Fabulously Generous In-Laws…..

Once again my family will be going on a cruise later this year!

My in-laws LOVE LOVE LOVE to cruise!  It gives them great joy and pleasure….I do believe.

We don’t have the opportunity to see them as much as we probably would all like….and we definitely don’t have the opportunity to see my hubbies brother and his wife as much I we would love!

Last year we ALL experienced a cruise together.  It was beyond beautiful and fun.  It was a chance for us to all be together, do activities that each of us enjoy and still come together throughout the day and share our experiences of the day.

The best time of each day is always dinner time because we opted for the sit down dining where we talk about the adventures of our day!  I love seeing the twinkle in my mother-in-laws eye as she pulls information out of each of us….and the tidbits of wisdom my father-in-law bestows upon us.

These are two of the most generous people I know.  They could be spending their money in many other ways….yet they choose to want to bring their family with them on vacation.  They are humble people who aren’t wealthy by any means but are willing to make sacrifices to ensure we as a family do something fun and memorable together!

I have shared before that family is about growing in our faith…growing in our virtues….and growing within ourselves.

Take a moment today to reflect on some of the very generous things your family has done for you in the past month, past year?! Use that as a focus instead of wanting to grumble about anything you may think is a “wrong” about them!  Because NONE OF US ARE PERFECT….and I am sure they can grumble about you!  Heck I know my family can definitely grumble about me!

Me…..I have no grumbles…..I am not perfect…I don’t expect my family to be perfect….and I love them for EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE!  

And as for my in-laws…..I LOVE THEM DEARLY…not because they pay for these fabulous vacations for us to all go on together….I LOVE THEM because they VALUE FAMILY…..the value TIME!!!  And time is one thing we can never replace!

What are your values!?

Hugs and blessings dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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