Shepards Feed your Flock

I’ve been having this idea that what if all pastors and priests took on the same challenge that pastor Rick Warren made upon himself which was to realize that we must take care of the WHOLE body when we are living for Christ.  We can’t just feed the soul…we must tend to our physical health so we can be the disciples Christ asks of us.  After all that is how the DANIEL PLAN was born by Pastor Rick Warren.

So I’ve been thinking what if many of us went to our pastors our priests and encouraged them to bring in the DANIEL PLAN for their parish to help their flock see and experience the wholeness of health: mind body and soul. What if they offered even occasional workshops by health coaches or functional doctors showing them the connection of eating how God designed us. 
What if these professionals, advocates, or someone willing to cheer for them to talk with the pastor or priest to explain how this is a fabulous way to build up His Kingdom!
What if it was as simple as a solicitation letter sent out to all parishes stating these individuals would be more than willing to help provide a 2 hour informational session on how to care for your health with God as your focus.   Or a 4 week series to get on the road of health.  Or even to help the parish committees to see how swapping the donuts with fruits veggies and ham is a much better choice for the Sunday fellowship and it doesn’t have to cost much more. 
I am fortunate enough to be part of a group of LIKED MINDED individuals.  This amazing group actually comprises of professionals who have dedicated their lives in careers/fields that are about helping others with WHOLE health….I think most of them see it more as a calling…a gift….to help others rather than a career choice or path.

I was inspired to write a letter for our area to do exactly what I said above.  Tomorrow I will share with you the letter…..maybe it will inspire you to share it with your pastor.  Or workplace….or even family…friends…..etc.

Do with the letter whatever you wish to do with it!  Change it!!  Use it as a spring board to create change in ALL ASPECTS OF HEALTH: MIND, BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT!!!!!

Blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂


Who was St. Matthew?

What kind of change did he need to embrace in order to become a disciple of Christ’s…to have the privilege..the honor…of becoming of the the 12…an apostle!?

Today is St. Matthew’s feast day.  As I celebrate his works today, I want to embody him, I want to take all I have learned about health and nutrition not only over the course of the last 5 years…but what I have been learning even more so about my health this last 6 months, especially about my thyroid, adrenals, gut, brain.   I want to embracce it in a way I have not truly done yet.

I have loved the challenge of learning…researching…reading and doing all I needed to “do” to help my body become healthy again.  Yet, I think in the middle of it I started to geek out that I forgot what I share with others all the time: FAITH FIRST…which means staying intuned with my soul….staying in communication with the holy spirity of this mind, body, soul journey.

It’s not so much that I wasn’t trusting….and I wasn’t worrying….but I have gotten so caught up in my check off lists of supplements each day, food journals, what made me feel what, what to do what not to do, eat this, dont eat that……that it starte to become sterile.  It wasnt having LIFE.  And Life isnt a petre dish.  LIfe is beaituflly messy like a 6 month old playing in paind for the first time.

The cruise reminded me, when I dont have access to all my resources, exact food, reasearc….I still have my brain….my gut….MY AMAZING FAITH….my TRUST in GOD…..therefore my trust in my gut….my intuition.

I was reminded, when I lean heavily on the holy spirit to guide me I am able to listen/hear that gut…that intuition….because I am inutned with HIM….  Therefore I am able to trust what is right for me today, this meal, this moevent…might not be right for the next meal, next day…etc..

We all understand the concept of a 40 day fast….we are most familiar of it during lent.  Giving up something you desire (chocolate….tv….sleeping in late….alcohol…) and using it as an offering to God to sacrifice to grow in our faith.   I have written many times in the past about fasting (PLUG IN ALL THE DIFFERENT TIMES HERE)….

So what if I did 40 days in a totally new and different way, to continue to learn, grow, and love this journey of life….especially the season it is in!?

What if instead of giving up something we would normally think of…..what if I chose to live with great purpose and intuition like I have never experienced before?

What if rather than saying I am not going to food journal or log my supplements or do such and such work out program……what if from my waking moment I not only say this day is your Lord….but I breath it in and say….I TRUST YOU TO GUIDE ME……thus as I go to take my supplements and I find my self crinkling up my nose I stop and think why?  What is holding me back?  Is it me just feeling frustrated or is it a day I am not to take that particular one?  What if instead of keeping track of everything taken and eaten as I take and eat….I just sit down at the end of the day when I write in my journal and if I feel like recalling everything I took and approx times then that’s great but if I don’t that’s okay too.

What if instead of wondering if I am working out just right for my adrenals…my hormones…my thyroid….what if instead I just got up and moved, stretched, lifted…..did whatever created joy in that moment to get my metabolism wound up.   Who cares if it isn’t goal driven….like getting leaner legs or ripped abs….after all who is that glorifying?  GOD?  No!  I don’t have purpose behind being ripped….my purpose is to maintain health: mind, body, soul!

At the end of the day I have to reflect: do I want to always journal my food?  Do I want to always have to keep track of what I am taking?  Do I really need to be leaner (I am already freakin’ strong!)

It takes 40 days to make a change….this is not only scientifical it is biblical……

I am committed to change my mindset in thinking that I need to “micro manage” everything to heal my body.  When I do that I forget the simple yet most important aspect of this health journey…..stress…..when I have lists swirling in my head….my body is creating stress…..whether I realize it or not….stress means worry or anxiety or frustration or anger……all that means not trusting GOD…..and I want GOD to know I DO TRUST HIM…..I will do my part but I will also do it with calm, loving intuition….

I will remember life is like a butterfly….
we go through many many changes…metomorphesis….
sometimes painful changes…
to become the beautiful creature it was desightne…destined to be.

So what if I wake each morning and truly listen to my gut about if I should or shouldnt stick to my lsit….or if I should have a nutritional shake for a meal or even whether or not I should try a food that I have currently eliminated?

What if I listen so much to my gut…to the Holy spirty….that I am able to uncover what are my emotions, stressers linked to my helath?

what if I becoave so intuend with my body’s needs I won’t need to “have or “not have” lists…

Some of you may say…well thats a great concep but it wont work because hwat if I awant ice cream for breakfast?  But this isn the thing….I ahve learned when we are truly listening to our gut….our intuition about all of our life…and even more so recelty about food….we are able to destinguish the different between our wants, wemotions, and true needs….so if I wake one morning and my body is truly saying lets have a scoop of ice cream….then I might consider it….because I know it will be for the right reasons….and not the norm.

Once we tap into this amazing power of truly listening to the holy spirit and trusting your intuition there are no more “good” and “bad”….ther is what is right or wrong…..and this relates expecially to our soul matters but even to our nutritional amd physical needs.   Because even if I eat something that may be wrong for my body at that moment (whether I realize it or make a conscience decision)  I am able to say “I learned….from this experience…..and this is what I learned……”  There is no judgement on self….only love….understanding….compassion….mercy…..

When we focus our lives this way we are able to evaluate what is right for this moment…this day…this emotion…this experience….

It follows your body’s true inclination to lead you….guide you…to optimal health: MIND, BODY, SOUL…..



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