Whole Body Health…

We have become disconnected in what TRUE HEALTH is all about!  In a way I believe conventional doctors have been duped and brainwashed in thinking they know all the answers….and/or the problem is just one area (physical)….and if it is your knee hurting then it is related to the knee….if your lab work on your thyroid says your “normal” well then you are normal….and it’s all in your head.

WE ARE DISCONNECTED in understanding WHOLE BODY HEALTH is how we are connected MIND BODY SOUL!

This is why I am passionate about the Facebook group WHOLE BODY HEALTH!  I probably post to this group about as much as I write here…if not more!  God created us with an amazingly complex system…yet it is also simple.  Simple in if we would JUST stay connected to HIM and in-tuned to what HE is telling us through our body we would always be at ease.

So what link is missing with your health!?  Mind!? Body?! Soul!?  Take a moment today to reflect…pray….journal about it!

Many blessings dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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