Thank You Thyroid!

As I have been learning more and more about my thyroid condition I have had many moments of journaling and reflecting on my health over the last 7 years.   I think there is a great possibility that my body has always had the possibility of an underlying thyroid situation.  And I’m certain that the swinging of my weight being 30 pounds heavier than I am today and then swinging to the extreme of being 20 pounds lighter than I am today….there  were definite signs that things were going wonky!  

 But I didn’t know enough at that time about the thyroid, the adrenals….I didn’t know that my pcos and other conditions were actually autoimmune conditions that could be the breeding ground of where I am today.  
I had no clue that when I had dropped to my lowest weight…my joints aching…my bowels not so pretty….and having pain around my liver area…that these were all signs that my body was not functioning the way it should.  
I just chocked it up to too much stress that accumulated in too short of a period of time……and honestly my vanity liked the thinness I had gotten to.   But was it truly healthy?   Obviously not. 
 There is healthy thin and there is not normal healthy thin.  Just like there really can be a healthy heavy and a not healthy heavy.   And each person has a range of weight they can carry that is healthy.  It truly just depends on what the goals are and the season of life.   
Now with my body teetering the balancing act of not entering into hoshimotos…with the tests showing that if I don’t continue to fight for my thyroid health…that is the direction my body will go if I don’t start listening to it properly.  
This is all I learned last spring and now I am going on 6 months of knowing  for sure about my thyroid and adrenals and risk of hoshimotos.  
And what do I feel just before Thanksgiving?
What do I feel as I reflect about advent season just around the corner? 

What do I feel as I make my Christmas lists?
I feel thankful!
I feel blessed!
I feel peace!
I have learned what true health is. 
I have learned how to teach my daughter even more what beauty…true beauty is… truly from within no matter how much we may fluctuate with weight or how we may change from year to year.
I have learned I will not allow my weight to define me.  
I have learned I truly don’t care if my body fluctuates…as long as I am striving for health that is what truly matters!
I have learned so much about so many conditions and different ways to heal with so many different food situations.  
I have learned that food is truly the 1st path to our health. 
I have learned how God has put so many amazing herbs, spices, foods on this earth with great purpose and balance for us.  
I have learned balance is key for health and wellness. 
I have learned what may be right for one person doesn’t mean it is right for another person.  I have learned how to use my voice and speak up for my needs. 
And I have learned to truly respect and love myself through ALL stages and seasons of life.  
This is what I hope to teach my daughter the most: love love love yourself through all shapes, sizes, seasons of life!
Thus I am beyond thankful to this beautiful butterfly gland that has taught me so much.  
I am thankful that I am able and willing to continually learn, grow, and evolve through life, through my true mind body soul experience and journey of life!
What challenge have you had this year that you are able to reflect upon and say: thank you!   
It’s the perfect time of the year to be thankful for EVERY thing in your life!
Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you all!
~Kelly 🙂

Gluten and God

I’ve been reflecting on a statement a dear Franciscan nun had shared with me.  We were discussing the gluten issue and her thought was: What better way for Satan to attack the christian people, the faithful people, but through he body of Christ.

That got me thinking….

It makes sense in several ways.  It is not Satan who has caused our intolerance to gluten but our own selfishness, greed, gluttony.  He just encourages us to give into our vices, our weaknesses, our gravitating toward sin.  Am I saying wheat is sinful…NO!  But any time we start to put more importance on ANYTHING outside of Christ….well that is sinful!

Thus from this conversation that I had with this wonderful woman….led me to think about the connection of food and faith in an even more interesting way….so take a trip with me on my pondering….

I would imagine at the time of Christ that making bread was a treat.  A person couldn’t just go out and buy flour.  They had to hand grind or mill it for themselves.  It took time, labor, love.  A person also had to crop and harvest their own; or at the very least barter with others or go to market.

Further think that grain didn’t mean just wheat.  It could have been any grain that was indigenous to that area.

There weren’t refinery plants to take out any nutrition.  There wasn’t mass productions of growing wheat, thus no altering the plant chemically to make it grow faster, stronger, more, and in an area that it didn’t belong.

Think and reflect about what was probably at a dinner table in Jesus’ time:

Lots of vegetation, dates, some fruit, nuts, maybe some meat….whole fresh or fermented foods!  Bread wasn’t a staple so much as a side…an add on.  I like to think of it more as a condiment.  It was probably used sparingly.

People probably pulled one chunk, maybe two from a loaf or flat bread….but didn’t eat the whole thing!

They took just enough to get a taste; to appreciate all the hard work that was put into creating the bread.

Then as man got older over the generations and generations of mankind…..well….we grew in our greed, selfishness, gluttony!

The industrial age did not help.

Now let’s take a look at just the science of our body.  It can only handle so much of anything.  Nuts and eggs are a great example.  They are nutritious for us but even they can become intolerant to our body if we indulge in such a way that our body starts to say no more….thus creating an allergy or intolerance.

Take a grain that is ultimately a seed, a baby of a plant, that is being mass produced….stripped of any possible nutritional value….and its being pushed on and in ALL food products.   It is being marketed to us for convenience….to give us more time to spend with family because all we have to do is pick up ready to go foods.

BUT does it really create communion with family?  Does it really give us more time?


We have as a nation, a people, lost the art of true gathering.  Our own fresh, whole food, real food….has been forgotten.   We must figure out how to create something real from our foods!

We have lost the art of gathering together, of partaking in the breaking of the bread!

We have lost the art of realizing it took time and love to prepare and create this meal, this bread.  Therefore, we must cherish these bites.  We have lost the sense of not over indulging or taking more than our share at one sitting.  We have forgotten to think that there are others at the table who need to partake as well.  There are others all around us who need to partake at the table, the banquet, the feast!

If we just stopped for a moment to think:  if I just take my share, my bite, then we can continue to reap the blessing of coming back to the banquet table each day to grow and strengthen our love and faith with Christ.


AND…that is what we must fight for!

We must not let Satan steal our hearts and souls.  Don’t let Him rob us of our COMMUNION WITH CHRIST!

Tomorrow is a perfect chance TO GIVE THANKS….to celebrate MASS; the true sacrifice…the true partaking of the bread!  And to then go forward in our day…
 to share that miracle,
that LOVE
with others as we gather and feast with…
yet also with…

***I am thankful to all of you who always let me share my pondering, my thoughts, my reflections on my daily walk of faith…..

Many blessings and prayers to you all during the glorious gathering of Thanksgiving and every day!

~K 🙂

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