Spiritual Insight…

I had a realization last month that I needed to change a few things up for the continual healing of my thyroid.  This was going to require me to continue to grow in my faith…grow in my trust of God…

Now this means all the work I have been doing the last 5 months of facing my healing fears.…and acknowledging my trust issues with God…..this means I MUST BE WILLING TO TAKE MY FAITH TO THE NEXT LEVEL!   Faith with my body and spirit and mental health…..all of it to benefit my soul!

Soooo…..when I had a friend ask me about needing an oil for a particular emotion I went to look to see which oil/blend might be to her best benefit.   What I read resonated with me…..not just for her but for me too!!!

So I prayed about it….reflected on it and realized how it all made sense!

In order for me to continue my healing journey (body-spirit) I needed:

  • Hope (in the unforeseen)
  • transformation (spiritual and physical)
  • faith (deeper than what I already had)
  • trust (in God especially)
  • awareness

I still laugh that the oil blend Immortelle…..known as the Anti-Aging blend….is the oil I have been drawn to add to my thyroid routine.   This oil blend is known physically for skin repair…but it supports adrenal health as well.

Well that makes sense to me!  My thyroid health is closely related to my adrenal health.  There has been issues with my adrenals for quite some time.  And then I read the emotional  aspects…..and I was blown away in knowing that this is the oil that God is drawing me towards!

This blend is the oil of Spiritual Insight.  This oil supports us by raising our awareness and prepares us for higher levels of spiritual transformation.

Do you have transformation that needs to take place spiritually!?  Join me in finding HOPE, FAITH, TRUST!  Sit with this….pray about this…..journal about this…..connect with me below by sharing your thoughts!!

Have you used Immortelle?  And how have you used it!?

***I’ve been rolling it across my thyroid every morning…..and I am going to start rolling it also on my adrenals!

Many hugs and blessings dear followers….friends….family….

~Kelly 😉


Sensational Love on Sunday


Well it looks like whoever tried to do whatever with my credit….my computer….did not succeed!  Thank you Jesus!

Today is Valentine’s day!

It’s funny because we get caught up on the commercialism of Valentine’s day and we forget what true….agape love is!

TODAY REACH OUT….call…write….fellowship with family, friends, a stranger….give of yourself in a way you have not ever done or haven’t done for a long time!

When things like my computer not working or internet being slow happens, it reminds me that technology is nice but WE WERE CREATE FOR INTERACTION….WE WERE CREATED FOR CONTACT….WE WERE CREATED FOR LOVE!

Isn’t it interesting that the hormones that give us a great feeling after connecting sexually with your spouse is the same hormone released during bonding with an infant (breastfeeding specifically)  and HUGS!!!


Today I am going to not think about my to do list….not not going to think about what I am “suppose” to do this week….instead I am going to enjoy the fact that I have an amazing husband who has been a fabulous trooper through all my health challenges.  A husband who may not always understand what is going on, and probably gets frustrated sometimes because I don’t “look” like someone who has crazy health storms going on…..BUT SUPPORTS ME THROUGH ALL OF IT!!!!


How are you going to create good hormone connections today?!  Walks, letters, talking, visiting, cuddles?!  Please share…..would love to hear your way to truly connect with loved ones that is away from the computer and technology!?

Hugs and prayers always,


BOOKS: The Hormone Reset…Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  download the “7 minute workout” app.  You will have an amazing quick hormone resetting workout anywhere, anytime!

NUTRITIONAL/HEALTH NUGGET:  GLUTEN equals glue…equals gut issues….equals so much havoc.  I am only going to share ONE aspect of how gluten and grains are not so great for you today!  Your THYROID!!!  It already taxes your thyroid to begin with but then once a person starts having thyroid issues you become even more sensitive to other non-gluten grains….like rice…check out the pics I am including today that come straight from THE HORMONE RESET book.  

TASTY TIP:  What do I do when I am just really craving bread? For me the only bread I really miss is for pizza.  I realized it wasn’t the crust but all the toppings I missed.  Thus I created a pizza soup!  I take ALL my favorite toppings and pizza sauce throw it in a crock pot to simmer for a good 4 hours so all the flavors can blend!  Voila! Pizza in a BOWL!!!  Stay tuned….I am tweaking my pizza soup and actual pizza as well to be AIP friendly!!!

2016: Continued Evolving Health Goals

As I reflect on my not so great days of:

brain fog
A type/form of depression associated with health concerns. 
Vanities of ever changing body. 
Working out different to still help get the engine revved but not inflame the body. 
Frustrations of all side effects a person encounters with a thyroid condition. 
I thank God for this adventure!
Here is why:
I thank Him for reminding me to not take my immune system for granted.  Our immune system wants to protect me.  My body continually reminds me to do my part!
I thank Him for this amazing butterfly gland (my thyroid!) that is communicating to me how to balance my hormones on a deeper level that is not just about my nutritional needs but my mental and spiritual needs! Teaching me to use my voice in the things that are truly important!
I thank God for my brain fog.  It reminds me to always be humble!
I thank Him for the dark, gloomy feeling days.  It reminds me to be compassionate toward those who experience true, deep dispair and anguish that grips them.  
I thank God for reminding me that my body is not about vanity, the aesthetics.   It is truly about Whole Health!!!!  I look in the mirror and I am overcome by the love and beauty I see deep down.  I see my amazing heart and soul not my flesh and blood. 
I thank Him for slowing me down.  Reminding me I can’t smell the roses when I’m running but I sure can when I go for walks and hikes!

Thus for 2016….my health goals are to continue to LOVE this journey.  To not obsess about the dos’ and don’ts.  To not obsess about research.  To lot allow it to distract me from LIVING my LIFE….JUST AS IT IS!…AND TO LOVE MY LIFE JUST AS IT IS!!!

Here is to even more great days and learning into 2016!

A Saint in Training!

As I was sitting in my pew on Sunday waiting for mass to began, I was smiling to myself!  Smiling because I knew I was not alone!

November 1st, we celebrated All saints day…it is about celebrating the saints who have come before us..honoring them…remembering them…but it’s more than that.  It is about reflection on their lives.  About finding hope and joy that we too are saints, are capable of the greatness they accomplished.  After all, they too were only human.  They too had flaws, obstacles, sins, struggles, burdens, vices….yet they battled these to do the greater good.  Maybe even because of their flaws and struggles they gave themselves even more to God.  They fraught for what was right…for virtue…for God.

We tend to think of the famous saints:  Anthony, Michael, Joan…the list goes on but we fail to realize there are many many more saints.  There are the unnamed, unknown saints, that went about their every day life, every day struggles, yet would strive to bring joy and hope or peace to even one person that came in contact with them .  This is what we should all be striving for:  SAINTHOOD.

 It is not pompous..its not prideful… it is not pretentious…to say my goal is sainthood.  This is how I see it…I want to raise a Godly daughter…I have ambitions, goals, for her to be a saint..sins and all. Thus to raise a saint I must model being a saint.  Again, remember saints weren’t, aren’t perfect…they were, are real…and through their realness God is able to do His amazing work.  What sets them apart is being open to Gods will:  ALWAYS!!!

The other day, I was sharing  with my husband how I feel  blessed with my thyroid condition.  ALL OF IT!!  This is not to say I don’t have days I struggle….especially when it messes with my cognitive health…and my mental-vanity health….especially with my dis-morphia; because low energy days or days where I  am feeling physically yucky can be a doozy for my dismorphic-mental health.  BUT I see it as a way to continue to unwrap the beautiful onion that I am.  I am being given the opportunity to continue to peel away the next layer of health and wellness to arrive closer to the bud, the heart…to see, the bloom….MY SOUL… who I am .  And that is why I feel SO BLESSED!!!

I told my hubby because of this thyroid condition and all the  physical challenges that have come with it I have had my eyes deeply opened to what is TRUE HEALTH…and with that I am already healed!  My physical body may still be struggling, my mental health may still have work….but my spiritual health is stronger than it has ever been.

If my journey to sainthood, for my daughter’s journey, is to endure physical and mental trials to strengthen my souls health then it’s a no brain-er for me.  I will gladly take it all!!!

Love Letters

…to self!

Have you ever noticed how we are quick to make mental lists of ALL the things we perceive wrong with ourselves?!  What if instead we made a list of all the things we DO love…as well as WHY to love the body part or health condition you may find most frustrating?!  Or a part of yourself that has not been shown love…that you criticize and compare.
I have learned over the years to truly honor, respect, and love deeply all aspects of myself….even and especially the parts that I use to compare or judge or cringe at.  I have learned to love myself fully.  I have learned to love myself so well that I now hardly remember the parts that have always been honored and the parts that use to be disrespected. 
What if you took a moment during this last week of October, the last week of the awareness month, and wrote yourself a self care letter.  A love letter!
Let me help you get ideas with my own love letter :-)…..
Dear self…dear Kelly!
I love how my hair has wispy curls around my temples. 
I love how my eyelashes are so long they scrape my glasses. 
I love how my shoulders are strong enough to help a friend sand a dresser by holding a sanding machine for four hours straight.  
I love how my hips are firm, full of amazing strongly built muscle to hold me upright and ensure I can bend down to pick up my newspaper each morning. 
I love how when I am sitting cross-legged I can look down to see the flesh formed around my knees and appreciate the muscle that took a great deal of work to build up to support my knees, to be strong, so I can run, jump, and lift with ease.   
I love the flatness of my feet.   It allows me to walk around barefoot most of my day with no pains or aches. 
I love being vertically challenged.  At 5 feet 1 inch I can play hide and seek with my daughter and still crawl into places she doesn’t expect me to hide.  
I love how a hat frames my face just the right way.  
I love how feminine a long skirt and simple shirt makes me feel.  
I love how my thyroid reminds me to speak up in matters of importance…especially about self care!
I love how my adrenals communicate to me, my need for sleep and slower days.  
I love how my insulin reminds me to think before I eat.  
I love how my  body desires to be strong and healthy; to glorify God not self!  It communicates to me  how I need to move each day and in what way is most healing for a mind body soul experience, not about aesthetics.   
I love how the veins on my arms make it easy to donate blood.  
I love how the fluid in my legs remind me to sit down and relax or better yet go take a bath!!!
I love how the random wiry hairs on my face remind me to keep my hormones balanced.  
I love the roundness of my face.  How it is able to express th amazing joy I feel for my amazing life.  
Finally…self…I love you for you!
Always in my prayers…many blessings…
PS…now I dare you to write your own love letter list.   I dare you to not smile as you find yourself appreciating and respecting the amazing you rather then comparing and condemning.   I dare you to love you.  I dare you to love the life you’re living!!!!

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