Wednesday’s wrap up…

It’s been fun and exciting sharing this last week about all the great opportunities I have to write each day….to share with others each day…whether here on this blog….on Facebook in any of the groups….someone I encounter in the store….or writing in my journal each morning and each night….

I have grown so much this year with learning and disciplining myself to write each day….that was my goal my desire.   I now have some other amazing goals and desires I am working on with developing some courses….preparing for some speaking opportunities….and teaching mind body soul wellness classes with and through essential oils.  I am really excited about all these new adventures….especially with being a wellness advocate.

I love how I am going to be able to share classes or one on one about women’s health, biblical history of oils, self care, home care, cooking with oils, brain health, and so many more topics.

I am starting my darling daughters lessons back up in a few weeks which also is an important part of my life and focus.

Thus I hope this helps explain my reasoning for the transition to a once a week posting.  I pondered which day I really wanted to have as my consistent day…..and it came back over and over WEDNESDAY. 

I live and breath sharing with others about wellness in health: mind, body, and soul….AND I am passionate about women feeling and know they are warriors, wonderful.  And my darling daughter loves texting her daddy and asking him on Wednesdays….”Hey what day is it!?”….and then imitating that commercial with the camel….”hump day”….

Who doesn’t need a midweek refresher reminding you the week is halfway to the weekend. 
Who doesn’t need a bit of advice and support about their healthy WELLNESS choices midweek to stay the course through the weekend.
Who doesn’t need a bit of encouragement with their wonderful warrior woman self love, self care, self awareness!

Here is to WEDNESDAY’S being WONDERFULLY filled with…

Ah heck the Wednesday is also good for the core questions of writing about something: who, what, where, when, why!

What is a transition you are currently in!?  Sit for a moment today to pray about it…reflect on it…journal about it….enjoy it!

Many hugs and blessings dear readers….family….friends…..
~Kelly 🙂

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