Eye Contact

As I was weeding out a few more things yesterday it reminded me about how much I really like it when a man gives me eye contact and I don’t feel his eyes looking me up and down.

What I wear WILL/DOES help that…..WILL/DOES IMPACT his reaction.

Flowing….looser….comfortable clothes not only allows a person to feel comfortable and not feel like a “stuffed sausage” but they allow you to look and feel more feminine….thus walking and treating yourself with more femininity and grace.

It always feels so refreshing to encounter a man at church, in the store, walking through a parking lot and know he has given me eye contact!  

The challenge men have is to stay with the eye contact.  Thus does the eye scan take place before the eye contact or after the eye contact….OR DO THEY MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT WITH NO SCAN!  That takes discipline….AND IT TAKES US WOMEN TO DO OUR PART!

I don’t think women really like the scan….they may say they do….but how can they truly like being looked at as an object….something to be conquered…something to be had.

I personally would rather know a man enjoys my company because of my mind….because of my feminine perspective….my desire to help and serve….AND I MOST DEFINITELY ENJOY RECEIVING A HUG KNOWING THERE IS NO SEXUAL INTENTION OR FEEL UP BEHIND IT. 

Even from my husband!  I enjoy knowing that when my husband hugs me it is because he values ME….OUR RELATIONSHIP….not what he can get from me.

When you get dressed today set a goal of EYE CONTACT….not body scan…..and experience the amazing freedom of TRUE FEMININITY AND POWER!

Many hugs and prayers dear readers…family…friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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