Warrior Women

One of the things I am super passionate about besides shouting at the mountain top for women to LOVE THE SKIN THEY ARE IN…….is to LIFT WOMEN UP!

I believe there is enough space on this earth for each of us….WE ARE NOT IN COMPETITION of each other!

Even when we are in the same business there is always room for another one because WE ALL HAVE A UNIQUE STORY AND A UNIQUE WAY TO RELATE/CONNECT WITH A CLIENT/CUSTOMER!

Here I want to share with you WOMEN who have impacted my life and how they are making a difference in other women’s lives through their business, non-profit, or ministry! They are not in any particular order :)….

Nick Austin – non-profit WE ARE NOT BROKEN & owner of CELTIC VIKING. I met Nick in a networking group and she came to one of my workshops: LOVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN. I absolutely fell in love with her! Her passion to lift women up and remind them they are beautiful just as they are, scars and all, is inspiring! She has quickly become one of my inner circle!

KEY2FREE – This non-profit is extremely near and dear to my heart! I know 3 of the lovely ladies (2 of them are co-founders, and one that I am just absolutely delighted when I get to visit with her, and actually they all truly delight me!). I have had the absolute honor and privilege to support their survivors in some of their after care programs with helping teach coping skills.

Abby Johnson – I have had the honor of getting to loosely meet and know this powerful women…..and actually getting to attend and celebrate in Mass with this powerful activist! Heck we use to attend the same church!!! She has turned the Planned Parenthood organization upside down and revealed all their dirty laundry by sharing her own story of having worked for them. Her non-profit – AND THEN THERE WERE NONE empower women and men to value LIFE!!

Sonja CorbittBIBLE STUDY EVANGELISTA ministry – I had the absolute pleasure and meeting the petite, dynamic woman at a conference years ago when she was first starting up. Her first book was out and I think her podcast had just barely been started. She gave me some great tips and advice on writing. Here is a woman who shares her healing journey in her books and reminding us that GOD speaks to us through HIS most precious love letters to us – the bible! How when we get to know HIS WORDS we get to know Him!!!

Amanda FuentesJonah Salon & Co. – This powerful woman is not just a hairstylist! She transforms women for their photoshoots with Nick Austin for WE ARE NOT BROKEN. I met Amanda through networking and homeschooling. This beautiful soul has you feeling like you are truly the only diamond around!

Annabel BigleyBUTTERFLY BAGS – I fell in love the first time I met Annabel. She has such a sweet gentle soul and truly wants people to feel special with the bags, wallets, and purses she creates. She has created many custom things for me including essential oils pouches/bags. My favorite thus far that she created for me is my wallet with pockets for my roller bottles right inside the wallet!!! I love her tag of “making unique bags for unique people”. I am kind of addicted to buying from her…lol!

Tammey BrownInspiration to Unstuck (website coming soon) – This amazing friend has taught me to not fear technology. She ironically is also a Life Coach. I think it is her love for technology and life coaching that makes her sooo good at being able to truly hear you in the tech phobias and help you feel absolutely empowered to know you CAN conquer technology!

Angela PinkertonHolistic & Wellness Primary Care – Angela was one of the first holistic care practitioners I met when I moved to Georgetown. She captured my heart from the moment I had stepped into her office. She, like I, saw how our health is only whole when we connect the physical and emotional. She has a soul for giving and loving on others.

Nicole KoettingMemory Making Health Coach – I met Nicole when her oldest and my only were 4!! We just graduated them this last year….ugh! This dear friend and soul has not only transformed her own health and life but continues to lead other women in transforming their life and health. I look at her and think wow I am truly a blessed woman to know her and to even just learn how to keep fighting for what you want. Total side note we met at church when she was a Youth & Children’s choir director. She is gifted with music and even when she isn’t doing something with her musical talents it just flows from her body a musical vibe.

Laura RicciPhysical Therapist Doc & Health Coach – When I felt like my health was crumbling down years ago….Laura listened to me….she heard me. She didn’t give up on me. She taught me the power of saying no to others so I could say yes to me!! She and I eventually became part of the same team, my upline, in empowering and educating others on essential oils.

Jennifer Delgado GlennRestoring Within – Oh this angel….this soul is beyond amazing! She not only introduced me to doTERRA but she is beyond gifted in Splankna an energy healing experience that is just impossible to explain. This soul sister is someone who it doesn’t matter how long it has been since we have been on the phone we are able to pick up right where we left off.



BEAUTY BEYOND BONES – Blog/Blogger – this beautiful soul absolutely inspires me at her vulnerability to share her story and journey with a serious ED. How she recovered and her journey since then. She beautifully weaves real life events and faith with her journey and how it relates to loving ourselves. I can’t wait each week to read her blog posts.

Molly Galbraith – GIRLS GONE STRONG and author of STRONG WOMEN LIFT EACH OTHER UP – I started following this powerhouse about 10 years ago. I loved how she were teaching women to not be afraid to lift and to embrace and love the fact that we come in all shapes and sizes. As I read her book I kept thinking “Oh my goodness I could have written some of this!” I could relate to so much of what she was saying.

I am sure this list will continue to grow and expand as I think of women in my life that absolutely have impacted and inspired me. Women who have been a key piece to my healing journey whether they realized it or not…..they have lifted me up and reminded me that I AM BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE just for being a part of my life!

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