Loving Moments on Monday

February is all about hearts…cupids….cards….candy…..and so much more!

It’s valentines….

It’s heart awareness…

It’s love love love…..

BUT…..is it about TRUE LOVE?….AGAPE LOVE!

This month I want to share all the ways I love…all the ways I want each of you to love.

Ways you can:

LOVE your self.
LOVE your spouse.
LOVE your child.
LOVE your body.
LOVE your health.
LOVE your heart.
LOVE your finances.
LOVE your cooking.
LOVE your fitness.
LOVE your food.
LOVE your family.
LOVE your friends.
LOVE your church.
LOVE your mission.
LOVE your calling.
LOVE your purpose.
LOVE your struggles.
LOVE your journey.
LOVE your house.
LOVE your shopping.
LOVE your community.
LOVE your chores.
LOVE your responsibilities.
LOVE your sleep.
LOVE your fun.
LOVE your relaxation.

That is 28 days of LOVE LOVE LOVE…..AGAPE KIND OF LOVE…..in all aspects of life!

How do you share and show love to yourself and those around you?
Leave a comment below and we can learn together!

Have a glorious First day of LOVE on this Marvelous Monday!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  I read this book (picture above) to my darling daughter as she was still forming and growing in my womb.  I still read it to her.  Even as our children age…and try to protest they are “too old” for baby books…..their inner self LOVES and longs for those cuddle moments.  So today pick up a long lost loved picture book and LOVE on your child with a bedtime story….even if they are 18!!!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Now that you guys have seen what  a weeks worth of workouts/movements look like for me these days….I am going to start sharing just some other ideas and resources so you can find the right fit for you….in this season of your life….a movement that you will LOVE!!!  Today’s movement suggestion is to go to u-tube and check out the different 10 minute rebound routines that are out there!

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