Sushi and Sea Veggies!

Today is Tuesday and I am totally in the mood to give some tasty recipes!

Besides I promised to give you some of the experiments I came up with using nori….it has been truly fun!

I wrapped a grass-fed uncured beef sausage with some spinach, fermented caraway sauerkraut, mustard….totally yum!

Wrapped uncured, no nitrate salami with spaghetti squash, steamed green beans, and kimchi.  That was very tasty.

Oh and I rolled up some anti-pasta…very yum!

The sweet and savory one I did was almond butter with coconut flakes, pumpkin spices, and some coconut oil.  Now I really liked this one…..BUT…..I do understand some may find this odd….but I am one who really likes mixing sweet and salty….hot and sweet… if you like that kind of thing you may like this.  I also tried it with just Almond butter and cinnamon.  The nori is not over powering at all so it is truly not a clash of flavors.

Why have I been interested in nori!?

As I have been reading and learning about sea veggies….I just knew I wanted to start incorporating these powerhouse veggies into my daily routine. I came across some great info I figured you all might like.  Check it out here!

I love tapping into all the amazing resources GOD gives us!  It amazes me when we just stop and think about the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and so much more that our body needs.  Then think about how GOD has made sure we are able to get these things in the plants and animals He has provided for us on this earth.

We humans can be so silly not realizing this and not taking the time to TRULY care for our PHYSICAL NEEDS so we can NOURISH our MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL NEEDS!

Would love to hear if any of you have been using any ocean veggies and how!?  Or how are you planning on incorporating ocean veggies into your diet!?


Many blessings and hugs always dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 😉

What is Sushi!?

Oh my goodness gracious I have been having so much fun with nori!

I have always loved sushi….actually I really love the sushi that is called shashimi.

 Shashimi is the raw piece of meat….that’s it.

 The sushi that most people are familiar with is the sushi rolls.  Now they are fun too…with many different combinations with veggies, seasonings….etc.  But all sushi rolls are with rice….and most have junk in the sauces. 

I have been reading about sea vegetation and how jam packed it is with amazing minerals and more.   In the BODY ECOLOGY book Donna Gates not only emphasizes about cultured foods but the importance of sea vegetation.   Well I never realized that the wrap within the sushi roll was actually a veggie….and I never thought about experimenting with it.  Now I am and have!!

It has been fun!

The rolls pictured here are with sprouted pumpkin and sunflower seeds blended and spread on the nori sheet.  Shredded carrots, cucumber.  Seasoned with salt.  I kept it simple to taste it and see how I liked it.

I can’t wait to try some more ideas:

I’m thinking zucchini, avocado, onion, garlic.
Or even a sweet and savory one with coconut oil or butter or flakes with spaghetti squash or butternut squash and pumpkin spices.
Really I can keep it simple too with some sprouts, meat, carrots, what ever I would roll up in a lettuce wrap!

Who knows what all I’m going to make and the dips…..yum!

I can’t wait to have more fun with all these amazing plants of the earth and the SEA and some sprouted seeds or some fish…maybe another meat but for me probably not.  BUT….ooh something with venison!  Now that might be good!

Okay it’s experimenting time this weekend!


What food have discovered recently?  What are all the ways you have tried to prepare it?

Many hugs and blessings dear readers…family….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

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