Hearts of Ashes

Happy Valentines with Ashes!

I’m going to save the story of my daughter asking, “Is there ANYTHING ELSE about our family I should know?” for next week!!! J

Instead I want to visit about how there is never a coincidence with God! J….He knows what He is doing!!!

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There may be many Catholics who are bummed that Valentines falls on Ash Wednesday….and some who may decide to say the heck with it, I’m going to celebrate Valentine’s day anyways…and by the time you read this you may have already decided that yourselfJ…

But I want us to ponder on something…

What better way to celebrate Valentines but to begin this journey of LOVE for 40 days.  In 40 days we will celebrate just HOW MUCH CHRIST LOVES US!

I thought of all sorts of things to share here today but instead I wanted us to  just pause and think about  how absolutely awesome it is that we receive this gift of an amazing love journey this Lenten season.

What way are you going to bring more love into your life this lent?

  • Give up fear?
  • Give up anger?
  • Give up resentment?

Oils to support you on this journey:

  • Fear: Juniper Berry, OnGuard, TerraShield, Wild Orange
  • Process fear out with any of these oils….opening you up to FAITH!
  • Anger: Cardamom, DDR Prime blend, InTune, Melissa
  • Process anger out with these oils….opening you up for internal stillness and calm.
  • Resentment: DigestZen blend, Lemongrass, AromaTouch blend, Peppermint, Breathe blend.
  • Process resentment out with these oils to open your heart up to understanding.

Today take a moment to reflect if any of these emotions resonate with you?  Are they something you can or should work on this lent?

Sit with this…pray….journal…oil up and tap into LOVE!

Essential drops of love and prayers always,

~Kelly 🙂

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Sensational Love on Sunday


Well it looks like whoever tried to do whatever with my credit….my computer….did not succeed!  Thank you Jesus!

Today is Valentine’s day!

It’s funny because we get caught up on the commercialism of Valentine’s day and we forget what true….agape love is!

TODAY REACH OUT….call…write….fellowship with family, friends, a stranger….give of yourself in a way you have not ever done or haven’t done for a long time!

When things like my computer not working or internet being slow happens, it reminds me that technology is nice but WE WERE CREATE FOR INTERACTION….WE WERE CREATED FOR CONTACT….WE WERE CREATED FOR LOVE!

Isn’t it interesting that the hormones that give us a great feeling after connecting sexually with your spouse is the same hormone released during bonding with an infant (breastfeeding specifically)  and HUGS!!!


Today I am going to not think about my to do list….not not going to think about what I am “suppose” to do this week….instead I am going to enjoy the fact that I have an amazing husband who has been a fabulous trooper through all my health challenges.  A husband who may not always understand what is going on, and probably gets frustrated sometimes because I don’t “look” like someone who has crazy health storms going on…..BUT SUPPORTS ME THROUGH ALL OF IT!!!!


How are you going to create good hormone connections today?!  Walks, letters, talking, visiting, cuddles?!  Please share…..would love to hear your way to truly connect with loved ones that is away from the computer and technology!?

Hugs and prayers always,


BOOKS: The Hormone Reset…Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  download the “7 minute workout” app.  You will have an amazing quick hormone resetting workout anywhere, anytime!

NUTRITIONAL/HEALTH NUGGET:  GLUTEN equals glue…equals gut issues….equals so much havoc.  I am only going to share ONE aspect of how gluten and grains are not so great for you today!  Your THYROID!!!  It already taxes your thyroid to begin with but then once a person starts having thyroid issues you become even more sensitive to other non-gluten grains….like rice…check out the pics I am including today that come straight from THE HORMONE RESET book.  

TASTY TIP:  What do I do when I am just really craving bread? For me the only bread I really miss is for pizza.  I realized it wasn’t the crust but all the toppings I missed.  Thus I created a pizza soup!  I take ALL my favorite toppings and pizza sauce throw it in a crock pot to simmer for a good 4 hours so all the flavors can blend!  Voila! Pizza in a BOWL!!!  Stay tuned….I am tweaking my pizza soup and actual pizza as well to be AIP friendly!!!

Loving Moments on Monday

February is all about hearts…cupids….cards….candy…..and so much more!

It’s valentines….

It’s heart awareness…

It’s love love love…..

BUT…..is it about TRUE LOVE?….AGAPE LOVE!

This month I want to share all the ways I love…all the ways I want each of you to love.

Ways you can:

LOVE your self.
LOVE your spouse.
LOVE your child.
LOVE your body.
LOVE your health.
LOVE your heart.
LOVE your finances.
LOVE your cooking.
LOVE your fitness.
LOVE your food.
LOVE your family.
LOVE your friends.
LOVE your church.
LOVE your mission.
LOVE your calling.
LOVE your purpose.
LOVE your struggles.
LOVE your journey.
LOVE your house.
LOVE your shopping.
LOVE your community.
LOVE your chores.
LOVE your responsibilities.
LOVE your sleep.
LOVE your fun.
LOVE your relaxation.

That is 28 days of LOVE LOVE LOVE…..AGAPE KIND OF LOVE…..in all aspects of life!

How do you share and show love to yourself and those around you?
Leave a comment below and we can learn together!

Have a glorious First day of LOVE on this Marvelous Monday!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  I read this book (picture above) to my darling daughter as she was still forming and growing in my womb.  I still read it to her.  Even as our children age…and try to protest they are “too old” for baby books…..their inner self LOVES and longs for those cuddle moments.  So today pick up a long lost loved picture book and LOVE on your child with a bedtime story….even if they are 18!!!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Now that you guys have seen what  a weeks worth of workouts/movements look like for me these days….I am going to start sharing just some other ideas and resources so you can find the right fit for you….in this season of your life….a movement that you will LOVE!!!  Today’s movement suggestion is to go to u-tube and check out the different 10 minute rebound routines that are out there!

Celebrations on Saturday

I have this thing about dates.

For every date in my life that had a sorrow or a pain THERE IS something to celebrate on THAT SAME DATE years later.

Sometimes the order is reversed….or sometimes it is just a realization of “oh wow, this happened on this date years ago.”  And sometimes it is truly a saving grace, a resurrection of a deep hurt that needs some light shed upon that date.

Just a few examples of this type of date correlation in my life is:

February 14: While still in high school a dear friend of mine died in a car accident.  It was horrific.  I loved this boy not romantically but in the familial/agape love.  He was my dear confidant.  My cheerleader.  He helped me feel normal in the midst of uncertainty in high school.  I was crushed by his death.  His family asked me to do his eulogy.  I wasn’t even sure I would be able to get through it.

Fast forward….I met my hubby while we were in the Navy.  He was constantly out at sea.  THE ONLY HOLIDAY he was EVER CONSISTENTLY HOME FOR was VALENTINES DAY!!  It became our Christmas!  We made sure Valentines Day was always celebrated in a really big way.  I truly never saw at the time what God was doing with that day.  That He was giving it life again!

August 15:  We chose this amazing date for our daughter to be baptized.  My hubby and I chose it to honor Mary.  It is her feast day of  Assumption.  On our daughters baptismal day, so many years ago, my wonderful hubby received a call from his aunt.  She was thanking him for picking his moms birthday to honor her memory, her death.  My hubby truly had not remembered it was her birthday, he was so young when she died and there were lots of things he had blocked out from his childhood. And I had no clue.  Again…God was creating healing….shedding light on dark…on sorrow!

I have written about my miscarriage and April 1.  You can read it here…..

I have written about my Daughters birthday….read here…..

There are many other dates in my life that may not be as big or some people would maybe not even see the significance but I do.  I see the correlation….

I smile that my amazing Grandmother who had also been in the Navy died on the Anniversary date of my enlistment.

And then yesterday as I was reflecting on the Roe V Wade date….my hubby reminds me it was his anniversary date of his job.  His job has brought us many adventures, has provided for us, and we have actually both grown closer to our Lord because of his job.

BUT EVEN BIGGER….is last night we attended a Mass Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our amazing parish priest.  Here is a man who is truly a Godly man….a man who is peaceful….strong…an amazing homilist….and so much more.


I challenge you today to reflect on dates and times in your life.  Can you remember a dark date….a day the devil tried to create havoc in your life or tried to keep a dark cloud around it because of hurts, pain, mistakes….and maybe just maybe years later GOD renewed it?  This may take time.  Write down these dates in a journal, piece of paper, anywhere….and allow your heart and soul to reflect on them over the next few weeks and see if you can’t find the light shining out of the darkness!!!

I would love to hear your story!

Have a blessed day!
Hugs and prayers always,

THE BOOK OF THE DAY:  Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman.  This book was and is still my favorite book.  I started reading this book to my daughter when she wasn’t even a month old.  I wanted it to be ingrained in her soul how very special she was.  How much of a miracle she was to us.  And how very precious HER LIFE was…not only to us but to GOD.  It is a beautifully written story about the journey a baby makes from the womb to the world!!!

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