Thankful on Thursday

I thank my amazing Lord for ALL experiences in life.
I thank Him for my friendships….my family….my health….my challenges….my triumphs….my EVERYTHING!

BECAUSE….through each of these I GROW CLOSER TO HIM.

I remember when I struggled to achieve a pregnancy with my darling daughter.  I at the time had been teaching other couples about fertility care and how to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, naturally, with care, with God, with the MIND BODY SOUL approach of our fertility….not as if it were a disease.

There were many couples I helped by teaching them to understand how their bodies worked.  I also remember when one particular person who I respected and loved did become pregnant and I still had not.  I was devastated.  I was heart broken.  I was angry.  I was even judgmental in my head.  I would think “why them, why not me!!”

Then my hubby swooped in and saved me….he helped me understand that it was confirmation I was teaching correctly.  I knew my stuff.  And that we don’t know the why or reason but one day maybe we will.

That woke me up to not covet, to not judge, to not feel sorry for myself.  Especially since it was not in my character to be like that.  I do have flaws but those tend to not be my go to flaws…lol.

Flash forward….this last year has had its challenges with my health.  Heck really if all of us  reflect on our life, each year has some sort of challenge we can reflect on, and it sticks out in our life.  For me I have always been able to look back and truly see the purpose.  I am able to always see at least one if not several purposes….and that’s not even counting all the ones HE hasn’t even revealed yet or may never reveal.

But this last year I started to feel that same feeling that had been long forgotten from many years ago.  That “why them, why not me”…..why does so and so have to be so healthy when I do this and this and this……or why does this person get to stay up at all hours of the night and it not effect their health….why does life seem to come so easy to this person or that person…..and so on.  You get the gist of the ugly slinging that went on in my head.  The whoa is me mentality….the judgmental Congo line….and the lack of gratefulness to those in my life and all I have learned.

And then GOD REMINDED ME…..HE’S not done with me yet.  And LOOK at all I have learned and ALL I have helped because of the place HE has allowed me to be in.  LOOK at how much I am able to refer to amazing powerhouses from the bible like: Joseph, Job, Daniel, Abraham, and even Jonah.

And then I was humbled even more…..instead of feeling hurt or even grumbling and to avoid crossing over into coveting and judging….He reminded me to bless those around me even more! To look at another persons life and see all the good they are doing, and lift them up into prayer because it takes a great deal of strength to do God’s work and His will.  Look at another persons life and find compassion in I don’t know their whole story, I have no idea what burden they are struggling with, or what God has asked of them.  Look at another persons life and be grateful they are in my life to learn from, because we all touch each others life with sparks and ripples; it is then our job to make sure we take that spark or ripple and use it for good!

Thus I close with I am SO THANKFUL to ALL those in my life….whether a moment in the store….a week long encounter of helping someone find their understanding of their health…..whether it is a friendship that has endured years of ups and downs…..or family that we must love because they are who God chose for us to learn from and love.

I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL MY CIRCUMSTANCES….I do not grumble or covet or judge or ask WHY because I KNOW there is amazing growth and gifts in ALL OF IT!!

How do you find your thankfulness in the middle of storms and challenges?!

Have a thankful and blessed day!
Hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 😉

PS….today’s book has really helped me learn more about my Thyroid and how it can truly effect so much of our health….it is truly a must read for every and all….not only if you have unexplained health issues but also for preventative.  I especially love the chapter summaries at the end of each chapter. It makes it a great easy reference when look for something or just want to jog your memory.

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