Loving to THRIVE on Thursday!


I pondered last week if I should keep my memberships for many different on-line sources and big box stores.  As Sunday rolled around….needing to make a decision about my THRIVE membership…..I found myself hesitating to cancel the automatic payment of my yearly membership.

As I sat in the quiet of my morning….praying about what were things to cut this year to continue to be THRIFTY AND THRIVING…..I realized part of my reason to want to continue to cut back even more is to open up the opportunities to give more!  More or my time, more of my talents, more of my treasures!

I then re-read the mission of THRIVE.  And I knew I wouldn’t cancel.  Because even if I don’t use my membership once this year (which I know I will!)….I have ensured another family does have the gift of utilizing THRIVE.  I have ensured another family has access to quality products to nourish their family.  MIND BODY SOUL!!!

Thus…..I was able to truly LOVE as God intends us to continually LOVE with AGAPE.

I feel beautiful and peaceful about the decision because I know God pressed it upon my heart.

How do you THRIVE!?  How do you love others….others you may not even know!?  What has GOD pressed upon your heart recently!?  Share below!  Let’s all be THRIFTY and THRIVE together!

Hugs and prayers,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  Really it doesn’t have to be this book…..it can be what ever book pertains to your area…..or one that inspires you to want to garden.  But basically if you want to really cut costs and feel amazing about providing for yourself and family…..get a GARDENING BOOK!  And you can’t say….but I live in the city…..or I don’t have space.  YOU CAN garden in ANYTHING…..ANYWHERE!!!  Check out Pinterest if you need some inspiration!

MOVEMENT FOR THE DAY:  Kettlebells!!!  This dvd was a great way for me to start and learn about proper for but really you can YouTube 10 minute Kettlebell workouts for beginners and receive a vast array of choices.  Don’t let these things intimidate you!  They are amazing!

Saving on Saturday

Sam’s Membership Rewards/Points
Thrive Membership
Amazon Membership

United Rewards/Points
Natural Grocers Rewards/Points
World Market Rewards/Points

Not to mention all the other little stores I go to from time to time that I have a rewards/points scan card that I am supposedly collecting points.

My Thrive membership is about to renew automatically unless I “say” otherwise.

This has had me really thinking and pondering…..which memberships do I REALLY need?   And which ones do I get the most bang for my buck?

It was cool when I received the notification from THRIVE how I had saved over $500 this year with my membership.  But the question I have to ask myself is…..how much of the stuff was stuff we really needed?!  Now there are some staples I truly do get and are huge savings…..but then there is some “eye candy”…..some “ooh I wander if my family would like that!”…..kind of buys.   But truly most (80-90% was pantry stuff)…..but again I ponder…..and this is what I ponder……

My ponder is: what if we had to shop only locally like in the “good old days”?  

Memberships like Thrive and Amazon are handy because we can have things delivered straight to our home.  We never have to leave the comforts of our living room.  And there are some deals that cannot be matched any where else.


What does it do to the local shops?  The local vendors?  The mom and pop shops?

Even chains like Natural Grocers or United get cut out when we go online.  And I personally would just cry if I lost our Natural Grocers!!!

I have actually not been going to SAMS as much because I have found (despite what many think)…..I can save A LOT doing most of my shopping at Natural Grocers and United.  I just have to be purposeful and comb what I am looking for…..AND ONLY SHOP SALES!!  

Which brings me back to “in the good old days”…..if there wasn’t access to something…..if something wasn’t in season….well you lived without it.  You made a different plan.  You managed.  And you probably thrived even better because you weren’t caught up in trying to get everything just the way you wanted.

I don’t know…this is just stuff I have been thinking about recently.  I am wondering if I really “need” all these memberships……or are they just “wants”.  Do they end up creating an environment to spend.  Because after all if you have a membership, you can’t let it go to waste…..right!?!!

How many memberships do you have?  Do they truly save you money?  Or does it breed the desire to spend?  What are all these huge mega stores and on-line shopping truly doing to our economy? Our true value of the dollar?  

Would love to hear your take on ALL of this?  And how do you save?  Leave a comment below and lets learn from each other!

Blessings and hugs as always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  The Adrenal Reset Diet by Dr. Christianson has been a HUGE blessing for me with my ADRENAL issues.  I love his podcast as well.  But the biggest thing is he helps the reader understand how “carbs” (the really good resistant starch, high fiber, plant based carbs) have been getting a bad rap…..and how these carbs can be VERY healing for the adrenals…..and stabilizing for the insulin levels.  And this is the big thing…..I HAVE NOT GAINED ANY WEIGHT because of adding these starches back into my meals.  I have been adhering to his recommendation for about 4 months now….and if anything I am stronger, leaner, and better rested because of it! And personally the REST is much more important to me than anything!

It is Saturday!  My handsome hubby and I usually go for a very long walk/hike on Saturdays.  Usually about 1 1/2 hours.  But it has ranged from one hour to 2 1/2 hours.  I love these walks.  I really feel my system reset as Dr. Christianson talks about in his book.  Today is going to be lovely.  So I am sure once I am done here off we will go! 🙂

But I still did do 10 minutes on the mini tramp…It is just so good for the lymphatic system….I can’t encourage it enough to everyone!

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