Tasty Tuesday


It is super easy to make and SUPER POWERFUL for our bodies!

I forget how much I love it sometimes.  Then when I do a nutritional or spiritual fast, it becomes my mainstay, I am reminded just how nourishing and revitalizing it is!!

There are so many recipes out there…so many ways to do it….and some of it gets complicated.  I honestly think that is what holds a lot of people back from just trying it.

I will hear things like “Am I doing it right?  It didn’t gel!”   blah blah blah…..and I think it holds people back.

So here is my rule of thumb…..It doesn’t matter if it gels or not I learned that from Nom Nom Paleo.   (Here is a link to her Pressure cooker recipe!)

What is important is the bones getting soft, being able to crush in your fingers….because that lets you know you are getting the minerals and all the greatness from the bones!

How do I make my bone broth?  I keep it simple. 
 Especially if I am in a hurry.

Oval crock pot
bones (chicken, beef, venison….a cleanly fed, no hormone animal)
apple cider vinegar
sea salt
cook on high for 24-36 hours.


Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites and 21 Day Sugar Detox keeps her’s simple too…(recipe here!)

But there are times when I have a bit more time and I add more seasonings or bits of veggies from having chopped up stuff.  Wellness Mama gives a basic recipe but with veggies here!

My thoughts are to not make it complicated.  But the more seasonings do add fullness and a savoriness!

I have done a batch before with lots of  Asian seasonings especially with turmeric to get all that amazing benefit.  I have done a rosemary flare.  I have done a Mexican flare.   I’ve done some really great batches and not so great batches.  But they never go to waste!

I personally just sip on it.  I love a mug of bone broth right after a workout.  It is refreshing and revitalizing.  Yet I understand and respect not everyone is up for a cup of BB instead of Joe!  Other ways I use bone broth is I cook eggs in it…..I saute veggies…..I then use it to make soup…..I use it to cook rice or beans…..pretty much anywhere I may need to use water to cook I use bone broth instead.  Therefore my family is reaping the benefits of this powerhouse liquid without having to sip on it like I do!

Dr. Axe gives further info on all the great benefits (here). 

If you aren’t convinced then check out this simple search I did for bone broth and you will see all the amazing people who write about it and all the amazing benefits!  (Search here!)

So that’s what I woke up thinking about this morning was BONE BROTH….lol…..thus that is why my Tuesday is about this TASTY powerhouse!

Have a beautifully blessed day!
Hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

PS…..today’s book picture is one of my very first real/whole food/paleo cook books.  I actually purchased it when it was still only in an e-version.  I was super excited when it was released in a paper form.  I have purchased it for many friends….I love love love how simple her recipes are!
I ESPECIALLY LOVE HOW SHE HAS PROTOCOLS AND RECIPES FOR EVERY POSSIBLE NEED: brain health, heart health, autoimmunity, thyroid, adrenals, about nightshades, candida, sibo….etc…..it is truly a wealth of info!

My Tasty Personal Template

My personal template for a good old fashioned hot dog:

1. great uncured, no gunk, organic hot dog
2. two leaves of romaine lettuce
3.  mustard, and any toppings you usually love…onions, sauerkraut….hot peppers….anything!

What I have learned about making this life for me…

I loved a quote I heard awhile back in a  podcast I listened to from PaleoHacks!  Their guest on their #17 podcast was John Durant. (Yes This was a long time ago but it was worth relistening to and sharing with all of you!)

John Durant talks about his book: The Paleo Manifesto (I received it as a Christmas gift last year…LOVE IT)  and some of the cool things he discusses in his book!

It was awesome!  If you have the time you really should click the link above and listen to the podcast.  It is approximately an hour but worth it.

I loved how he addresses how we need to fine tune what works for us and our bodies and our lifestyles.  basically once a person really understands what a Paleo “diet” (really I prefer lifestyle) is all about and have taken to it…then tweak it to work for you!

For example, some people’s bodies have no complications with their digestive systems when they take in a little bit of grains, legumes, or dairy…even gluten…from time to time.

BUT….then there are others that it creates havoc either physically, mentally, or both.

And here is my take on this….

The only way we can possibly know what works well with our bodies and what doesn’t is a person must be willing to clean out their system for 30 days of all gunk…sugars….breads….grains….legumes….dairy….
Getting back to basics: MEAT, VEGGIES, FRUITS!

And then a person can play with a few things, reintroduce items one at a time.

Plus, this will allow you to know what is right for your body not only physically but mentally and spiritually.  What is going to help you lead a fulfilling and peaceful healthy lifestyle?

After all if you are obsessed on getting it “perfect”, well that is going to create stress.  That is going to increase cortisol and stress levels, which in return isn’t going to help your mental health.  Instead when we approach life (mind, body, soul) holistically we are able to see we have different needs with our food, fitness, and faith at different times and seasons of our life!

Once, I was really mentally free from the gunk of sugar I was able to start playing with exactly what works for me and what doesn’t.  What I love is every time I learn something new from research or a podcast or continued education….I determine if it is something that could work for me or if it is something I even want to try just to experiment.

What I love about being A REAL FOOD pursuer…(Paleo) is the openness to always grow and learn what is best for my mind, body, and soul!

For example, I have learned over the last 5 years by being my own test/lab rat in this is….

.1.  Bread (includes pasta)….won’t touch it…don’t miss it….not tempted…won’t waste the space in my belly when I can fill up with lots of great meat and greens and be much more satisfied! (plus no more insulin spikes to effect my PCOS).

2.  Grains…every time I think I can have a little popcorn here or there….it explodes in my belly and oh my goodness gracious I am beyond uncomfortable…sooo not worth it anymore!   As for rice and beans, I really could careless….the only reason I have taken bites of them is to make sure I made it right for my husband and daughter who are not ready to give up their beans and rice :)…But too many of “testing/tasting” over too many days….I can feel it in my ankles and knees….thus….not worth it anymore!

3.  Dairy….I will have heavy cream from time to time….but I have fallen in love with coconut milk that it’s not even an issue….  I do miss my cheese from time to time…but I have found a sprinkling of a good aged Parmesan does the trick for me….but this is a “treat”  for me otherwise I can easily find myself turning to cheese…and in return retain lots of water in my joint area, acne, and congestion.  Yuck!

4.  NO SUGAR….EVERY TIME I think oh I will just have one cookie with my little one, or just a bite of cake….it messes with my hormones and my mental health….it is sooooo not worth it!   ***The only exception to this is a full fat really creamy, real sugar cane, ice cream.  The dairy proteins and fat balance out the sugar….thus I can do a bit of it.  But then I have to really be mindful of how I am feeling and my emotions for a few days to make sure I don’t start leaning on Paleo treats….because all they will do is continue that spike…because after all a treat is a treat….some yes are better than others…but a treat is still a treat!

***You might ask why am I willing to have this treat….because it brings  a smile to my daughter…her love language is time and gifts and for her, the fact that I am willing to give her this gift of my sacrifice and truly enjoy that time together means more to her than all the stuffed animals in the world!

This is my personal template!

What is your personal template?

St. Teresa had a template!  She lived boldly for God.  She sacrificed without hesitation because she knew it was right for her life.  She listened to her mind, body, and soul!

Many blessings,

Tasty Tuesday: Fun Fizzy Healthy Drink!



1 Packet of Effer-C Elderberry Packet
1 TB of Lemon-Raspberry Magnesium
Mineral water
lemon slice…optional


Empty a packet of Effer-C in a glass, with 1 TB of Magnesium.  Add about 2-3 ounces of regular water.  Mix together.  It will foam up and bubble.  So let it settle a bit in between bubbling.  Once the bubbling and foaming has settled add ice and mineral water.  Squeeze lemon slice if desire.

***This for me is a wonderful refreshing little drink that not only replenishes my minerals and essential vitamins but also meets that sweet bubbly drink fix!

Did you know most of us are deficient in essential minerals?
Vitamin C is great for replenishing hydration, recovery after a workout, and so much more!

***Please remember…this is all my opinion….this is my life I am sharing…I am not a professional…seek a physician, a professional for any health advice, concerns, etc…..

Have a great TASTY TUESDAY!!!! 🙂

Hugs and blessings,
~K 🙂


Over the course of almost 20 years of marriage I have really enjoyed experimenting with food!  I have not been afraid to do weird things, concoctions, for the sake of “let’s try it!”

Not all have been huge hits.  Heck my dad was pretty convinced I would kill my husband in our first year of marriage of malnourishment.

I will be the first to admit not all my concoctions are great.  Some are down right weird, and need to be chucked or something.   But the stubborn side of me won’t give up on trying to create tasty treats for my family.  And the thrifty side in me won’t just throw something away just because it didn’t turn out exactly the way I would like it to be.  The handy thing is lots of recipes that are flops do have the potential of becoming something else if we can just think outside of the box!  At the very least…compost!

In my pursuit to nourish my wonderful Frick family in the way I have been learning over the last 4 years: whole, real, hunter-gatherer kind of eating… it has been fun, frustrating, interesting, challenging….and JOYOUS!

Do I get my feelings hurt when they don’t like something: yes!  But, I imagine all great chefs have critics and they didn’t just make the great souffle in one time.  It took experimentation, trial and error, persistence, and a thick skin!  Joseph didn’t let being thrown into the pit keep him down!

Persistence….I have lots of.  I actually don’t have much of a choice.  You see, especially when it comes to baking, I have never been good at following the instructions, directions.  Hence why quite a bit of my stuff has flopped.  But as I have learned more and more about herbs, seasonings, spices, real food, flavors….foods of cultures….and SUPER FOOD benefits…..I am actually understanding and loving the science behind why, for example, with baking, things need to be a particular way!

Once I was able to grasp the true science, chemical reaction and why, behind baking, then I was able to truly start tweaking and experimenting.  And have many more hits versus misses!

My largest challenge of recent is wanting my wonderful family to receive all the great benefits of some of the superfoods and nutrient dense things that I know they won’t just eat like I eat.

I have found and tweaked recipes to ensure they get more coconut oil, by making them “fudge bites”.   Using bone broth when I cook up their eggs.  Actually any recipe that asks for water, instead I use bone broth; baked goods I use coconut water or milk instead of plain water.

Food should be something we celebrate with as a family not fight about!  It should be something that nourishes us: mind, body, and soul!  And that I truly believe.

Thus the pursuit and birth of TASTY TUESDAYS!

I desire to share with anyone who is interested….a few recipes, food thoughts, nutritional tidbits a couple times a month on Tuesdays!  Heck I might even be able to build myself up to doing it every week :)!

I will leave you with my first treat that was a huge hit in my home.  Some may not agree with my ingredient choices.  But again I have to compromise and creating something that will create love and harmony in the home rather than friction and division!


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