Essential Oils….

I have truly tried all brands of EO over the last 5 plus years.

I love them….I believe in them….they have amazing health benefits that are all about the WHOLE health….Mind Body and Soul!

Many of my friends and family know I am not a person who gets on board things very easily….but when something resonates with me and continues to resonate with me….then there is something to it….for me!

Thus I have fallen in love with this brand so much….and truly have experienced a difference in it that I have finally decided to share more about it… have classes….one on one….etc.

I am excited to start this new chapter in my life!

Want to learn more about Essential Oils?!

There are some really great resources:  Dr. Axe….Dr. Z…..Wellness Mama…..and more.

Here is the one I have fallen in love with! 

What do you know about Essential Oils!?  Have you tried them?  Do they resonate with you!?  Take a moment today to pray….sit….and write about any MIND BODY SOUL connections you’ve had with EO?!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers…….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

Think Love on Thursday

We all judge.  We may wish we did not but we do.  I’ve been pondering on this very topic quite a bit recently; and then this week when it was brought up by an amazingly powerful spiritual woman, it gave me pause once again.

Why do we judge?

Do we judge because we think we are better than someone?
Do we judge because we are insecure in something ourselves so it is easier to judge than to examine our own self?
Do we judge because others around us are doing it?

What does judging look like?

We judge when we say things like:

Wow that parent really needs to get a grip on their child.

I can’t believe she is wearing that at church.

Does he really think he can sing all that great?

What’s his problem, why did he just cut me off?!

She really needs to spend more time at home, no wonder her kiddos are “xyz”.

Does he/she ever do anything?  What does she do all day that the house isn’t clean?  What did he do all day that the trash isn’t even taken out?

These are all judgments.

Remember AGAPE LOVE?  Simply put….selfless…charity….love for others not own personal needs or wants…

Sooooo…..what if every time we had a judgmental thought enter our mind or even entertain our thoughts we turned it around instead to:

I wonder how I can help that mom who is really struggling with her kiddo during mass, church service?  I would bet she would really love to hear the message.

I am so glad she chose to come to mass, to church, to celebrate this beautiful day with the Lord.

It is wonderful he felt compelled to give of his time to one of the many ministry options at church and serve as Christ served.

OH…I sure do hope he or she is able to get safely to their destination.  I will say a prayer there is nothing terrible tragedy going on in their life at this moment.

I bet she really misses her kiddos when she has to work so much.  I will say a prayer she is able to spend time with her kiddos as she probably desires.

It is wonderful she or he are able to step back and not let little “undone” stuff overwhelm them.


I am just as guilty as the next.  Therefore this lent I am going to continue to work even harder at my quick judgmental thoughts.  Especially the ones that may come up while I am sitting in the pew at church with the intention of praise, worship, thanksgiving, and emptying my heart for forgiveness.

And one final thought on judging.  We not only judge those around us but OURSELVES!  QUIT!  We MUST remember OUR LORDS PRAYER.  “….forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…..lead us not into temptation….

I do love lent….I love how it has me reflect and dig deeper on stuff that we all know but we need to maybe reexamine it or take it to the next level!

Thus today…THINK LOVE….instead of anything else when you see someone or encounter someone that you would rather think anything but LOVE….instead….embrace GOD’S WILL AND THINK LOVE….BE LOVE!

How do you love others?  Do you struggle with judging others?  Yourself?  Share below!  Lets love, learn and grow together!

Hugs and blessings,


BOOK:  We will continue today in the HORMONE RESET DIET….Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  Turn on some favorite tunes and just dance for 10-15 minutes!  Dance however you desire!  dance til you are breathless!  Dance til you laugh!  Dance til you can’t dance any more….then rest and stretch!

UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH: Continuing in the Hormone Reset Diet….the second hormone to reset is INSULIN.  Going sugar free has so many benefits.  I am talking refined, white, syrup, junk sugar. (Starchy carbs and fruit yes effect your insulin but differently….and that will be a topic for another day)…  We need to understand INSULIN is the gatekeeper of many hormones of our metabolism.  High insulin leads to estrogen dominance. When insulin is out of whack our LEPTIN in out of whack (more on LEPTIN tomorrow).
Here is a fabulous write up from WELLNESS MAMA about sugar.  It has become the fad to do LOW LOW carb….but WOMEN especially need to be careful with this….see the picture of net carb threshold from the book.

TASTY TIP: Pickles!!!  Have a sugar craving…eat pickles…or anything fermented….sour….and lots of lemon water.  I love snacking on BUBBIE’s pickles in the mid afternoon.  This is when I tend to feel my insulin sensitivity spiking so I eat lots of fermented food at this time.  It not only is wonderfully crunchy but I am able to receive great probiotics and benefits from the fermented foods.

Loving Fat Tuesday

Today is the day many Catholics, Christians, clean out their pantry….live it up one more day…..and make lots of Lenten resolutions of what they want to do for 40 days.

I have been pondering on that quite a bit.  I believe it should be about giving up something, making a sacrifice.  BUT also about doing something more.  Something that will have me growing in my faith as well.

When I was at both events this weekend I had many people asking me different things about health and nutrition.  What I have found every time is a person will ask me different questions such as HOW can I  give up this or that!?  WHAT is left to EAT!

At first I thought I would use lent time to blog about AIP (auto-immune protocol) and share all the wonderful ways a person can eat and thrive with AIP.  Yet there are sooo many prototcols out there that are just as important to consider for different health concerns and issues.

Thus what I have decided is probably best is I will add another daily tip….:)…. just like I have the BOOK OF THE DAY, MOVEMENT OF THE DAY……I will add  UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH TODAY.  In this section I will share about different things I have learned.  It will be quick.  A soundbite to help a person understand more about say AIP, SIBO, FODMAPS, NIGHTSHADES….the different hormones and their roles.  I may have it where the topic may carry on for several days so as to ensure it stays short but also give good information.  It may even be related to the book I am featuring.  Point being I will hopefully help inform you how to continue to care for your health without going crazy with information overload.  As well as not become disheartened….therefore I will also give a TASTY TIP of recipes or quick “treats” I do to help ensure satiation and not get caught up in all the do’s and don’ts.  God created us to LOVE and care for ourselves.  AND to have mercy not only to others but WITH OURSELVES as well!

I pray this will be helpful to many out there who desire to take better care of their amazing TEMPLE!
And to better LOVE THEMSELVES through any change, struggle, life!!!

Have a glorious FAT TUESDAY….. reflect on how you want to spend your next 40 days with the LORD!  How do you want to grow, learn, sacrifice with and for your faith to strengthen your armor with your MIND BODY AND SOUL!!!

Blessings and hugs,

I am sure I have listed this book before…lol..THE HORMONE RESET DIET, by Dr. Sara Gottfried.  But it will be the book of the day for several days….mostly because I will be using it at the sounding board for UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH TODAY for the next week.  I personally think this is a must read for ALL WOMEN!!!

Mini trampoline 5 minutes warm up (or walk)….30 second “sprint” or high knees….2 minutes mini or walk…..repeat 7 of the 30 second/2 minute cycle….5 minute cool down.

What is AIP?  An auto-immune protocol is removing foods that are highly inflammatory to a persons system ESPECIALLY if you have an auto-immune disease.  But even if a person doesn’t have an autoimmune disease it can be helpful to do an AIP diet or reset for 21 days just to relieve any inflammation that you may not even be aware of.  Dr. Axe, Wellness Mama, and Diane Sanfilippo all have really great info on AIP.

One of my favorite snacks or even part of a meal that is totally AIP compliant is carrots cut up as “chips” (round not sticks) with avocado.  I don’t do anything fancy with the avocado.  I mush it with a bit of salt sometimes a little lime or lemon and onion powder.  But I really love the taste of avocado without too much.  The creamy sensation with a sprinkle of salt and then the carrot adds a hint of sweet with crunch!  That to me is truly a treat!

Food on Friday

Food Food Food….

We are an obsessed world about food!

We worry about feeding the poor yet we waste more than we ever have in history.  Have you ever gone by a restaurant or grocery dumpster at the end of the day!?

There are boxes and boxes of items in stores labeled and advertised as “food”…..but what are they really?  Can you read any of the ingredients?

There is an amazing history behind how wacky and far removed “food” has become from real FOOD!  The kind grandma and grandpa use to put on the table.  The kind of food that took time….real time to prep and appreciate.

Now we live in a time where there is a food war of what is the best quality…organic or non-organic….beans or no beans….rice or no rice….milk or no milk…..plant based…animal based…..ugh!

It is all exhausting for so many, but it is also exciting.

Exhausting for a a family trying to eat good healthy food on a limited budget.

Exciting because awareness is opening up eyes and consciences about WHAT REAL FOOD IS!

So here is my take….how I manage the hurtle of keeping costs down as well as instilling all I have learned over the last 7 years….and trying to not get freaky about it.

First….NO processed junk in our house!  A boxed meal DOES NOT EVER enter into our home!

ALL single ingredient food:  meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, coconut milk, other non-dairy milk, spices, oils (no vegetable,…junk oils), vinegar, beans, rice, nut flours, tea, coffee, seeds….you get the idea.

If on the occasion I have something in our pantry that is from a box: granola, rice crackers, etc…..they have to have just a handful of ingredients and I have to be able to understand them….ie: oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, molasses….or rice, salt, potato starch….

Okay so back to how I shop….

First….especially if a person isn’t going to eat organic then at least take a good pre/probiotic to encourage healthy gut flora!


I really try to not get freaky about it.  I strive for the dirty dozen, clean 15 list.  Especially celery!!!  But no matter what….organic or non-organic….I rinse all of them off in a vinegar bath….even the thick peeling fruits and veggies.  This bath helps ensure any bugs or toxins from ground to store are removed.  As far as organic….I look at if it has a really thick skin (oranges, bananas, avocados) then I will go for sales…try not to worry about organic.  I would love to do 100% organic but I have to be practical and respectful to my husbands income as well as our entire families needs. This is where the probiotics really become important.  So something a person can wager is what is the cost difference of buying a good probiotic and quality multi-vitamin with greens to supplement not going 100% organic?  Basically would 100% organic actually cost less or about the same…..because good quality supplements aren’t cheap!!

I do shop only the sales for the produce…..and then add a handful of our mainstays…..and luckily the stores are becoming more and more aware of the want and push for organic….so my carrots, celery, and lettuces are ALWAYS organic!


This has it’s own baggage of health concerns, just the make up of dairy….but for the most part the big thing about dairy is if it is hormone free and if it is overly “cleaned”, processed.  This is the thing….if a person can tolerate dairy…..raw, fresh is the best.  It still has all the good bugs in it.

That being said….truly the only dairy that enters our home is greek yogurt and cheese for beans…and this if for darling daughter.  I can’t tolerate it….dd really shouldn’t but it is not a battle worth fighting.  I would rather dairy than sugar!   Anyways… MUST come from a grass fed cow….hormone free for me to be comfortable with it coming in my home.

Which brings me to….


This is where I am probably going to get in trouble with A LOT of people….even friends.  Living in the middle of FEED LOT country…..BUT….I am only sharing what my practices are and why….I am not here to cause another OPRAH incident!

This is the thing….there is some amazing, compelling studies about corn, grains, etc….and how these create inflammation in our systems.  How they are not healthy for us.  Also there is some interesting documentation on how this even creates issues in the animals.  But let’s say it wasn’t an issue….here is the biggie….most grain fed animals are also coming from farms that are being pumped with hormones and junk.  AND that is not good for us!!

So for my family it is a no brainer…..MEAT HAS TO BE HORMONE FREE….AND GRASS FED!

Luckily my hubby hunts so most of our red meat is venison.  But when we have beef…..I really pick up the sales.  I always look to see when Natural Grocers has sales.  We have bought into a part of a cow before.  Chicken is easier to find.  For example I found at United several months ago 4 amazing whole chickens on sale that were hormone, antibiotic free, free range……



Now we live in an MEAT obsesses world.  WE ARE OMNIVORES!  Therefore I truly and firmly believe we should eat seasonally….eat what is in season to get the most bang for your buck as well as get the most nutrition form the food.  Our protein can and should come from a variety….not just ANIMAL.  We truly don’t need red meat every single day!  We don’t need animal meat every single day.  We CAN THRIVE on having animal meat just a few times a week and then using fish and plant based protein throughout the rest of the week.

This world of MEAT MEAT MEAT has become crazy and obsessive.

What it really comes down to is…..


Now at this point I could plug in a bunch of links and info to compel you but at the end of the day we each have to decide what is best for our own situation…our own family….our own convictions.  Thus my thoughts are if a person really wants to know more about some of this THEY TRULY WILL RESEARCH IT!

But where to look is always a good questions.

So with that I will share with you my go to people, resources that lead me in the right direction:


Those are my biggies.  There are many others but I know even if they don’t have the answers I am looking for they are going to lead me in the right direction.

I would love to hear your take on FOOD….and how you manage not getting obsessed with all the conflicting and sometimes overwhelming information put out there!  Leave comments and/or questions below so we can learn together!

Have a glorious Friday!
Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This is one of the funnest cookbooks I have.  If you are just tired of veggies and dishes having the “same old” flavor.  Feel like you need some pizzazz with not too much work?  NOM NOM PALEO is the one for you!  Plus it is fun to read the comics in it!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Usual wake up push-ups, kickbacks, stretching.   But this morning I opted to not do the mini-trampoline.  I knew I was going to be taking my daughter to her guitar lesson this morning and there is a gym at the church so I will have the opportunity to walk laps for about 30-40 minutes.  But to still get some great lymphatic drainage going I did jumping jacks, and for growth hormone stimulation pull ups.  I did 4 sets of 5 pull-ups and 1 minute of jumping jacks.  Done in 7 minutes….felt great!

Tasty Tuesday

This last couple weeks my body has been fighting something going on….ugh.  The interesting thing is I don’t feel bad at all.  I just sound like a person who has smoked all their life every time I cough.  And when I take a really deep belly breath it has a wheezing to it.  Or I should say had….yesterday it was better and today I have great hope and anticipation in all being better :).

Well last week I remembered I had picked up some dried elderberries in the bulk spices and tea section at my local NATURAL GROCERS.  So I started brewing tea from it every morning.  Then as I was cleaning out my tea strainer from the now soft berries it had me thinking and wondering:  couldn’t I use these berries now in a smoothie or something with fruit?!

***Quick info plug this little berry is packed full of: C, A, and lots more!!!!

I am a waste not want not kind of gal.  So when it comes to anything in the kitchen my line of thought is:

1.  Can these clippings from veggies or fruit be used for something edible?
2.  If not then compost!

So I had the same thought with these berries that were now soft.  I was about to put them in my compost but I wondered….could I use them!?

Low and behold…..I CAN!!!  I was thrilled.

I made a simple smoothie just because I wanted to check out their texture in a smoothie first before I added anything else.

My recipe consisted of:
1/4 cup of berries softened from tea use
1/4 cup of full fat coconut milk
2 drops of stevia (because I knew the berries weren’t sweet at all)
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup ice
Blend and drink!

It wasn’t bad.  The berries are seedy.  So it is very similar to blackberries in a smoothie.  They are bland, not a whole lot of pop in the mouth.  So I realized I am going to start throwing in the remainder of my tea berries into my shakes and if I don’t want to have one that day then I will put them in the freezer for another day to use.

This morning I am going to try this blend:

2 TBS Great Lakes Collagen (good protein boost, great for gut health, hair, skin, and so much more)
the berries from my tea
1/4 cup of black berries
1/4 cup of blue berries (to add a bit of depth to the taste….that pop!)
tsp of cinnamon
tsp vanilla
2 drops of stevia
1 TBS of Coconut oil
coconut milk
blend and enjoy!

I’ll let you know how it turns out :)!

Some really great resources I came across while I was researching it were:

Dr. Mercola – health benefits of the berry, etc.
Wellness Mama – Recipe for making your own cough syrup
Random smoothie recipes.

Have you tried anything with Elderberries before?  What is your experience with it?  Would love to hear and share!

Have a yummy….immune boosting fun filled TASTY TUESDAY!

Hugs and prayers always,

PS…today’s book is another great mom who strives to feed her kiddos real food recipes and have it fun in the kitchen.  This was her first cookbook.  You can read in the beginning how her journey of health and wellness came about and then enjoy all her amazing recipes.  She has since come out with many other cookbooks.  She has traveled to Italy and Thai specifically to learn from some amazing chefs and to learn about the areas in order to create her Italian and Thai Cookbooks.  Her recipes are about real food….nutrient dense choices….and lots of great flavor!

Tasty Tuesday


It is super easy to make and SUPER POWERFUL for our bodies!

I forget how much I love it sometimes.  Then when I do a nutritional or spiritual fast, it becomes my mainstay, I am reminded just how nourishing and revitalizing it is!!

There are so many recipes out there…so many ways to do it….and some of it gets complicated.  I honestly think that is what holds a lot of people back from just trying it.

I will hear things like “Am I doing it right?  It didn’t gel!”   blah blah blah…..and I think it holds people back.

So here is my rule of thumb…..It doesn’t matter if it gels or not I learned that from Nom Nom Paleo.   (Here is a link to her Pressure cooker recipe!)

What is important is the bones getting soft, being able to crush in your fingers….because that lets you know you are getting the minerals and all the greatness from the bones!

How do I make my bone broth?  I keep it simple. 
 Especially if I am in a hurry.

Oval crock pot
bones (chicken, beef, venison….a cleanly fed, no hormone animal)
apple cider vinegar
sea salt
cook on high for 24-36 hours.


Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites and 21 Day Sugar Detox keeps her’s simple too…(recipe here!)

But there are times when I have a bit more time and I add more seasonings or bits of veggies from having chopped up stuff.  Wellness Mama gives a basic recipe but with veggies here!

My thoughts are to not make it complicated.  But the more seasonings do add fullness and a savoriness!

I have done a batch before with lots of  Asian seasonings especially with turmeric to get all that amazing benefit.  I have done a rosemary flare.  I have done a Mexican flare.   I’ve done some really great batches and not so great batches.  But they never go to waste!

I personally just sip on it.  I love a mug of bone broth right after a workout.  It is refreshing and revitalizing.  Yet I understand and respect not everyone is up for a cup of BB instead of Joe!  Other ways I use bone broth is I cook eggs in it…..I saute veggies…..I then use it to make soup…..I use it to cook rice or beans…..pretty much anywhere I may need to use water to cook I use bone broth instead.  Therefore my family is reaping the benefits of this powerhouse liquid without having to sip on it like I do!

Dr. Axe gives further info on all the great benefits (here). 

If you aren’t convinced then check out this simple search I did for bone broth and you will see all the amazing people who write about it and all the amazing benefits!  (Search here!)

So that’s what I woke up thinking about this morning was BONE BROTH….lol…..thus that is why my Tuesday is about this TASTY powerhouse!

Have a beautifully blessed day!
Hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

PS…’s book picture is one of my very first real/whole food/paleo cook books.  I actually purchased it when it was still only in an e-version.  I was super excited when it was released in a paper form.  I have purchased it for many friends….I love love love how simple her recipes are!
I ESPECIALLY LOVE HOW SHE HAS PROTOCOLS AND RECIPES FOR EVERY POSSIBLE NEED: brain health, heart health, autoimmunity, thyroid, adrenals, about nightshades, candida, sibo….etc… is truly a wealth of info!

Money Matters on Monday

Monday’s are a day I reconcile spending from the weekend, review what shopping needs to take place for the week, any projected costs for the rest of the month…..upcoming months…and so on.

I have mentioned before how I truly don’t care for money.  I have no interest in working for money.  I believe a great deal of our countries financial peril is because of corruption and greed and the love of money.

I LOVE THE BARTER SYSTEM!!!  I love the idea of helping someone out and we exchange favors services, goods.  Here is a good example….a few years back I had a friend who needed my help watching her child once or twice a week.  Instead of paying me, which I didn’t want pay, she decided to always buy twice as much with the co-op that came every 2 weeks and she “payed” me with fresh produce.  I loved it.  It was a perfect agreement.  I had a “service” she needed, she had a “goods” I needed.  It worked lovely.  It was mutually agreed upon therefore no one felt slighted.

I grew up actually with probably half of my fathers business transactions taking place that way.  Now some may say that is foolish, but I believe it creates community.  It creates respect and understanding of each others gifts and talents and services available.  Thus not taking each other for granted.

So follow me here for a moment I am going to seem like I am going in a different direction but really I am not :)…..

I have been spinning in my head for awhile about doing different little gatherings to share about raising daughters.  Helping teach our daughters about self love, nutrition, care of mind body soul, and so much more.  I want it to be a service, a ministry, a sharing…..

There have been podcasts I have listened to in the past swim in my head, conversations I have had with friends of past and even present swim in my head.  Conversations and topics like a person will value and implement what they receive when they have something “invested”.  In order for talents and works to spread past a certain degree there comes a time when a person must realize it is okay to receive pay for services in order for them to reach even more people.

Thus this morning I woke up thinking of the bible scripture Matthew 25:14-30…..the man who buried his talents.  I have always thought of myself as the one who was given some and was willing to invest and prosper with my “talents”, my money.  I was the child who at 10 years old would get birthday money and would take it straight to the bank and purchase a savings bond.

Yet here of recent I haven’t wanted to value my “talents” enough to say hmm maybe I should be willing to ask for a “love offering”  or even think of a way to develop my talents into something that would truly create in “interest” in the “bank”.

I see that bible scripture as a two fold meaning.   We can interpret the conversation to be about money or about our gifts.  And it has merit and pause in both subjects.  After all shouldn’t we all be pursuing careers, jobs, vocations, in an area we have a talent, a gift?   Therefore we should not feel uncomfortable for being “rewarded”, payed, “gifted”, compensated for our gifts, talents, services… long as it is a mutual respect and properly weighed exchange.  Basically those giving and those receiving it is a fair and just “trade”.

Thus today as I go over the numbers of our budget and as I continue to think about sharing different gifts with others…..I will reflect if I am truly being like the first or second man in the bible story or is there a possibility I am being like the third.  And if there is anyway I am being like the third….I must reflect why?  Pride? Fear? Vanity?  What vice could be holding me back to not shine the way God desires me to shine and share the abundance of His kingdom!!!

How do you view money in your life?
How do you share your gifts and talents?
How are you prospering for the KINGDOM OF GOD!!!???

Have a gloriously blessed day!

PS…today’s picture is of a cookbook that I find near and dear!  I love Wellness Mama!  Here is a warrior woman who set out to change the health history for her children.  She didn’t want them to become one the statistics of children being prone to disease and illness.   Her cookbook is beyond easy to follow and amazing recipes and her blog is one of the most amazing ones to follow.  Here is a wonderful example of a woman using her gifts and talents to improve the health of her family as well as those around her.  And by figuring out how to make a business of it while raising and nurturing her family she is not only able to provide for her family but also get her message out in an even broader sense than she probably ever dreamed of.  She is truly a modern day hero in my eyes!!

Mush Food on Friday!

It’s interesting because I have been wanting to really post some recipes, some stuff I have created over the last year…all the recipes that have been a huge hit for my dynamic daughter (dd).  

Then I was thinking about some things I wanted to share with everyone as I have been journeying with my health this last year, but I kept finding myself putting it off.  

It has been so easy to just post little blurbs on Facebook.

I am not sure why I was putting it off because I LOVE writing.  I LOVE sharing.  Part of it is a timing thing.  I love doing things with a number, a goal, a significance in mind….maybe it’s the little part of OCD that is inside of me!  Who knows….  

But when a sweet wonderful friend of mine asked me for some help, to compile some “mush” recipes for a person she knows that is going into surgery and would like to maintain a clean healthy lifestyle post surgery, I knew I could help.  

This woman’s doctor had recommended things like jello, mash potatoes….all sorts of things that will spike her blood sugar levels.  

I understand wanting to not succumb to yuck choices post surgery…..

After all the last thing you need to do is feel even worse when you are already not feeling your best post surgery!

Thus, here are my favorite cookbooks I have on hand…that I think are the easiest to maneuver around….not too complicated yet full of great flavor and great inspiration! 

 I have tried to line it up that as you see the cover of the cookbook the order of recipes you see are the ones that correlate with that cookbook…hopefully I will get them all in the right order…lol….

 Check out each of their websites because each one of them have amazing websites.  

My intention is to not at all replace their cookbooks with these pictures of recipes but instead to inspire you to check out their cookbooks…
to give you just a sneak peak of all there is to learn and have with REAL FOOD EATING!

I am most partial to Wellness Mama just because I can totally relate to her and she totally is my kind of gal….but they are all really great.  I have only been following Brianna Emmitt of recent but her cookbook is truly my first go to right now since I am trying to prevent an autoimmune disease from trying to invade my body…thus keeping my immune system and body as de-flamed as possible is my number one priority right now.

Wellness Mama and Brianna Emmitt both use these Collagen proteins…they are a great way to add protein to something without altering the flavor.  The green label will mix without jelling thus really great to put into your tea or in soup.  The orange/red label does jell so it is great as an egg substitute to use as a binder or to create some fun healthy “jello”!

I hope this posting has been helpful and inspiring in that even when you are having limits and challenges…YOU CAN HAVE FUN AND HAVE FAITH….enjoy the journey….enjoy the moment…and be inspired to remember you don’t have to throw in the towel…it is not an all or nothing life…it is a life full of adventures.

PS…these foods are also really great to incorporate into your eating lifestyle if you are coming off of a really long spiritual or nutritional fast.  It ensures solid food doesn’t hit your system too hard too quick!

Til next posting….

Many blessings and lots of prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

Day 10: Pedestal of Pressure!

I feel for the individuals who are in the profession…business…careers of health and wellness; whether it is as a doctor, a personal trainer, a nutritionists, those selling products/services in a store or an at-home business.

The pressure each of these must feel to have that “perfect” look according to the worlds visual standards; it must be overwhelming for some.   After all we are bombarded each day with billboards, ads, movies, and stores to name just a few, of what we “should” look like.  Therefore putting the pressure on these individuals to “look” the part because after all if you look thin then you must be healthy.  After all if you have amazing muscles you must have a great gut.

And what about the pressure those must feel when they don’t “look” the part?  Is that doctor taken serious?  Do we not take into account that the personal trainer is wanting to just relax for awhile and not look competition ready?  What if the nutritionist is dealing with hormonal issues?

There is more important things to think about with our health than just “looking” healthy!  Our health is deeper!!!

There are many women I follow about fitness, nutrition, health….they all advocate how having a healthy attitude…healthy gut…healthy mind…healthy strength….healthy movement….healthy love of self is so much more important than the ascetics.

I am sure they feel like a broken record….I know I do sometimes…..but I am passionate and committed to convince all individuals….especially women and young maturing girls to be HEALTHY in their MIND, BODY AND SOUL!  To not focus on: pride, vanity, and ascetics…..and that should include all those who are in these professions.  After all if they are walking the walk of true health then their presence alone will attract others to them to have a true, real, whole life, wellness attitude and approach to living a full and rewarding life!

And we as patients, consumers, clients, followers…need to not have the bar set so high or expect so much from these individuals that we put them on a pedestal of pressure!

What can you do today to take the pressure off of them…off of yourself to be “perfect”?

What scripture can you lean on that will redirect that focus?

Here are my top 10 women/sites I go to for motivation:

Joyce Meyer
Girls Gone Strong
Real Life At Home
Diane Sanfilippo
Sarah Fragosa
Dr. Sara Gottfried
Liz Wolf
JJ Virgin
Katie – Wellness Mama
Mind Body Green

***I purposely didn’t add their links so you have to do a little bit of leg work yourself to find what fits you best for motivation.  Plus some of the list names have several avenues of following them, therefore rather than limiting you to my pick…you pick!

Warrior Women on Wednesday!

This will be brief….but I am WAY excited that Wellness Mama has started a Podcast!

I love reading her blog.  She gives such great information on how to live a whole foods, natural life for EVERYTHING!!!   

Not just food…but cleaning… care….being a mama…beauty…..and soooo much more!

I just had to share my excitement with everyone.   After all as we become more intuned with our true femininity as women we realize we are Warriors as true WOMEN!   And that is what I love about this woman….she is a woman….a mom….a wife….and seems to be so proud of it!!!!   And strives to do everything (at least from what I read) to be true to who she is as a woman, a wife, a mother!

Have a glorious night!
Blessings always,

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