Skin and Summer…

I recently was visiting with my daughter more about our modesty. How with summer here it is hard to not want to wear less because we are hot.  We also visited about the video I posted earlier this week about what boys see….and how they struggle…..and to understand our responsibility as women.  She is so grown up because she TOTALLY GOT IT…..

But…how does a bathing suit fit into all of this because it’s summer and swim wear is about as immodest as we can get.

I loved this 10 minute YOUTUBE.  This young lady gives the history of the bikini and some solutions she has come up with.

BUT FOR ME….I have realized I understand now why I have never enjoyed swimming….why I have never felt comfortable at pools….WE ARE WALKING AROUND NAKED.  It doesn’t matter how modest our suits are I feel exactly like what the gentleman said in the WHAT GUYS THINK ABOUT MODESTY.….I feel a huge responsibility of not causing men to sin.

What do you plan on doing this summer about your suit!? Your skin!? Your sexuality!?

Blessings and hugs dear readers….family…friends….
~Kelly 😉 

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