Time to Love on Tuesday

We all get so pressed and bothered about time.
We don’t have enough time for this or that.
We spend too much time doing this or that.

What I have been really learning this last year with this amazing health journey is what do I want to truly spend my time on?

Time is the ONLY thing in life we don’t get back.  We can’t make more of it.

I’ve been realizing for how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing and blogging…..I am starting to spend too much of my time on it.  It started out as I was going to spend only 15-30 minutes in the morning on it….keeping it simple and just blogging my immediate thoughts  It was to be a place for keeping myself accountable for many different things in life and with my 2016 goals.  But then I started spending time adding this or that….reading a bit more on something to share in it….. time adding the pictures…. time to possibly add links….time to post it all to Facebook….google plus….pinterest…..

Thus the question is: Am I spending time that I shouldn’t be spending?

I know my time here is good for me. And I hear from others how they enjoy it.  BUT I have to reflect: Is the time that I’m spreading ripples outside of my home nurturing ripples within my home?  Is it being spent where I should be spending it? Is it the best choice of my time?  Is it the best way I can share and spread my love for all!?

Am I utilizing my early morning hours to be the best of my abilities?  After all if I have lessons to figure out with some research and prep needed should I be spending that hour after my prayer time on the computer blogging or getting the lesson ready?  Is my blogging a distraction and then a frustration because our lessons weren’t as fulfilling as they could or should have been?  Has it given me the excuse to let my daughter sleep a bit later thus not giving her and I near as much time to just enjoy breathing side by side and read?  Walk?  Garden?  All the things that are SOOO life giving….and face to face! HUMAN CONTACT!

Should I be spending it on emails and Facebook or figuring out some household goals that need to be researched?

Am I allowing my love for writing and research to take more time than it should therefore only nurturing really my love…my desires but not doing what is the better love…the agape love….toward my family, toward my responsibilities…..?!

Isn’t there a time and place for everything?  Yes God gives us gifts and talents to use, He inspires us to take action.  BUT I don’t think He intends for us to do it all at once.  Sometimes He needs us to sit with a desire, a goal, for a bit to let it grow and grow within us so that once it is ready to bloom it will bloom like a firework!

Maybe my desire to share so much in one place is well TOO MUCH…..too much time being taken away from where GOD desires me to spend my time.  This is not to say that the time spent here isn’t something HE wants from me.  But maybe just learning the discipline of getting up in the morning and adding another type of focus in the morning outside of my morning prayers and workout was what He wanted me to learn and listen to?  Maybe the discipline of knowing if I can set aside an hour to blog, write, research, and FB then I can use that same time to do research and develop programs and stuff that I need to take care of for my daughter, family, for GOD……

Maybe this has all taught me that I need to still share but maybe it just needs to be a quick “Hello Good Morning….REMEMBER GOD LOVES YOU TODAY!”…..AND THEN SIGN OFF!!!  Maybe it just needs to be a picture of something amazing that inspires me.

The question could be asked why not just do the quick simple short stuff on FB?  My thoughts are well what if a person isn’t on FB and don’t have the opportunity to read this blog.  Then I step back and think….but who do I write this for?  If I am thinking of all who I can reach then am I thinking of myself and ego or is it truly pure in the thoughts that I don’t want to miss the opportunity of reaching the person it was meant to reach?!

So many thoughts….so much time…..so much love to think about….

Today I step back…..I add nothing more….I keep it simple to reflect on my TIME….TAKING THE TIME TO TRULY LOVE….FACE TO FACE…..THOSE IN MY LIFE THAT ARE SO DEAR AND IMPORTANT TO ME!  I take the time to interact in the way GOD intends us to interact with human contact!

God’s love and our ripples of love start at home!  Are you sowing your own field with HIS love?  Or are you tending to all the other fields with great love and attention but neglecting your own field that it is drying up….or just not quite blooming as well as it could and should with just a bit more attention?!

Where do you spend your time?  How do you spend your time? What can you abandon from your “list” to love fuller…love agape style……LOVE AS GOD DESIRES US TO LOVE!!!  

hugs and blessings always,

September Challenge Update!

4 pm on Friday…

It is nice to sit here, feel accomplished, and not feel FRAZZLED with tons of places to go and be and shop…etc.

We have groceries we do need to get, but assessing what is in the frig and freezer, it was agreed we want to wait until the morning when it is cooler to do our shopping.

Sweet daughter is watching one of her favorite shows, MY LITTLE PONY, and decided what I wanted to do for my relaxing time, before I start dinner, is write!

Write and share!!!

This week has been interesting.  I knew we were really good on groceries, that wasn’t the problem.  The snafu was when it was Wednesday, we still needed to walk to JoAnn’s to finish getting a few things for our sewing project we were doing with some friends on the next day!

I had to make a choice:

1.  Do we still walk…thus burning up the promised play time to my daughter.  She had been very responsible with everything that day….actually all week thus far.  And she had been enthusiastic with ALL her lessons.


2.  Do I keep my promise to her by saving us time by driving to the store, getting the few things we needed, and getting back?

Two to three hours versus less than an hour.

The whole point I had for this challenge was:
1st:  create an awareness to the “weight” of what we buy
2nd:  manage time and days better.  Thinking and planning things out better.
3rd:  (the most important) to slow down and put family first and increase family time rather than getting lost in the “to do’s”, agenda’s, etc…

The 3rd to me is the most important….it is the theme behind all the rest of it….it is my foundation of why I wanted to do this.

You guessed it…I opted to drive.  I kept my promise and had a wonderful evening of crafting, painting, hanging out with the most deserving little girl.

What did I learn:
1.  I really need to manage my time a bit better and think things out a bit more/
2.  Maybe I do expect myself to do too much in one day.
3.  It made me more aware of anticipating and planning out the rest of the month on what do I need to shop for and make sure I don’t cut myself short on time.

1.  Walking places yes makes us slow down and smell the “roses” but it can also take away from other valuable time.
2.  It creates conversation time, but so can the car you just have to be willing to “unplug” from all the noise and distractions.

The month has barely begun and here I am already having to break my abstaining from driving to shop.  Yet I look at every challenge as just that….a challenge!  It wouldn’t be a challenge if it didn’t have bumps and growth.

Besides you can read just about anywhere how it takes 30 days to truly take in something new, to make a change.   Whether your dealing with bad habits, new routines, even food and fitness….it all takes time…discipline…self-control….trial and error!

Thus over all I think this week has been a pretty successful week!  Guess we will see what next week has in store for us!

Hugs, prayers, and blessings to all!
~K ::)

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