Memorial Day….

One year ago….I walked into my functional docs office and he took one look at me and was able to share some amazing insight on my health.  He still ran LOTS of labs and weeks later we discovered ALL SORTS of health concerns.

But what I have learned in this journey….I WOULDN’T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD!

And I wouldn’t trade my doctor for anything!

Thus today…as we all enjoy family time….relaxing….and reflecting on those who have died in the literal battlefield….let’s reflect also on those who “battle” for us and our TRUE WELLNESS of health!

Does your area have a listing of WELLNESS practitioners?! Functional Doctors!?  Doctors and professionals that go above and beyond for your health….those who think outside of the standard “norm”….and understand what true health should be all about!?  If not… put together a list so others can see it….know about the opportunities their area may have.  And don’t take one doctors answer as gospel!  Fight for your health.

If you live in AMARILLO….we have started a simple grassroots directory to create awareness of true WELLNESS.  The hope and desire is for it to continue to grow and become a directory where we know we can always find a doc or professional who will help us get TO THE ROOT CAUSE of our health concerns!

AMARILLO MIND BODY SOUL DIRECTORY can be found on Facebook….as a page…..check it out.  Heck you may have someone to suggest to add!

Many hugs and prayers dear readers….friends……
~Kelly 😉

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