A Singing Canary on Sunday

I am a canary…
…a beautiful, vibrant, sensitive, full of life canary!

I loved it last year when my health coach gave me that analogy.  It resonated within me.  I could be saying “why me?” when it comes to my thyroid health, my adrenal health, my brain health, my gut health, my immune health.

 I could become overwhelmed with it…..
but instead I SING!!!


I KNOW…..I (like my health coach like many others out there)…..we are here to help with the “warning signs”……we are that CANARY IN THE COAL MINE!

 Not my weakness

What if I didn’t have these challenges, obstacles?

Would I be as proactive in sharing all I do about health and nutrition to anyone who is willing to listen to the “siren” going off?

Would I be as passionate about learning as much as I can about MIND BODY SOUL health?

Would I be as compassionate toward those who do struggle with health issues as I do….and worse?

My “singing” is a blessing!  Not only for me but for those around me!  A blessing for anyone who is willing to listen….want to listen.

Now when someone asks me how I am feeling or doing I can honestly say I am fabulous….because I don’t let my health get in the way of living…of loving…of thriving!!

Now when someone tries to say “oh I know I am tired too”….I can smile and not get frustrated that they don’t truly understand the bone exhausting fatigue that can hit and truly put me out of commission for a bit.

Now when a person tries to say “oh sweetie it’s just part of aging….we all forget a bit!” I can love them for not truly understanding that I could very well at that moment not be remembering their name…instead I smile and love them!

Now I am able to relate my health journey to someone who has been diagnosed with say diabetes late in life.  It may take adjustments to learn how to live and thrive with a diagnoses but IT IS POSSIBLE TO LIVE AN AMAZING FULL LIFE.  

A diabetic who has learned how to thrive with their disease knows that just because they are doing really good today doesn’t mean they can become sloppy with their health needs.  Just as I have finally learned this last year that I will ALWAYS have to be more protective about my sleep, my food, my stress and many other things….but it is all what makes me SPECIAL

..what makes up who I AM….and WHAT MAKES ME A SUPERHERO!!!

Today go out and SING…..
enjoy your amazing struggles…..
your amazing challenges….
your amazing superpower!

What’s your superpower?!  Share below so we can all learn and love together!!!

Hugs and prayers,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This is a great simple book to truly understand ESSENTIAL OILS for beginners!  I love it because it has an oil per page and it doesn’t get too sciency.  Now don’t get me wrong…..I love my more detailed geeky ones…..and I especially love the ones that are to specific brands….but this one is great because it is unbiased and keeps it simple!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  I did my morning stretch stuff, push-ups, kickbacks, etc…..BUT I was just not feeling it when I pulled out all my gear to get on the mini-trampoline. I know part of it is because I am still a bit sore from a workout earlier in the week and I really don’t do well with soreness right now.  I am sure it has to do with my immune system and how my body just is achy longer than it should be.   Hind-sight I should have still gotten on like I said last week but I didn’t.  But you know what that is OK!!!   Every body needs a break from time to time.   And especially my body….lol.   I plan on enjoying a fabulous walk later and feel the joy of God’s beautiful sun on my face…..and all His amazing creations around me!

I will probably once I get done here do about 10 minutes of yoga stretches to clear my mind and feel the peace and energy of some of the moves to remind myself I AM AMAZING!  I AM STRONG!  I AM BEAUTIFUL!  I CAN TAKE A REST DAY….LOL!

swimming in Supplements!

I think I had more fun trying to plan my packing for the cruise with my supplements rather than my clothes.  My first challenge was trying to figure out what all I needed to take, how to pack it, and to still keep it as simple and compact as possible for 8 days.  Then I remembered the traveling jewelry container I had given our darling daughter for her birthday.  She willingly allowed me to borrow it. And I remembered a toiletry bag that was the same design with windows in it.  Problem solved.

Now trying to organized what I was going to use for each pouch.  Morning vitamins.  Afternoon vitamins…evening supps….minerals…Essential Oils….powders….concoctions….etc….
All these “jewels” being carefully packed had me thinking about all the different companies, businesses, individuals who provide all sorts of supplements for all sorts of reasons….there is purpose for all of them….for all those who sell….as well as for the product itself.  Each of us are uniquely made therefore there are different formulas for each of us that will be beneficial for each of us.

I have written many times about supplements….the good…the bad….the indifferent…but I think with this journey with my thyroid, adrenals, gut….etc……I have learned WE ALL need to supplement in one form or another.  Whether it is just because of the fact that the crops of today aren’t getting the same amount of nutrients in them and we need to make up for it a bit…..or if it is because our body is needing a little extra support.
I have also learned that even though some of the supplements I am taking are mega doses of different vitamins I am deficient in….it is still supplementing.  I am having to supplement D for example because my body is deplete in it.  I am having to supplement C because my body is burning through it too fast because of my adrenals…..and the list goes on….
Thus I am seeing….becoming more away….becoming enlightened (one of the beauty’s of being a bio-hacker!) that we all need supplementation for one reason or another…..and it is all good!  
I think my past thoughts and frustrations is the biggest industry for supplementation is the push for weight loss….not health….but that is changing too……it is becoming easier to understand that even if a product is being promoted or sold for “weight loss”….once you read many of them…..many have value….and you can see with some research the ingredients in some of the blends have a purpose…..usually because there are deficiencies within a body and these blends are trying to help individuals get that balance back to feel better to then make better choices with their nutrition….with their lifestyle.
After all isn’t that what many of the amazing individuals and doctors I follow are doing?  Many of them approach their audiences health from the weight loss perspective to get them to learn how to make healthier choices.  Why do they take that approach?  because it sells.  It is what the public, the people want.  Is it so wrong?  No.  After all isn’t that what we all do, if we are wise?  You want your kiddo to do something  you know is going to be beneficial to them….don’t you get to their level..approach it in a way that speaks to them….and get them to understand.   
Because of my bio-hacking….I am able to evolve, learn, grow, and see the great value in the word supplement rather than a dirty word….a crutch.  Who knows….maybe it was my own past misuse of supplements that skewed my mindset, my judgement of the word, of the products.
And when I see amazing people changing lives….helping people to understand that their life matters….their health matters….and how it is all so closely related…..how our mind body soul experience is entwined.

I have an amazing, dear friend who discovered a healthier lifestyle because of supplements…..they turned on a switch within her….so much so that she now promotes and sells these same products.   What I admire the most about her, is I don’t think it is so much about the products for her but about changing lives….about getting people to see that when they are taking care of their physical body they are trying to get back in tuned with their spiritual body.   She is an amazing example of how to continually push ourselves to be better versions of ourselves so we can shine and be amazing examples of living a whole life….mind, body, soul……

And if that means a little or a lot of supplements….well bring it on….

Because I know my supplements help me be super powered…..they encourage my body to be where it wants to be….where it needs to be…..they are helping me armor my body and mind each and every day so I can focus on my spiritual armor and be that soldier Christ needs me to be….

Therefore I may be swimming in supplements but I am also super-powered by them!!!

How do your supplements help you!?

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