Tastes I love on Tuesday!

Am I a foodie?

I looked up this word to find the definition.  I read lots of different opinions and thoughts behind the word.  What they all had in common was:  Someone who has an interest in food….all aspects of it….where it came from….etc….not just to eat for eating sake.

 I would have to say I am a foodie! 
 I LOVE learning how a food can nourish us.  I LOVE learning how different foods can create such different flavors by just changing the way you cook it and the spices you use.

Take an avocado for instance.  Sprinkle some salt squeeze some lime on it….it bursts with zing and zest.  Same avocado sprinkle some cinnamon and drizzle some honey on it instead….and it tastes like a rich deep pudding.

Growing up, I remember going out to dinners with the family and ALWAYS having to taste what everyone else ordered.  I never wanted much.  I just wanted to take one bite.  I am still the same.  I love experiencing even just one bite of something new.

Now some foodie definitions give it the spin of a refined, almost snobbery sense to food.  Not me.  I have always been intrigued with even if I didn’t cook something just right, or even burned something….I still had to taste it and see what could I have done different.  I can almost imagine where it went wrong and if if if it is salvageable.

How does this all relate to AGAPE LOVE…..lol….

Wikipedia says:

Agape (Ancient Greek: ἀγάπη, agápē) is “love: the highest form of love, especially brotherly love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.”

I don’t love food for foods sake…..

I love how food can heal….

can nourish….

can create fellowship…..
can build bridges with people. 
I love how food can bring out the best in us….
and even the worst in us…
and then we learn from that experience.

It is a struggle for me from time to time when I am not able to eat something that I know is not healing for my body right now if ever, because of my adrenals and thyroid and hormones (I am so thinking cheese!…lol)….but instead of focusing on what I “can’t” or “shouldn’t” I focus on the amazing choices I DO HAVE!!!

I focus on the LOVE God has for me to provide for me so many choices to learn how to heal my body…mind…and soul…..with FOOD!!!

Would you describe yourself a foodie?  What’s your love for food?
How can you change your relationship with food?
I would love to hear!  Leave comments below and let’s learn and love together!

Hugs and prayers,
Kelly 🙂

BOOK OF THE DAY: If you’re a foodie in any shape of form, these are the cookbooks for you!  They bring out the amazing flavors of real fresh food; all jam packed with bursting flavor and amazing nutrients!!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Today set a time something so that every 45 minutes you get up from your desk, seat, couch, whatever…..and do 10 reps of something: jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, burpees, lunges, bicep curls, dips, something…..by the end of the day how many sets where you able to get in?  Think of how amazing you felt creating all that energy for your body!  Energy begets energy…..so move your body ALL DAY not just for one hour in the gym.  It doesn’t take much to feel the energy return when you expel some energy!

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