in a few podcasts early on of following him having me wondering and thinking he was probably Catholic.  This was big for me because as I entered into the world of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a student and then practitioner I wanted to make sure and reassure faithful Catholics that this is not something that is against our faith….not something against Christianity period.  He has amazing resources!

Battle Ready Coalition – Preparedness is something that ALWAYS should be on our radar for health!  The more we feel prepared for any type of situation the less stressed we feel, the less anxious…..that then relates to our physical and spiritual health as well.  I love how this gentleman reminds us how to be soldiers for Christ.

Wallet Win – If you like Dave Ramsey you are going to LOVE THIS COUPLE!  Did you know financial issues are one of the top reasons why we have health problems!  When we dont get to the root of our emotions around money and also really dive into how to be good stewards of the money God has trusted us with how can we expect to flourish in our health!?  I love how this couple breaks things down.

***As I continue to find other faithful Catholics who are also on a mission to bring health and wellness to others with their faith smack dab in the middle of their business I will be sharing them here on this page so check back often!

Hugs and blessings always,

Kelly 🙂

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