Wonder Woman {Warrior Woman}

I have written for years about being a warrior woman.  How wonderfully, beautifully made we are.

If you want to feel an amazing surge of feeling like the warrior woman you ARE…and if you need to believe it….then I strongly urge you to go see WONDER WOMAN.

I don’t pay much attention to what is going on in the theaters or even the news.  I believe firmly in connecting with what I’m passionate about and not wasting my time in trying to keep up with who’s who and who’s done what.  It’s just not me…and if I’m suppose to know something…well that’s what I have amazing friends and family members for,  who are passionate about that stuff to keep me informed.

So back to WONDER WOMAN!

I heard about this movie through a pod-caster I have been following for many years:  Sean Croxton.  Side note: if you haven’t heard of him or have not started following him…you have no idea what you are missing!

When He said how blown away with this movie he was, it had me take pause.  Now I’ve never been a comic book/movie junkie, but my hubby is a super heroes type of movie junkie.  I have learned to truly appreciate the value and messages that can be gleaned from some of the superheros like Superman, Batman, X-men…etc.

As a family we went to Wonder Woman as our afternoon outing on Monday.  In the midst of all our moving, unpacking, and getting settled we set a goal to stop working each day by 3pm and do something fun and relaxing.  So Monday darling daughter suggested we go to a movie.  She initially wanted to go to a movie that was a sequel to another movie that I wasn’t too impressed with but then she suggested Wonder Woman!  I was all in!


Okay, I’m going to try to not do any spoilers….but no promises!

Over all take home:  LOVE is our GREATEST weapon AGAINST evil and destruction!

This had me thinking:  What would be Wonder Woman’s GO TO OIL!?

Here is a woman who from the moment she was young enough to watch the other “Amazon” women train for battle, she wanted to be in the middle of the training as well.

She was determined. She was stubborn.  She was not afraid to speak her mind, speak up against wrongs and injustices.  And not only speak up about it but take action.  She had amazing grit to not let anything get in her way.

She was able to see past her limiting beliefs and find her true calling…..true destiny….TRUE SELF!

AND…she was able to see she had a purpose bigger than herself!

It was set with the premise of Greek Mythology  not with One True God but the many god’s of Zeus….etc.  I saw her great battle as comparable to Saint Micheal versus Lucifer.  She KNEW it was about more than her.  And that there was something bigger to serve: LOVE!   And isn’t GOD LOVE!

So what what Essential oil would Diana – Wonder Woman – have used as her warrior oil!?

Good question!  I’m going to ponder and mull that one over for awhile.  I have some ideas.  Especially after having experienced such an exhilaration from the movie.  It left me fired up.  Made a new!

This movie reminded me how I TOO am a WONDER WOMAN:  A Wonderful Warrior Woman.  And I am going to conquer all through His amazing Love for others….one drop at a time!!!

What has created a fire within you to CONQUER adversity with LOVE?!  Think about this….sit with it….pray about it….journal about it…..and share below about it!

Many blessings dear followers…friends…family….

~Kelly 🙂


Loving Warrior on Wednesday

I love being strong.  I love knowing I can lift a 50 pound bag of dog food and it not be a big deal.  I love knowing I can help my husband move our furniture out of our living room so he can install our new flooring.

I love all of that because it means I get to truly do for others!  For me being strong and physical isn’t about the cool ripped muscles I have developed.  I don’t love my muscles so I can show them off.   I love being strong because I am a person who likes to help out physically.  When we are at the church and there is a need for chairs and tables to be set up or taken down…..I love the opportunity to help.  I see a person at the store struggling with something….I know I can help.

We all have the warrior within us.  We just have to find him or her!  Some of us our warrior may be just like mine, but another person’s warrior might be honesty.   That is my daughter.  She is bluntly honest.  I realized at a very early age I needed to help her learn how and when honesty is appropriate and that it needs to be spoken with agape love.  Maybe your warrior is great with numbers so you are able to help others manage a budget.

Not only find your warrior….love your warrior with in…..but don’t question or doubt your warrior.

I was reflecting the other day on the difference of Peter and John…..two of Christ’s Apostles.   Peter was strong and forceful but he seemed to always need to reassure Christ of his love for him.  John on the other hand KNEW who he was in and for Christ.  He knew he was loved.  He didn’t let his insecurities and or humanity mucky up that love…that knowledge.  He said “he was the one the Lord loved.”   Now that can seem kind of self centered BUT IT’S NOT….because it freed him to be the WARRIOR for Christ he was made to be!  This doesn’t make Peter any less important….it just makes living life refreshing….unencumbered!

My daughter is John!  She is an amazing example of living her faith with no doubts of God’s LOVE….therefore it frees herself up to LOVE others just as they are….even if she doesn’t like them!

Have you found your WARRIOR within?  How do you LOVE others being the WARRIOR you were designed to be?  Share below!  Let’s create a nation….a world….of WARRIOR WOMEN….and MEN :)!!!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This book goes perfect with today’s topic.  There is an adult version of MADE TO CRAVE…..but this is the “for young women” version that was co-authored.  I have been reading this book off and on with my daughter over this last year.  What I absolutely love about this book is how it talks about anything that may distract us from God’s love.  The main author in the adult version focuses mostly on her struggle and craving of food…..but in this version it helps young ladies see how many things can distract us from CRAVING GOD…..it also helps young ladies understand the pitfalls of pre-teen and teen years and how to avoid many catastrophes and spiritual wounds when we keep our focus on GOD….and remember like John…we ARE THE BELOVED ONES!!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Did you ever wish you could be a ballerina!?  Well Barre exercises are fun, strengthening, and gives you a moment to feel just like that ballerina in SWAN LAKE!  It’s a lot tougher than you think and an amazing workout.  I have this video with short 10 minute workouts that help me feel elegant and amazing…..even if it is for only 10 minutes….lol!

Sunshine on Sunday!

No it is not sunny outside at all….well not yet.  I have no idea what the forecast is going to be, I haven’t checked my phone or the paper as of yet.  Heck I really don’t ever check that stuff ahead of time.  I am the type who can read or watch what the weather is going to be but it doesn’t fully compute or process unless I really step outside take it in and determine “OK, this is what 43 in winter is like with a slight breeze at 10 in the morning versus 3 in the afternoon.”

Therefore NO I am not talking about the weather :)…….

I am talking about life!

Yesterday I woke up with a great deal on my mind.  I had a great deal I needed to visit with my wonderful hubby about.  And a great deal of desires for the day to be accomplished.


I can’t voice enough just how much I adore and love my husband.  He is truly the most amazing man.  Here is a man who is a choleric….very alpha…..who is willing to continually adapt and learn and nurture is phlegmatic wife!  We were just laughing yesterday that probably why we are able to actually understand each other is since we both have the secondary temperament of sanguine.  Which of course is a great compliment for his primary but unfortunately a conflict within my primary temperament.    Thus the fact he is willing to role with me is just flat out amazing!

I feel beyond blessed that this man who has been my husband for 21 years and my best friend for 23 is willing to continually learn and grow with me and for me.

Marriage is not easy!

It takes time…..care…..patience…..nurturing….forgiveness…..and AGAPE love!!!!

My advice to  couples….dating….married…..young…old….new to relationship….years under the belt……is ALWAYS date each other…..ALWAYS  learn together……ALWAYS  communicate…..ALWAYS set goals……ALWAYS sacrifice……AND ALWAYS FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!

I love love love (to infinity and beyond) my honorable hubby….I wouldn’t be the WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN I am today if it truly wasn’t for him.  

Today I challenge all couples to reflect and consecrate ONLY on the great things in your significant other.  Focus on that let that resonate as you work on the the tough stuff and NEVER give up!!!!

Have a glorious Sunny Sunday!
Hugs and prayers always,

PS…..today’s book picture is about health transformations….but you could also take it as a challenge to transform together as a couple!  I love Mark Sisson and his real world approach to eating real food, moving our bodies in a real sustainable way, and living life to it’s fullest!

Holy Thursday: Reflecting on Lent

I have discovered some amazing thoughts, reflections, and inspirations during my Lenten journey this year.

One of the many things I have realized is I don’t need to have a polished, edit perfect, picture perfect blog in order to share my life…my love…all I have learned…with all of you!  I don’t have to create all sorts fancy aspects…not every post needs to have a link…

What I need to do is WRITE, SPEAK, AND SHARE from my HEART!!!

…to spread the GOOD NEWS in a way I know how …and to do what comes naturally to me!

So if a person is looking for something fancy…polished…refined…this is not the blog for you…

Because I am a simple…bohemian type…re-purposed kind of gal who does everything with the gifts I do have…and the gifts I do have, I give them my fullest attention…I truly use them!  

I don’t pretend I am anything but the wonderful warrior woman God created me to be…

So…you may not get polish…but you will get real…you will get me…you will get love…laughter..LIFE…and lots of fun!!!

AND….you are going to find out what I have been working on the last several months and especially during lent…tomorrow…or Saturday…or Sunday…you’ll just have to keep checking to find out! :)……

Til then…hugs…prayers…blessings…
~Kelly 😉

April 1st: Healing is No Joke…Just Joy!

Today I re-enter into the social media world for a brief moment.  I choose to blog today because four years ago I wondered why I had to lay on a hospital bed to be wheeled away for my D&C from my miscarriage.

I had been able to experience the joys, fears, delights of my precious Sam for 12 short weeks, yet all the joy, all the lessons, all the amazing things that have taken place because of that loss, that experience, of that deep sorrow in my life…

Well…I am a better, stronger, richer, deeper person…woman…wife…mom…servant to God because of that pain..that sorrow!

I can’t be angry with God because ALL of my life’s experiences even those that caused me hurt, pain, sorrow or even harm….have all lead me to…love, redemption, peace, joy, gratitude, faith, hope, commitment, endurance…and so many more.

Take today’s date as an example:


Each year it has fallen on a day within lent.  This year it is in Holy Week.  I will enter the next three days with great appreciation, healing, hope, love, deep understanding of being a mom! One year it was Palm Sunday.  Another year it was the Easter weekend the year we were asked to be god-parents to some dear friends children.  Wow…that was a powerful year!

I feel so blessed to know my God so loved me that he gave us his only son!  Now that is somehtng to live for!!!

Join me here for the next three days to prepare and celebrate the Triduum…to reflect on His mercy….His Joys and Sorrows….

Blessings, hugs, and lots of prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

WOW on Wednesday!

Empower yourself to learn some amazing ways to take care of yourself as a woman…..and it is free!!!

I don’t know if it is too late to register since it has already started but check try to check out anything you can about the FOR WOMEN ONLY CONFERENCE HERE!!!

I think St. Teresa had to know how important it was to take care of herself in order to do all she did for God.

I have found the better I take care of my physical body, the more I can do for God….and I like that!

So check it out….and also checkout
GIRLS GONE STRONG!  These ladies rock.

I know it’s short today…but I wanted to share some of the great stuff I have been checking out the last couple days and don’t want anyone to miss out on it!

And remember…

Women…you are wonderfully made….you ARE A WARRIOR!

Blessings and hugs!
~K 🙂

WEDNESDAY: WWW (Wonderful…Warrior…Women!)

What do women need?

Love…creating ripples…good ripples!
These all help lead us to happiness…to fulfillment…to the heart and core of who we are as wonderful warrior women!!!
What happens when we lean on our power and strength for fulfilling our needs or worse expect others to provide it?
It’s not wrong for us to seek love from others.  It is not wrong to want to give and receive love.  BUT…what if we went to God first.  What if we sought HIS love first?  The great amazing thing is we already have it.  We just need to believe it…EMBRACE IT!!!
ALL WOMEN…struggle with this…some more than others:  single, married, divorced…ALL…young, old, short, tall…..ALL!!!
But what is exciting is we can turn to Gods word to teach us to go to HIM; to learn how to find true happiness.  We can go to him to teach us to know TRUE LOVE!  We can go to HIM to understand what he meant with the bridegroom; how HE gave us Jesus, so we can live amazing full lives.  We can be WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMEN!!!
What is exciting is we don’t have to do this alone.  There are many amazing resources, programs, support groups, out there. 
I am exceptionally excited I get to share with you, on my first week of launching WEDNESDAYS: WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMEN,  a woman’s conference that will be held SEPTEMBER 13 at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  (Check out this link to find out more!)
This conference is going to do exactly what women all over are looking for.  It will empower ALL women to be the amazing women God designed them to be.
This is an exciting opportunity for all women!!!  My hope and prayer is all women will attend this event.  All women will make the time to fill up their spirit during this conference.  That all women will understand this is not just for the married…the single…the divorced….but for ALL women!
I think the divorced are especially vulnerable to not feeling loved or loving themselves.  There is shame, hurt, pain…and we all need to know there are amazing resources designed especially for these brave amazing women who have to figure out their faith walk in a different way.
I am honored to get to share with all of you about this amazing event coming up!
Pass this info on to every woman you know!  Let’s have a packed house!  Let’s rock our town…our diocese!
Let’s all unite as amazing women…
Amazing warriors…
Amazing worshippers…

As we discover our true happiness…
Our true acceptance…
True understanding…
True purpose…
Through the bridegroom….

Through CHRIST!!!!

Warrior Women on Wednesday!

This will be brief….but I am WAY excited that Wellness Mama has started a Podcast!

I love reading her blog.  She gives such great information on how to live a whole foods, natural life for EVERYTHING!!!   

Not just food…but cleaning…..health care….being a mama…beauty…..and soooo much more!

I just had to share my excitement with everyone.   After all as we become more intuned with our true femininity as women we realize we are Warriors as true WOMEN!   And that is what I love about this woman….she is a woman….a mom….a wife….and seems to be so proud of it!!!!   And strives to do everything (at least from what I read) to be true to who she is as a woman, a wife, a mother!

Have a glorious night!
Blessings always,

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