Healing Crusader

Through this healing journey I have read many different healing stories: physical, spiritual, emotional… about Hashimoto’s, traumas, abuses….

Many of these warriors of healing are fallen away Catholics. 

This is unbearably sad for me.

There are many who leave other denominations as well.  But these are many of the reasons I have heard:

  • I didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ.
  • I didn’t feel welcomed.
  • It was too black and white.
  • There was judgment.
  • I didn’t feel accepted.

The list goes on….

And it breaks my heart!

I’ve been described as:

“She’s not your typical Catholic.” and “You won’t believe she’s Catholic.”

This is funny to me…but it’s true….and it’s also sad…..sad to me that more people haven’t encountered and/or experienced an Evangelical Catholic.  It’s sad to me that wounds, hurts, and differences have kept Catholics away or even driven them away.

The Catholic Church is not perfect…not by any means. No faith is!!! And this is NOT AN EXCUSE FOR ANY CHURCH TO BE ABUSIVE TO THEIR PARISHIONERS!

For me the Catholic Church  has a richness and depth and beauty that I can’t imagine being without it in my life.

Now you might be thinking I have never been hurt by the church or had a bad experience; so I can’t possibly know.  But actually I HAVE had plenty…

  • A priest once told me to come back to confession when I had real sins to confess.
  • Another ended confessions before I had my turn and said he didn’t have time for me…literally.
  • I have felt the tongue lashing of a parishioner telling me my daughter (then 3 years old) was not a “good girl” during mass.
  • I have experienced the politics that take place when working for the church.
  • I have observed and been on the receiving end of individuals in ministry (lay and priests) not conduct themselves with honor and dignity.

And more….

BUT this is the thing….this happens EVERYWHERE….with EVERY CHURCH!!!


Because they are all ran by man.  And we are ALL flawed…sinners…human!  WE ARE ALL WOUNDED!!!

I wish I could look each and every wounded person in the eye ….who has left the church….hold them and say:

  • I am SO SORRY your hurt was so great that you felt you had to flee.
  • I am SO SORRY that you felt you would not be heard.
  • I am SO SORRY you felt you couldn’t seek out someone else within the church to provide you comfort, encouragement, love, mercy….

I know I can’t change the past for these wounded but I pray they/you will one day be able to face the traumas and hurts felt from the Catholic Church.  I pray they/you find healing and peace.  I pray they/you have the personal relationship with Christ they/you sought after.  I pray they/you are being an instrumental disciple as He has called us all to be!

Today,  if you have left the Catholic Church, or left church period, I pray you take a moment to sit with your “why’s”.  Reflect within and ask:  Am I ready to heal from this wound?  Am I ready to break free from this bondage of pain?  Am I ready to be ALL HE CREATED ME TO BE!?  Some oils that can help you through this are: Console, Forgive, Hope, Deep Blue, Peace.

As always…sit…pray…oil up…..and tap about this….:)

Many drops of blessings dear beloved ones….

~Kelly 😉


PS…..Are you open to learning how essential oils can support you?  I would be love to help you on this healing journey…..I would be honored to be your wellness/oils coach on this journey!  Message me through facebook, email, phone….let’s get started today!

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Simple Sunday

Many of us will spend today going to church, watching football, read our papers, and plan for our week.

I really like keeping Sunday’s simple.  I love being able to get up in the morning….re-read the readings….reflect on all the amazing blessings God has gifted us with the week…..and anticipating with great thought just what He has in store for me with the upcoming week.

I especially love the hour my daughter is meeting with her religious ed group (CCD for all of us old-school…lol…).   This hour is between the two main masses of our parish and we always attend the later one…..so for me I sit in the empty church read, write, reflect and just breath in God’s presence.  Breath in all He has to share with me.  I love this hour.

Yet recently I have been feeling a tug.  There are many amazing adult formation classes going on during that same hour.  I am torn with wanting to attend one of them or keep my peaceful hour.

Here is some of the chatter that goes on in my head:

If I attend a class then I can’t guarantee my daughter and I will be able to sit where we normally sit. (Hubby is in choir so we never need to consider where he sits…lol)  Daughter likes routine, likes same spot….so do I.

If I attend a class I won’t be able to have my quiet hour.  And sometimes that is my ONLY quiet time in a week.

If I attend a class I have to….well who knows what other excuse I can make!

But if I look at the other side:

If I attend a class, who knows what kind of amazing blessings and growth I can experience with this opportunity.

If I attend this class I could meet some amazing fellow Catholic Christians to grow from and or even help grow!

And really….I can’t figure out an hour to myself during the week?  Didn’t I just comment last Sunday  about how amazing God provided by waking me earlier in the mornings so I could do just that….have time alone?  How selfish or greedy am I really?

And really…..if that seat, that usual spot, if it is meant to be ours then it will be ours…if not maybe just maybe we are suppose to sit somewhere else and be a blessing to someone near us!

Which had me really reflecting on Pope Francis talking about how we are the church.  In his book THE CHURCH OF MERCY he talks about evangelizing, being the church and  much more.  A dear friend of mine was sharing how he states, we need to basically be “networking” within our pews, our church family, and out….even more.  I am starting this book this week…btw…:)….

It has me pondering and realizing my very introverted, phlegmatic self, has been willing to push out my sanguine self at church.   If I am willing to reach out and learn when I am at the store, my doctors office, out and about….then what has happened at church?!


What is my resistance?

The realization came to me earlier this week:

I had entwined myself many years ago within one of the departments.  It had a purpose for my daughter.  But, point being, my volunteer work that started out just a few hours a week grew into so many hours a week that a position was actually created for me to receive a stipend.  I did that for 2 years.  I was honored and humbled that my time and work were valued to the extent to feel they wanted/needed to pay me.

Then my health took a fascinating turn, forcing me to step back and evaluate anything outside of my daughters education as well our family needs.  This was parallel with my daughter being junior high age and her education needing to take some turns and direction that DEMANDED more attention from me.

Thus unplugging from my church, my volunteering, my work, was necessary and important.  And I have seen the amazing blessings and growth that has taken place this last year as I was obedient to God’s calling me to do just that….to care for my health, my daughters education, and our families needs.

But NOW HE is reminding me that I can’t retreat, pull away forever….that He has more work for me to do and it starts at church….because HIS people ARE the church…..and that is where we learn, grow, love the best.  

We were CREATED to LOVE….and how do we love?  
We can’t do that alone.  

Thus today….as I sit during my solitary hour before mass I will reflect on where exactly does HE need and want me to start getting involved again within HIS CHURCH….my FAITH FAMILY….?

I have created CHURCH FAMILY out at the store, at my docs office, random places….and now it is time for me to COME HOME to my FIRST FAMILY….and grow with them once again….and quit isolating myself….quit feeling like I don’t belong….quit complicating my thoughts….


When I remember God calls us to LOVE….
then it’s simple to remember…
we can’t LOVE on our own!!!

How do you keep your faith simple on Sunday?  And how do you LOVE?  Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

have a glorious and blessed day!
hugs and prayers always,

TODAY’S BOOK: I love this simple little book I can get each year.  It helps me prepare for mass each week.  I take the time to read God’s word each morning with my daughter, preparing not only for the upcoming Sunday’s mass readings, but studying God’s word to help us live our life better!

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