Sprints…Strength…Strong on Saturday

I mentioned sprints and strength a while back; I wanted to share more about that!

I have been re-enjoying the great joy of sprinting! It is so freeing and takes so little time.  You get super winded.  And you build amazing strength.  Finally it takes so little time to get an even more effective workout without all the cortisol overload and depleted ick. 
As, I had decided to heal my body from over use of running longer distances I knew I needed to find balance.  
I’ve always loved sprint work.   The more I listened and read about sprinting, I was reminded of the valuable science of this amazing exercise.   And how it is very possible to do even less in a work out yet stay lean and strong.  Actually depending on a person’s goal, get even leaner and stronger. 
Think about it for a moment!   When we watch the Olympics.  In the running competitions. Who looks strong and healthy and who looks depleted and like a skeleton between the sprinters and the long distance runners?
When I truly think about it and reflect upon it, again going back to yesterday, I would much rather look and feel like the life of the party.   Not a bag of bones just waiting for my number to be up!   Ok. That might be extreme.  But sometimes we need extreme analogies to get our point across even for ourselves!

Do I still love going for a run from time to time?  Yes.  But I am much more aware now of how it can create havoc not only on my body but in my mind.  And truly I know it is one of my “unhealthy” choices.  I know and understand the science that sustained cardio truly is not healthy for us.

Stay strong…stay healthy….and remember balance!

Balance in mind, body and soul.

Balance in our pursuit of knowing how everything is entwined.

Our Faith, Food, and Fitness, create a beautiful reminder of loving our Lord, loving our life, loving to laugh, and loving to live!

As always….blessings to you all!
Have a glorious day!
Drop me a line anytime!

~K 🙂

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