My plan is to reflect and make SEPTEMBER even more about…


Like I mentioned, I have been really pursuing the simplicity and stillness life.
 (Go here for part one of this post)

The silence…I have always been comfortable with.
Sustainability has been a fantastic journey the last 5 years with my physical health…and I have been challenging myself with the mental health…

But most of this year I have sought out living even more simply.  I have sought out greater, longer moments of silence to listen to God’s words (God’s whispers) and I have sought out creating a lifestyle for my family that is sustainable and balanced.  Whether it is how we approach our faith, our fitness, our food, or our fun.  It must be something we are always striving to work on, to improve on, to build on, to live in!

Thus, creating a lifestyle that is sustainable and not a yoyo, but more like a rubberband, allowing us to stretch ourselves, sometimes retreat to regroup but then stretch out again and this time a bit further.

With that I have been wanting to give each day of the week a theme, a topic I am passionate about.  Topics I love sharing about.  Now, before I share the list of topics don’t worry I have NO intention of posting each day of the week.  That is not going to be conducive to me living a SIMPLE SEPTEMBER.  Actually starting the first week in September I will post something once a week or more, of what I may have written…jotted down….read….listened to….followed….etc.  Therefore anyone who cares to know can know….I know there is at least 5 of you who read or follow…lol!

Therefore if you don’t want to miss out on any of the postings on your own please do take the moment to subscribe to this blog so you can receive reminders and you don’t have to rely on me to send you a reminder of my posting on FB or Pinterest.  Because, sometimes I just run out of time to do that! 🙂

Thus starting in September I may post on Monday and Tuesday, or just Tuesday and Saturday, or Tuesday only….who knows….

 My goal is to actually with these themes to be able to keep them short snippets as well as easy to find exactly what a person might be looking for.

It will be easy to maneuver looking for something that is related to a topic by using the search engine within the blog.  Thus if looking for recipes…search Tasty or Tuesday or Recipes….therefore you will only have all the postings related to food…

I am really excited to organize my days and weeks of the week related to my thoughts and passions.  Plus it allows me to have my fun with spinning words…as you all know by now that I love a play on words and letters.

Thus with further ado….here are the themes and thoughts behind them!

(to be continued….)


Sensational Satuday!

It is interesting to me how technology can do so much for us yet it can also limit us.    

What happen to sitting down with a good book? Now we have kindles and Nooks and iPads.   We have so many choices on our devices that we easily get distracted by all our choices.   Therefore we never take the time to just be still with that one book.  
Or what about writing?   We post all over the place…
Facebook…….twitter…our blogs :-)….
We forget to just grab a notebook and pencil so we can write and doodle!
Heck here I am posting on my blog from my phone!
I realized there was an app for it and I wanted to try it.   
I think the key to all of this is finding…striking a balance.   And that is my goal for my September challenge.   
….creating peace…remembering the simple things….and focusing on the things that really matter….

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