Sunshine on Sunday!

No it is not sunny outside at all….well not yet.  I have no idea what the forecast is going to be, I haven’t checked my phone or the paper as of yet.  Heck I really don’t ever check that stuff ahead of time.  I am the type who can read or watch what the weather is going to be but it doesn’t fully compute or process unless I really step outside take it in and determine “OK, this is what 43 in winter is like with a slight breeze at 10 in the morning versus 3 in the afternoon.”

Therefore NO I am not talking about the weather :)…….

I am talking about life!

Yesterday I woke up with a great deal on my mind.  I had a great deal I needed to visit with my wonderful hubby about.  And a great deal of desires for the day to be accomplished.


I can’t voice enough just how much I adore and love my husband.  He is truly the most amazing man.  Here is a man who is a choleric….very alpha…..who is willing to continually adapt and learn and nurture is phlegmatic wife!  We were just laughing yesterday that probably why we are able to actually understand each other is since we both have the secondary temperament of sanguine.  Which of course is a great compliment for his primary but unfortunately a conflict within my primary temperament.    Thus the fact he is willing to role with me is just flat out amazing!

I feel beyond blessed that this man who has been my husband for 21 years and my best friend for 23 is willing to continually learn and grow with me and for me.

Marriage is not easy!

It takes time……..patience…..nurturing….forgiveness…..and AGAPE love!!!!

My advice to  couples….dating….married…..young…old….new to relationship….years under the belt……is ALWAYS date each other…..ALWAYS  learn together……ALWAYS  communicate…..ALWAYS set goals……ALWAYS sacrifice……AND ALWAYS FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!

I love love love (to infinity and beyond) my honorable hubby….I wouldn’t be the WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN I am today if it truly wasn’t for him.  

Today I challenge all couples to reflect and consecrate ONLY on the great things in your significant other.  Focus on that let that resonate as you work on the the tough stuff and NEVER give up!!!!

Have a glorious Sunny Sunday!
Hugs and prayers always,

PS…’s book picture is about health transformations….but you could also take it as a challenge to transform together as a couple!  I love Mark Sisson and his real world approach to eating real food, moving our bodies in a real sustainable way, and living life to it’s fullest!

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