Day 3: Groove to the Gilmore Girls

This was on a shopping back for a business in Colorado…
….I loved what it said!

I have learned exercising, fitness, movement has cycles and I MUST listen to what my body needs.

I approach raising my daughter in a very similar fashion.  I take note of things she is interested in and use that to my advantage to accomplish a goal or growth opportunity I may want her to experience.

She recently has been interested in using her first morning hour before lessons to watch a bit of tv: Jesse, Once Upon a Time, or Gilmore Girls.

I have wanted her to have a bit more structured or consistance exercise in her every day life.

 I have always enjoyed working out first thing in the morning before she wakes up.  I usually work out while praying my rosary or watching something insirational or educational or both :)…..

Out of all that….ah…..the birth of my outside of the box approach of her recieving what she wants while I recieve what I want….and we get to do it together…bond…and have a built in support system for each other.

I have embraced the shift of my morning and am enjoying having the opportunity to remember to take each opportunity to learn and grow with and from each other.

So…this is what my morning looks like for now…who knows how long this season will last…but for now I love it…and am embracing it….

Upon waking I have been praying my rosary while “walking” throughout the house sweeping, mopping, laundry, dishes….meal prep.   This gives me a great way to warm up my body with nice simple movement, get some household things done, all the while remembering how Mary truly walked away from her will inorder to live and breath ONLY God’s WILL!  What a beautiful and lovely way to start my day.

Then once I wake my dynamic daughter….I set up our living room for our movement/workout session to Gilmore Girls….or Jesse.   It’s perfect.  It allows us to do a HIIT kind of workout.  We rotate between the mini trampoline, stepper, weights, and/or body strength movements.  I set the timer for 2 minutes and we have to rotate between stations every 2 minutes.  We proceed to watch, laugh, move, sweat, and have lots of morning moving fun!

What can we all learn from this?

What do you like doing first thing in the morning?  Can you add even 10 minutes of movement/strength in a HIIT fashion workout that gets you breathing heavy, moving fast, gaining strength and raising your body temp!?

Do you watch the news?   Set a timer for 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 min push ups, 1 min. lunges….repeat 5 times….you’ve accomplished 15 minutes of a simple work out, caught the news and are ready to conquer the world.

Do you have to run around first thing in the moring getting kiddos ready, making lunches, convinced you don’t have time for strength….a working out?!

From room to room, do lunges instead of walking.  Do 10 burpees at each kiddos bed; jumping jacks while you are waiting for your coffe to brew.

When you make movement a normal part of your life, you feel normal, you feel alive, you find yourself not focusing on negative thoughts and not obsessing about unhealthy attitudes toward yourself.

Huge bonus to all of this?  You are setting an excellent example for your children (especially daughters)  how to love yourself and do something for yourself that includes them in your everyday life….your everyday way of nurturing yourself: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Todays scripture to focus on is also a prayer….reflect on….



Sprints…Strength…Strong on Saturday

I mentioned sprints and strength a while back; I wanted to share more about that!

I have been re-enjoying the great joy of sprinting! It is so freeing and takes so little time.  You get super winded.  And you build amazing strength.  Finally it takes so little time to get an even more effective workout without all the cortisol overload and depleted ick. 
As, I had decided to heal my body from over use of running longer distances I knew I needed to find balance.  
I’ve always loved sprint work.   The more I listened and read about sprinting, I was reminded of the valuable science of this amazing exercise.   And how it is very possible to do even less in a work out yet stay lean and strong.  Actually depending on a person’s goal, get even leaner and stronger. 
Think about it for a moment!   When we watch the Olympics.  In the running competitions. Who looks strong and healthy and who looks depleted and like a skeleton between the sprinters and the long distance runners?
When I truly think about it and reflect upon it, again going back to yesterday, I would much rather look and feel like the life of the party.   Not a bag of bones just waiting for my number to be up!   Ok. That might be extreme.  But sometimes we need extreme analogies to get our point across even for ourselves!

Do I still love going for a run from time to time?  Yes.  But I am much more aware now of how it can create havoc not only on my body but in my mind.  And truly I know it is one of my “unhealthy” choices.  I know and understand the science that sustained cardio truly is not healthy for us.

Stay strong…stay healthy….and remember balance!

Balance in mind, body and soul.

Balance in our pursuit of knowing how everything is entwined.

Our Faith, Food, and Fitness, create a beautiful reminder of loving our Lord, loving our life, loving to laugh, and loving to live!

As always….blessings to you all!
Have a glorious day!
Drop me a line anytime!

~K 🙂

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