Move it Move it Move it!!!

I laugh thinking of the crazy little creatures in the Madagascar movie…..singing their little “move it” song…..and dancing around.

I have decided this year is truly going to be about JUST movement.  Not some program, some DVDs, some plan…..just waking up and moving!

I respect and understand some people need structure, need organization, need to know exactly what they are going to do….I do to…trust me!

BUT….I think for me as I heal my adrenal glands and repair my thyroid the best plan of action is do what feels right and free and enjoyable each and everyday.  My heart and soul is saying to go back to the basics.  Go back to when I would get up in the morning do my push ups, lunges, jumping jacks and mini trampoline…..for 15-20 minutes….then stretch…..walk around the rest of my day from task to task….being a person in motion.  A person who bursts in the middle of the day with some jumping jacks or pull ups.  A person who spontaneously cranks up the music after math with my daughter and giggle all our frustrations out.  A person who decides to go jump on the big trampoline in the evening before I cook dinner.  And  a person who sits and does yoga or stretch while I watch a little bit of evening TV.

We get so caught up in GOALS…..and EXERCISE….that we forget to just BE….to just MOVE….to just ENJOY!  

Now if I wake up one morning or if I am going about an afternoon and I FEEL drawn to do a specific video I own…then I will do it…because I will be listening to my body…..I will be listening to that internal joy saying this sounds great!   But I WILL NOT do something because it feels like I need to BEAT MYSELF UP for what ever…….

Have you ever thought about that!? Have you ever thought about why a particular exercise program might not being working for you?!  Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe it is because your heart and soul aren’t in it….therefore your body and mind are not receiving any good energy from it.

 How can a person possibly thrive if there is no joy in it!?

 How can your body possibly become the amazing being and soul you desire it to do if you continually put it through “punishment” you don’t enjoy or are not in the mood for!  

Here is something truly not revolutionary….but just not spoken about enough...DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL AMAZING.…with no apologies.   SOOOO….if that means dancing while you clean house…..walking backwards on your street…..giggling and climbing trees…..or just good old fashioned running and weight lifting…..

I know that is all I am going to focus on this year…..
how about you!?

Have a blessed day!
Kelly 🙂

PS….I am sure you have been noticing I have been using books for my picture shots.  These are the books I promised I would post about on FaceBook.  What I find amazing about this book is it truly goes in line in what I said above!  To do what you enjoy!!!!

Spartan Challenge or Bust!

I have to say, I loved…loved….loved….my parish priests sermon this morning!  It was perfect for me in what I had written up and prepared for with this challenge that I have been mulling over to do.

His sermon was about hearing God’s call….but, do we stay quiet or still enough to truly hear it.
As we are passing the midpoint of this first month of the new year, many of us have made resolutions that we may feel like we are failing miserably at.  I challenge you to reflect and think, is it because you may be putting too much of a burden, a stress, on yourself?  Have you maybe not broken it down into bite size, manageable goals?  Or is it something that God might be asking you to do a bit different or not at all and you just are too caught up in your own personal chatter that you don’t hear Him!?
Which brings me back to my Spartan Challenge.  I have been reflecting the last couple weeks that I am not going to pressure myself in the specifics yet.  I am not going to pick exactly which one, where, how.  I like the idea of Colorado.  I also enjoy the idea of San Antonio and seeing family.  What I have decided is I need to approach it the same way I did with my first regular 5K.  With the joy and love of movement…like a child….with no restrictive….regimented schedule.  To just get up and do lots of fun stuff  that challenges me; to do some of what will be expected of me for the race but not turn it into a job where it is so regimented and scheduled that it robs me of my joy of movement.  Thus here are my thoughts…..
*Many know I work out while praying my Rosary thus the reason I dub my exercising/workouts the following name :)….
2 minutes on mini trampoline
10 push ups
10 squats
10 lunges
10 jump squats
Repeat 3 times *each set I will add weights, or body vest, or reps
cool down on mini trampoline or walk for 15-30 minutes
*each week I will bump up the reps by 10 so that by the 10-12th week I will be able to do one set of 100 each…I will work and tweak how the sets need to look about every 3 weeks….
2 minutes “walk” on mini trampoline
1 minute Jumping Jacks
1 minute full out run/jog on mini trampoline
Repeat 3 times
cool down on mini trampoline or walk for 15-30 minutes
3 mile run or 1 hour walk with hubby

***rest days***
I will also truly listen to my body each morning as I will not workout if I feel overly fatigued from a previous workout….I will just go for a walk or do yoga instead.
I plan on doing a form of stretching such as yoga, pose holds, etc. about 3-4 times a week in the afternoon or evening.  This is mostly to keep myself relaxed and to remember to breath and enjoy all of life’s challenges. 🙂  This was something I truly needed to start incorporating better anyways.  If there is one thing I remember from weight lifting before is the tendency to not stretch enough and losing my flexibility.  
The final aspect to this 100 day get ready challenge is each day I am going to do one more burpee so that by the end of 100 days I will be able to do 100 consecutive burpees!  I challenged sweet hubby to do this with me at night while we stretch and watch a bit of tv.
There you have it!
I will officially start this 100 day challenge on February 1st which will put day 99 on Mother’s Day! 
I will probably start loosely doing this schedule for the next 2 weeks just to get myself into the routine and habit….but also reminding myself to move for fun…to move for enjoyment….to move for my health….but to not move if it hurts….to not move if it is draining me….to not move if it feels like work rather than play!
***I will post by March which race I am thinking of going to so if anyone wants to join me you can make plans too!!!  I think the more the merrier!!
Blessings and hugs as always!
~Kelly 🙂

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